Home Improvement & Repair Tips : How to Use a Speed Square

Home Improvement & Repair Tips : How to Use a Speed Square

Hi, I’m James with JNC Home Repair. Today
I’m going to show you how to use a Speed square. What I’ve got here today is I’ve got a basic
speed square. This is used for a lot of different applications, a lot of framers use them, but
it’s also a good handy tool to have when you’re doing any kind of building, any kind of lumber,
building fences, building decks. Anything that involves lumber, it’s a good idea to
have one of these. There’s a lot of different ways you can use this thing, but the most
basic way that you want to use it is, if you’ll notice here there’s a little lip on the edge
of it, OKay? And what that’s going to do is it’s actually going to fit on your board.
As long as your edge of your board is square, then you’re going to get an accurate measurement
by using this speed square. And, the most common use for it is, is if you’ve got a board
and you’ve got a nice straight edge and you want to cut the board, all you need to do
is put it on your straight edge, take your pencil, and you can make your mark and it’s
a perfect straight line. You don’t have to worry about the mark being square or off,
or anything like that. As long as the edge that you’re putting the backer on, as long
as that’s there you’re going to get a nice straight square mark. OKay? There’s other
uses for it too. You may have an angle on a board that you don’t know the different
degree, you may need to cut it at a certain degree and you don’t know what it is. All
you got to do is find the straight edge on that board, and this thing, you can actually
turn it and pivot it and turn it just like so. OKay? Now, if you’ve got, let’s say you’ve
got a board that’s got a 45 degree angle. OKay? If you look, here, on you’re speed square,
you’ll see that there’s a 45 right there and it’s circled, OKay? There’s all different
other degrees all the way from zero all the way up to 90, OKay? Now, if you’ve got a 45
degree angle and you mark it right there, you can actually see that that’s actually
going to be a 45. It will help you determine what angle you have on our board. You may
have some off twenty degree or twenty-five degree angle, OKay? All you got to do is put
it on your straight edge, and then you can figure out, wherever the angle is, you can
figure out what degree it is and that can help you like if maybe you’re using a miter
saw or something that’s going to help you determine which angle you need to cut your
board at.

6 thoughts on “Home Improvement & Repair Tips : How to Use a Speed Square

  1. Not very knowledgeable about the speed square, in fact that wasn't even a Swanson speed square . Do ur home work next time bud.

  2. He claims that this is a BASIC speed square video, and he delivers. He never claims to show us an EXPERT speed square video.

  3. well if this was not a good video, why dont you make your own video….and shut up. You would think that people would be more positive about youtube, and be happy that we have access to any information at all.

  4. Not being a jerk. Realizing this video is 4+ years old.

    A constructive comment?

    Don't show how to make an angle which is built into the product! All purchasing or using this tool realize this by sight & have enough building experience & geometry understanding to recognize it upon sight.

    Instruct upon the manufacture of an angle which is not native to the tool!

    This is the real value of the tool! I don't have to purchase a different tool to do the job this one can do if I knew how to use it.

  5. A very basic video for very basic carpentry. I don't think this guy is a full-time professional. Never seen a real carpenter waste money on redundant products like a carpenter pencil sharpener. Everyone should have a knife on his or herself

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