Home Improvement Star Zachery Ty Bryan: Keeping Faith Within Hollywood

Home Improvement Star Zachery Ty Bryan: Keeping Faith Within Hollywood

so I tell people I’m not full-blooded
Jewish I’m just jew…. Jew…-ISH perfect perfect how do you maintain such
a strong sense of value and God and faith living in the lions den you’re living in no problem how’s everything? I’m glad we finally got this done I’m sorry it’s taken so
flippin long man we’re just grinding away over here right I got two films going to
Toronto International Film Festival so we’ve been like crazy trying to get all
of our post-production done because we literally had to rush everything because
we got accepted no that’s all good enough and we’re so happy that you came
around and oh you know you’re one of my one of my personal favorites from
growing up I kind of feel like I grew up with you a little bit because from home
improvements and all that good all your good stuff and I’m glad that not only
are you already known for like a lot of wholesome television but I’m glad in
your personal life also that you’re really maintaining that message and
everything like that hey great job for you that means a lot man it’s yeah it’s
funny you you know everybody can have kind of great careers and whatnot but I
think kind of when you you know it’s trying to keep that balance of family
and work and at the same token trying to stay kind of on that positive side of
things not you know the world is such a crazy place it’s it’s kind of sometimes
tough to try to stay balanced in that in that world oh yeah oh yeah for sure
well let me let me ask you how do you stay balanced like you know tell me you
know tell our viewers a little bit about your personal backgrounds yeah you know
your family life just just a little bit about Zachary Bryan the Pope yeah well I
grew from Colorado my dad sign of family comes from a
farming background so we do we grow corn wheat and Milo Milo is used to feed
cattle and and other animals so I kind of come from like the you know that salt
of the earth kind of background you know is it’s it’s a lot of hard work for
really not a lot reward I’m actually changing that with a
little technology I’m a part of called producers token that I’m sure we’ll get
into here shortly but but yeah I come from I kind of come from like middle
America background you know I guess you want to paint that in a negative term
maybe the Trump supporters just raised you know with kind of fundamental morals
and values and and kind of how you treat people is kind of you know it’s karma
and how you treat you want to treat people as you would want to be treated
you know and then kind of you know I was on home improvement as a child actor so
it’s kind of like brought into this world of Hollywood which has a lot of
ups and downs I mean I’ve learned so much on like a business aspect and and
and and learning about negotiations and dealings but also kind of there’s a lot
of this kind of negativity that comes with that where everybody’s out for
themselves everybody you know it’s it’s what what do I owe a lot of
shark-infested waters I guess you would think you know you but we just want to
kind of keep that balance of teaching my kids right from wrong but also knowing
when you do need to get a little selfish and make sure that you’re taking care of
but also then thinking about giving back and I spend a lot of at least 20% of
what I earn I put back into either our jccc or other charitable like kind of
organizational part of it that’s amazing that’s a minute you know I’ve been
blessed in and and I try to you know I try to give back when I can obviously
with without obviously that being detrimental to my own family so of
course of course you know that what an important thing to remember I mean like
you know 20% that’s a 20% that’s it that’s a that’s a real tithe you know
you’re you’re a real you’re like a like what you would call a super Jew and in
enjoying it yes in Jewish mentality which he does the same thing he’s a very
successful man kind of he’s in the health care space with and he was always
the one that kind of taught me you know he he said as as I the more successful I
become more successful more ID the more successful I’m not
giving I said it’s just this energy that kind of comes along with it you’re
you’re clear-headed you’re you feel good about business dealings it’s it’s kind
of this whole reciprocal kind of energy that that comes along with giving back
so yeah that’s that is a beautiful beautiful thing and I and I give you a
hundred blessings that you should double and redouble all your income so that you
can double and redouble all your giving is actually a great thing to hear great
thing to hear right see you you’re talking about you know you get back to
your faith community you give back to so you said you to the JCC what what’s your
family’s involvement in your in faith community in faith in the home what how
do you how do you live your life in that in that particular way like what is what
does faith and you know and that type of thing mean to you absolutely yeah well
you know I’m married so I was raised Catholic I went to a Catholic high
school growing up and growing up on the farm there’s not very you know not very
many the many Jewish people out in the rural communities but I ended up meeting
a Jewish woman my wife Carly who kind of introduced me to Judaism her family is
very very strong in the community with that I I ended up doing an introduction
to Judaism class and I haven’t done the full conversion yet and it’s not because
I’m a bad Jew you have to go through listen the circumcision I can okay okay
good for cleanliness reasons right right but but what so but and the reason being
is because you have to do an 18-week and you can’t miss a week and every time I
write for you that this is my so I just haven’t been able to string along like
18 consecutive week bloody Jewish you I’m just you if it’s exactly perfect
perfect good enough for me well obviously that was coming to my children
we’re gonna be so we started becoming very big and in
kind of the JCC community my father was a kind of a big part of it being built
and donated a lot of money with the Mirage family it’s the Mirage JCC and
and so that was kind of my introduction into it you know good obviously as you
know with that kind of you spread into the Jewish Federation and the 8a pack my
father-in-law is a federal member of AIPAC so so I’ve cut of that car very
very cool experience kind of being wet actually – not to the to the big the big
guys of the the Jewish people I go to you and we should try to documentary
we’re trip is the yeah I was very cool so we were it was really about politics
but how we all that mean it was we were trying to find the best warm and hummus
and we would use that as kind of a segue into you know talking about like we were
going you know we I went into Gaza we went into the West Bank
we went pretty much everywhere trying to find the best hummus but then we were
able to talk about out you know the unless you would hand all the land
dilemmas and we kind of came away with really some really interesting stuff but
yeah so I got to go to Israel and and I just I think I think with looking at the
world in what’s happening in the world right now I just feel that like you know
everybody it talks about how it’s getting worse and you know this divine
is happening more and more in it and and I just correlated directly to we’ve lost
our sense of you know faith but but I don’t say faith in a Jesus way or a
Judaism way or we’ve just lost a sense in a higher being we’ve lost this sense
of right and wrong we’ve you know the mores I have pushed God away the worst
things have gotten in and that’s that’s my opinion I’m sure that you would have
a million people on the left or anti-religious people they would say I’m
crazy and I’m a lunatic but this is just something that I think I see clear
as day and and and for me it’s it’s it’s it’s kind of frustrating because I’m
like you know that’s just how I kind of can break it all down where to where it
just really makes sense yeah I I agree I mean there’s definitely a starvation or
a thirst for you know God purpose spirituality meaning in our lives that
so much of our country has unfortunately you know left to the wayside either
purposely are really not purposely but it just kind of happened over time you
know you’re kind of in the Lions Den that type of talk that you were just
talking about you know God and values and being in the heart of Hollywood you
know how do you maintain you permit how do you maintain such a strong sense of
value and and God and faith living in the Lions yeah you’re living it yeah
well I think well I think I was I was raised really really I think my parents
raised me right I mean I I’m I don’t put I’m not in your
face guy but I’m also the guy that you’re gonna ask me I’m gonna tell you
straight up and I’m gonna be where I’m gonna be direct with you I’m gonna be
right in your eyes and it’s gonna prompt even make you a little uncomfortable but
I’m okay with uncomfortable because you know I think people know that not only
do I talk about it I live it I think also I’m on the you know now I’m on the
producing financing side and maybe money more now than ever
okay okay I think that probably helps but you know but at the same token you
know I’m not I’m not a I’m not you know an extremist by any means there’s a lot
a lot of social issues that I actually agree with I mean you know one thing
about about being in a Jewish community that’s always fascinated me was the fact
that they tend to lean left and it always cut and the reason
fascinating because I was like you know it seems you know the poor you know
between Israel and Jerusalem and you know so much of this would be to me a
conservative issue check but then you realize how important
a lot of social issues are to Jewish people and I’m sure a lot of that is the
history of what they’ve been through so learning about that I mean I almost even
look at myself more as like a libertarian in the sense of I’m very you
know a lot of social issues I am like you know I am very I am left but when it
comes to money values right wrong morals I feel like I’m very conservative so I’m
kind of like this melt of the two and I think I also I think I also they see
that side of me too in Hollywood so they’re not sure okay he’s not just like
this crazy Jesus guy and but I but I’m also trying to do for like think so if
you look at films I’m doing I’m trying to do films that are topical okay
relevant are relevant in today’s world sure but but also are edgy I mean the
kindergarten teacher coming out with Maggie Gyllenhaal is about a
kindergarten teacher that is trying to save this kid is just an artist a savant
a poet and he has this really his father as as a club owner the mother is kind of
just traveling stripper and she’s basically kids that’s him to save his
innocence and keep him in the arts because they’re trying to move more out
of the art but obviously you can’t just kidnap so he’s kid sure skin we just
found out actually we’re opening night at kissed which were really excited
about but that’s all about racial relations in the country okay and it’s a
true story about a guy that got out of it was trying to get out of the KKK and
he had the help of an african-american FBI informant where they put him into
the witness protection program that’s financed by an anonymous Holocaust
survivor oh wow so that’s a really cool Brian actually I don’t know if I’m
allowed to say that we’re gonna be open United TIFF yet till they announce it
just you know for this well keep it on a low down but um but so I’m trying to do
projects that are really meaningful Hart you know but I have you know are dealing
with maybe negative issues but have a positive outcome
so yes oh I think I’m getting the respect because of that those kind of
things I’m not the you know the the woods was a James Woods that’s just you
know hates I don’t hate anybody so what I what what what frustrates me in a
sense is I feel like I can sit there and listen to somebody from the left try to
understand where they’re coming from maybe disagree on some policies with
with them or direction but I feel like a lot of times when I have a conversation
with them with with me they just they just data they think I’m evil out of the
get-go so I don’t from surgery you’re a beginning racist bigot homophobe
that’s my frustration right you are a racist bigoted homophobic but yeah
apparently okay obviously obviously something in this guy called me a nazi
and and I didn’t even respond and I blocked him all I could I remember
reading it and looking at my wife’s and my children in the back it’s like huh
and just be yeah like who like how in doctrine are you what gave it away my
Jewish children like what gave it away my first children you know to me just
you know that’s the frustration I have I think is is is I feel like the left just
thinks were evil we’re the right just disagrees and there’s kind of that’s a
big disconnect at times yeah I see that it definitely is unfortunate thing
that’s really kind of brood in our country one thing one thing that I
always respected and I thought was kind of an interesting thing Alan Dershowitz
spoke at our Habad like conference of all like the Habad rabbis a few years
ago and one thing that he said that really impacted him was something that
he heard from the lubavitcher rebbe like the grand Rebbe of the Habad movement
and just when they met together the you know they had they had a discussion and
Alan Dershowitz said that what what made such an impact
on him was that even though 80 or 90% of the things that the Rebbe believed in
and lived like and you know espouse he didn’t necessarily agree with but the
only things that they discussed were the things that they agreed and like they
just found the common ground of that human elements and and that was the area
that they concentrated and not focused on and most Americans to it can get
together and agree on 70% a broad sense of what’s good and valuable for the like
the other stuff just you know let it go I’m still tied voted out of office if
you don’t like it absolutely right man and you know I don’t think the media
helps with that you know about the divide and yet it’s sad that we’re
trying to focus on the 30 part the 30% that we disagree rather than really
focus and how do we make that 70 percent maybe even bigger on what we do agree
you’re absolutely right oh my god very cool but it’s inside I
love Dershowitz man he is so fun I mean the intellect it’s that comes from that
man oh my gosh I can sit there and just listen to him I watch them on Fox views
all the time and I’m just I see this interviews and I’m like no no keep right
just yet losing wisdom it’s it’s just great to
just create a little bit to a mind like that

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