‘Home Improvement’ Stars Zachery Bryan & Taran Smith Talk Crushing On Pamela Anderson In The ’90s

‘Home Improvement’ Stars Zachery Bryan & Taran Smith Talk Crushing On Pamela Anderson In The ’90s

>>Speaking of girls, what about dating? Did you guys date any famous ladies?>>Come on! Come on.>>It would be a book one day. Yeah. Of course. Yeah.>>Like who? Gorgeous wife and kids there in that photo.>>Right. Do you have this?>>Just up.>>Back in the day you said Jess Beal. Did you date Jessica?>>No. We have stayed close friends. She was from Boulder, Colorado. I was from Aurora, a suburb of Denver. She got “Seventh heaven.” There was different — I don’t want to put them on blast.>>With Pamela Anderson, was that — you all were so young, but did you all think she was beautiful?>>Come on.>>Of course.>>Of course.>>Yeah. She was –>>Can I get a Duh?>>I remember at the time Scott Baio on set a lot. She was dating him at the time. “Charles in charge”? You are at the “Home improvement.”>>Lovely three kids.>>Fourth on the way. A boy finally.>>Your mom wrote a book a while back saying when you first started the show you didn’t know who Tim Allen was.>>No. We had to find out from his comedy act and didn’t know what we were getting into. Grunting and a lot of kind of sexist things sometimes but, you know, when — once we saw his delivery and how the show was written it worked out well.>>What do you remember the most? I look at three young guys. You seem to have a ball on screen. What was it like off screen?>>We were like brothers.>>Yeah. We were — we would duke it out at times. We loved or hated each other. I mean, we were — that’s the interesting thing is at that age you are a child. I remember Disney was really good to us at the time. They put like — they gave us a full-court basketball. Gaming room. We could get a lot of extra energy out.>>Nice.>>We were boys.>>Awesome.>>When you think about the time that — the way things have changed would you have been able to do a show like “Home improvement” today? Would you have taken on that same responsibility today?>>Good question.>>Hmm, well, yeah. People ask if you had kids would you let them do the same thing? I would have to say probably no because I think we got really lucky that — well, first of all we are still here and didn’t have to deal with too much — crazy drug problems or anything like that. For a lot of the kids we grew up around, had problems.>>Who? Like who did you hang out in the time that was also famous in that genre?>>I mean, mine was like — who was my crew? Rock pierce. Jesse Beal. A bunch of us. Jonathan, obviously.>>We would just usually see a lot of the same kids that were working at different charity events or promotional –>>All the ABC stuff. All the ABC shows. Kids at the events.>>Taran, you are on a boat a lot we see. What are you up to these days?>>Yeah. I was raised on a boat by sailors so I’ve been doing that a lot. Recently I’ve been working on a couple different engineering teams making machines that make water.>>Incredible.>>Recently one that pulls water out of the air.>>>>Yyou’re saving the world in other words?>>You need the captain hat.>>Thank you all for coming in.>>I have a cool movie of a guy trying to get out of the kkk.>>When?>>Won Toronto.>>Just throw that out!>>Thank you.>>You buried the lede late.>>Congrats to you both. Thank you so much for coming on. Awesome.

15 thoughts on “‘Home Improvement’ Stars Zachery Bryan & Taran Smith Talk Crushing On Pamela Anderson In The ’90s

  1. I love these two! Home Improvement is one of my favorite shows. It’s nice to see Taran because we don’t get to see him very often. ☺️
    I wish Jonathan could’ve been there.

  2. I miss the 90s so, so much. Home Improvement was my absolute favorite show when I was in middle school and high school. I always used to watch it with my parents and we never missed a single episode. It's one of those shows where you can see every episode 100 times and still never get sick of it. My husband and I still watch the reruns whenever they come on. They just don't make TV shows like this anymore and probably never will again. Everything was so much better in the 90s. I would give anything to have a Home Improvement reboot. Somebody needs to make it happen!

  3. I had a dress like that when I was little but my mom sent it to Jamaica after I outgrown it

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