Home Improvement, Storage & Tile Options, Getting Pool Swim Ready

Home Improvement, Storage & Tile Options, Getting Pool Swim Ready

(MUSIC) On today’s show, how to improve your
greatest investment. We’ve got financial solutions on how to upgrade or remodel your home. Do
you have a pool? Practicing proper pool health, that is keeping it clean and not green is
important on many levels. We’ll explain. Need to pack up while you’re renovating. We’ve
got simple and convenient storage solutions. And we’ll be talking tile, literally. Helping
you with the lingo. Tile term tips from the pros. (MUSIC) A portion of Designing Spaces
is brought to you by The Tile Shop. It’s a big business that can be costly and confusing
to those of us that want or need to renovate our homes. Today, to help us navigate through
the whole remodeling, construction process. We have 2 experts with us, Architect, Alberto
Ramudo specializes in designing and remodeling homes and offices. He’s from Icon Design Group.
Charlie Knadler, President and CEO of EnerBank USA, also joins us. EnerBank helps homeowners
realize their home improvement dreams by specializing in providing them with payment options to
fund their home improvement projects. So we have an expert on designing and planning home
improvements, and we have the expert on paying for those home improvement projects. So guys,
I have to say thank you so much for being here. We really appreciate it. Our pleasure
Debi. Alberto, let’s go ahead and start with you. What type of home improvements are we
seeing for homes today? Well, there’s usually 2 types of home improvements. One is the want
and one is the need. OK, want and need. Correct. The need is, obviously, immediate repairs
that may need to or that has to be done right away. The want is the improvements to the
lifestyles of the individuals. OK. And, typically what we do is when we sit with the homeowners
is we ask them to write a list, or wishes that they want to improve their house with.
Got it. So we then, at that point, help them navigate through the process what is gonna
take place. All the way from selecting a contracting to the banking or the financing of the house.
So for our viewers watching right now and they’re thinking – I can do this. I don’t
need a contractor. As an architect, what would be your answer? Don’t do it. OK. It’s an incredible
process and people have no concept of what it takes to do it. Right. I can go through
a long story. But it would be a costly mistake for a lot of homeowners. Absolutely. OK. And
speaking of the money, Charlie, that’s your cue because your company actually specializes
in home improvement lending. Yes we do. In fact, it’s all we do. OK. For more than a
decade we’ve partnered with contractors in all 50 states to fund hundreds of thousands
of home improvement projects. What’s unique about the EnerBank model is that we form a
partnership that creates a win-win situation for the homeowners and the contractors they
select for their project. EnerBank allows the contractor to extend their value to the
homeowner by providing a choice of payment options and then letting the homeowners decide
which one works best for them. That’s perfect. And I think a lot of homeowners wait until
they actually have cash on hand to do a home improvement project. Have you seen that too?
What we’ve learned from working with hundreds of thousands of homeowners across the country,
is that whether your project is a kitchen remodel or replacing your furnace or roof,
homeowners do not have the access to the project pricing resources that they do for other purchases,
such as cars, vacations, or even homes. I mean it makes sense. They could be very costly
as we said before, yeh. Did you know that about 50% of projects over $5,000 are financed?
Really. Let me tell you why. OK. Let’s say a homeowner wants to remodel his kitchen.
He finds design ideas online and saves $20,000 for the project. Then he brings in a professional
who shows him what he really can do to transform his kitchen. But the price tag is $35,000.
Right, then he’s at that dilemma, what do I do? If the contractor works with EnerBank
he can offer the homeowner payment options like a 12 month, same as cash loan, or a low
interest loan. You can see that homeowners can easily underestimate the cost of a project.
Right. With EnerBank contractors provide a way for homeowners to move forward with their
project with an easy way to pay. Let’s talk about when a homeowner should finance a project.
Financing can actually reduce your risk on a home improvement project. Contractors must
be authorized to participate in our loan programs. OK. Our payment options are unsecured. Meaning
your house is not used as collateral on the loan. What about the return on your investment?
Investing in your home is a great financial decision. Yeh. Some projects deliver an immediate
ROI, such as something as simple as replacing a front door. OK. Then there are others that
protect your home’s value. Such as fixing that leaky roof. Right. And Alberto, like
you said at the beginning that knowing what you want to do, having a good a concept, and
then choosing the right contractor. They’re all so important. It is Debi, and believe
me a contractor can make you or break you. I mean there’s some incredible horror stories
out there, but if you focus on what it is that you want. Right. And choosing the right
contractor, it will make the process so much smoother. Yes. Do you agree Charlie? Absolutely.
Our authorized contractors have a mutual interest in completing the project to the homeowner’s
satisfaction in order to be paid. Right. Homeowners should also take responsibility. They should
be proactive in screening their potential contractors. Ask for licenses, references,
and be sure to check their reputation online and with the local Better Business Bureau.
What about the process of actually getting a loan? We’ll ask you that Charlie. Our process
is quick and easy. Remember our homeowner who didn’t expect his kitchen remodel to cost
as much as the estimate? He was surprised. Let’s say he decides to pay for his project
with the $20,000 he already saved up, and borrowed the remaining $15,000 using our 12
month, same as cash loan. OK, so what would be the process? Is it hard? To apply, all
it takes is a quick phone call to EnerBank and he will receive a credit decision in about
10 minutes. Because of our choice of payment options, we’re able to approve about 4 out
of 5 applicants. Wow, that’s great. I have to thank both of you for being here because
I’ve learned a lot through this process. I know our viewers probably feel the same way.
And to have 2 experts here guiding us along the way. Having an architect. Alberto, thank
you so much for being here. My pleasure Debi, and remember it’s always so important to do
your homework at the very beginning, and make sure that you prequalify and know what you
want. Absolutely. It makes life a lot easier. Yes, on all parties, right? On all parties.
And Charlie, we couldn’t do it without you, the financial aspect. So thank you so much
for being here. Thank you for having me. We are proud of the work we do and the impact
we have on homeowners and contractors across the country. What drives all of us at EnerBank
is that everyday we help home improvement contractors grow their businesses and homeowners
achieve their dreams. Absolutely, that’s what it’s all about. Gentlemen, thank you so much.
Our pleasure. Well, to see this portion again, please go designingspaces.tv and we’ll see
you next time. Thanks for joining us. (MUSIC)Owning a well-cared for swimming pool, a great design
feature, increases the value of your home, and can also contribute significant health
and recreational benefits. Maintaining a pool in a healthful, enjoyable condition requires
attention and a good plan. If your pool maintenance has lapsed or hasn’t been regular, specific
steps need to be taken to make it safe and ready for swimming. Scott Waymire of United
Chemical Corp. has some great insights and guidance. Water chemistry is complex. There
are many factors that influence your pool that are outside your control. The hardness
of the pool’s water source. You’ve got rain, weather, swimmers, pets, can all influence
your pool’s chemistry. Since you can’t control these factors, you’re gonna have to keep it
simple and worry about the things you can control. 99% of taking care of a pool is prevention.
Prevention is easier than rescue, and even if you’re generally on top of your pool maintenance,
it doesn’t take long to get off schedule. And, you may have to remedy a situation. This
pool, the homeowner, was away, wasn’t able to do his weekly maintenance so things got
outa wack. We had some rain come through, the chemicals got diluted, the pool was completely
out of balance. We can see that. We’ve got some cloudiness. We’ve got a ton of green.
There’s some debris in the pool. That’s easy to take care of, but it’s chemically unbalanced
and we’re going to get this pool turned around in a matter of a day. United Chemical has
exactly what’s needed to take care of this problem. Scott is going to take us through
the steps to quickly get this pool back to swim ready. The first thing I’m gonna do is
clean the filter. If we haven’t cleaned the filter in a couple of weeks, that way we’ll
get our maximum filtration and less clogging. We’re gonna skim the pool. We’re gonna test
the water. From our test results, we’ll set the pool up for our algae treatment and to
clear the water. One thing to know is that the pool industry has very few manufacturers.
Most brands repackage a generic product. United Chemical has formulated and patented its own
superior line of pool chemicals. Our products are unique in a way that we are the manufacturer
of these products. No one manufactures our products for us. The SwampTreat is a product
that, once we balance the pool and set it up for success, we’ll add the SwampTreat,
will brush the pool, then we’ll add an oxidizer chlorine, and what you’ll see within an hour,
the pool will become blue and cloudy. That means you’re on your way. You’ve reached chlorine
breakpoint. The water will start to clear and you’re looking great. Whatever doesn’t
go into the skimmer or main drain, algae-wise, will turn white and drop to the floor and
then you can just vacuum it to waste. Stains can come in a lot of different ways. From
city water, well water, some people have used copper algaecides. Even liquid chlorine. Pool
Stain Treat, is a product that is part of the prevention that we recommend. And we recommend
using the Pool Stain Treat every 60 days. One bottle per 20,000. No Mor Problems is
part of a regular maintenance schedule that whenever you test your water, you add your
No Mor Problems, clean your filter. No Mor Problems will prevent you from getting algae.
It’ll make your filter more efficient. You won’t have to shock your pool as often. Swimmer
comfort is there. You know, you can turn the pool light on at night and you look down after
using No Mor Problems, the water’s crystal clear. We’ve come back 24 hours later and
the United Chemical treatment Scott Waymire’s applied has gotten this owner’s pool off and
running, and ready to dive in. It’s simple and you’re not gonna get algae. You’re not
gonna get staining. Your pool is going to be swimmable. You’re not gonna be fighting
Ph’s and alkalinities and the up and down stuff, bouncing around, costing you time and
money, trying to take care of that pool. United Chemical has a 100% guaranty on all our products.
If you follow the instructions and the outcome isn’t what you desired, please call us and
we’ll refund your money or replace the product for you. We want our homeowners to know how
to take care of their pool and we want to simplify it for them so that they’re enjoying
the pool, making their backyard the best place to be. A well-cared for swimming pool for
fun, for exercise, for a personal retreat from the heat, and relief from the bustle
of everyday life, significant health benefits, and a design element for your home of great
value. Keep it clean and enjoy. For more information on caring for your pool and United Chemicals
line of pool treatment chemicals, go to unitedchemicalcorp.com. To view this story again, and get more information,
visit our website designingspaces.tv. (MUSIC)There are lots of reasons people need storage. Moving,
downsizing, the loss of a family member, or the addition of one. Today, we’re looking
at how storage can help during Tracy’s renovation. So, we have a lot of renovations going on
at our house, and we have to move out. But, I have a lot of questions. How do I know my
stuff will be safe when I’m not with it? What if I have to pickup stuff at odd hours late
at night? How do I know how much space I need? Designing Spaces knows just the place with
the space and we’ve got the answers. We sent Tracy to meet Kate Bell, Brand Manager with
Extra Space Storage at a nearby location. Hi, welcome to Extra Space Storage. How are
you? I’m OK. I’m excited to see you because I know you’ll help me. But I’m actually, honestly,
nervous, and quite overwhelmed. I totally understand. Just relax, we’ve got it under
control. We’ve got a few things here that I’m gonna show you as an indoor units. We
have some outdoor units. I’ll walk you through everything and make the process as easy as
possible. Great. Let’s go. Sounds good. Wow, this is great. There’s security cameras everywhere?
Yeh, we have 24/7 video survey lens. We try to keep everything very secure. And you can
see we’ve got great lighting in the hallways, just anything to make you feel safe as well.
Great. So here we are at the first unit. This is a 5×10. This one’s a little bit smaller
but just to give you a feel for size. Oh wow, it’s great, it’s really clean too. Yeh, our
store managers really try to keep everything pristine and perfect. You know this is great.
I like it but I’m just wondering if I need something a little bigger. Yeh, we can definitely
look at something bigger. Let’s go this way. OK. You know it feels really comfortable in
here too. Yeh. so all of these units are climate controlled which means that we keep them at
a controlled temperature to ensure that your valuables are in the same condition you brought
them in at, when you take them out. Great. So here we are at the larger unit. This is
about 3 times the size of the last unit that we saw. OK. Oh wow, this is definitely bigger.
Yeh, so again this one’s about 3 times the size of the last one that we saw. You can
fit 3 bedrooms worth of stuff in here. So I would probably recommend that since you’re
renovating your whole house. Yeh. It’s a lot to think about. To help make things a little
easier. We ask Kate for a few storage tips. Let’s get the common sense stuff out of the
way. So first of all, anything perishable, which includes canned goods. They attract
pests. Second, anything that’s hazardous or flammable such as gas cans, or fireworks,
please don’t store them at our property. It’s just not safe. Organization is very important
when you’re going to pack your unit. So, first of all I would recommend labeling every box
before you even start packing your unit. Second, I would lay down a canvas sheet to make sure
that you’re protecting all of your goods. And then make sure you have a row. Put the
heavy things in the back. Bring light things to the front and then anything that you need
access to, maybe kitchen supplies, or clothing items, make sure you that put them in a place
that you’re able to reach. After spending some time with Kate, at my local Extra Space
Storage, all my fears vanished. The next couple of months may be a bit challenging for us,
but once the work is done I know our home will be better than ever. And while our things
are in storage I know they’ll be safe and accessible. It’s time to get to work. We’re
here to help you through life’s transitions. Everyone has things that they wanna hold on
to for the future, and we’re here to make sure that they’re safe and secure. We have
over 1200 locations nationwide. There’s bound to be one in your neighborhood. Visit extraspace.com
to find storage tips, moving guides and a lot of other helpful resources to make your
storage experience as easy as possible. To see this portion of the show again visit designingspaces.tv
where you’ll also find a link to the Extra Space Storage website. (MUSIC) Welcome to
The Tile Shop’s tips from the pro video series. I’m Cabby. Today we’re gonna talk about tile
terms. I want to eliminate any confusion you may have when shopping for tile. There’s a
lot of terms out there being thrown around, like bullnose or mosaics or thresholds. What
is a crown molding or base or skirting. Well, let’s look at some examples. This is a base
or skirting piece. They’re getting a lot more decorative. The Tile Shop offers this in many
different colors and different materials. You can get this in ceramic, stone, marble
or granite. How about listello? I’ve heard of it. What is it? Well listello is a decorative
piece that people have been using for years, going either vertically or horizontal. It’s
great to put into shelves or even on floors. I’m also seeing a lot of molding pieces, like
barns or capitals. These have more of a traditional rounded or even a Romanesque sharp edge that
we like to use as focal points in shelving or on the walls. Again, many different colors,
textures, and materials. Now a bullnose has been around for thousands of years. And what
that really means is that it’s a trim piece. We use this trim piece on the side of ceramic
and porcelain tile and this is actually stone. We don’t wanna see a square edge. We want
a nice return to the wall. So we offer matching bullnose for all of our tiles. Another trim
you may have heard of is called the mosaic. Why do we use mosaic? Well for shower floors
was the original reason. We need the water to slope and go to the drain. With tile, big
tile cannot slope so we came up with a mosaics. Today they’re really getting exciting. Here
we have a marble arabesque tile mixed with glass. We’re using mosaics on walls. We’re
using it on backsplashes, fireplaces. It’s not just for shower floors anymore. You’re
gonna find a lot of different metals, stones, ceramics, porcelains, mixing all of it together
to come out with beautiful mosaics. Another traditional piece is crushed glass with a
white marble. Another thing I like about mosaics is you can cut them. You can use them as decorative,
just like we’re talking about with the listello. It’s a great way to save some money and make
it look great. Now, how about thresholds? You need a threshold for most doorways. Thresholds
are great because they’re longer. You’re not gonna have grout joints, right. When I’m using
thresholds as edging pieces for vanity tops, I’m using it as walls or maybe a focal point
in a shower or a frame. You can do a lot these days. They come in a lot of different colors
and materials. For more information on installations and how to enhance your home with beautiful
tile, visit us at tileshop.com and don’t forget to subscribe to our youtube channel. (MUSIC)
You can visit these websites to learn more about the participant on this edition of Designing
Spaces. Making a space you can call home. Living the lifestyle you desire. It’s what
we’re all about. We are Designing Spaces. (MUSIC)

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