Home improvement store employee shot

Home improvement store employee shot

that shooter on the run in southeast Houston deputy constable say man tried to steal a drill from a Lausanne Woodridge in the South Loop in the Gulf Gate shopping centre just after 11:40 this morning indeed and when a store employee confronted him investigators say he opened fire at for the search is on for that man who’s being called a person of interest channel twos bill Spencer is live outside the store with the latest on this investigation bill brennidon see on this normally busy Lowe’s home improvement store was shut down for about four and a half hours today the doors just opened a few minutes ago this after a shooting that took place right outside the front doors a shoplifter shooting a 59 year old employee now we do have some pictures of this person of interest this is what he looks like he is described as a Hispanic male balding tall with a very thin build all of this took place about 11:30 this afternoon with the suspect in this case or a person of interest shooting a store employee this after that shoplifter was seen grabbing a $600 Dewalt power drill then trying to make his way out the front door that’s where he was confronted by a 59 year old old employee when he was confronted he pulled out a weapon and shot that employee one time in the stomach and that man is now in surgery at Memorial Hermann Hospital let’s take a listen to what the police are saying at this hour it looks like it was a shoplifting and an employee attempted to stop the shoplifter the person of interest is tall skinny balding on top he has facial hair around his mouth he’s wearing a red hoodie yes and priests ain’t six constables are now hunting for that suspect he was able to run out of here on foot he is at large at this point if you have any information on the whereabouts of this person of interest you are asked to call the number below that’s the number of the priests saint six Constable’s office reporting live at Gulf Gate mall bill Spencer KPRC Channel 2 News

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  1. I dont listen to stupid cops on local news media.
    They're colluding with the reporter to tell us only what they want us to hear, not what really happened.
    Cover ups and stonewalling start here.

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