Home Improvement Tip: Drilling With Quick Clean-Up

Alejandra: It’s Alejandra and this is Ed,
my fiancé. Ed: Hi. Alejandra: And this time, I’m holding the
camera. So in this short video, I’m going to show you – actually, Ed is going to show
you how to drill a hole and make sure that all the dust from the drywall doesn’t fall
on the floor. So … Ed: What you want to do is take a post-it
note and put it right under your mark for anytime that you’re going to hang something
on the wall and you have to drill. So you put the post-in note right below the mark
and all you do is fold it right up, and then you create this little pocket. Then you just
grab your drill and drill in the hole and you’re going to avoid all the dust from getting
all over your floor. So as you can see, all the dust comes from
the hole and just stays right here in this pocket. Alejandra: Cool. Ed: And you don’t have to bring up the vacuum
cleaner. It makes cleanup a lot easier. Alejandra: Yeah. Nothing fell in the floor,
right? Ed: Right. There you go. Alejandra: Wait, let me just show the dust.
Yeah, everything just fell perfectly inside just like that and there’s no cleanup. Ed: You just fold it up and throw it away. Alejandra: Cool! Thanks for the tip. See you
later. Bye. 1

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