Home Improvement Tools : How to Change an Xacto Knife Blade

Hi! I’m Drew Finn here for Expert Village.
Now we are going to talk about standard hand tools and how to use them. We are going to
show you how to replace the blade in your retractable razor blade. The blades are very
inexpensive and when they start to get dull, you’ll have to change them, so I will show
you how to change them. Most of them have one screw on the side. Different manufacturers
they come apart differently. Some have sort of a hook in the back that you have to hook
them in But just take them apart, pay attention when you are taking them apart and it won’t
be a problem. Okay let’s take it apart and show you the what the inside looks like and
how to change the blade. So we remove the screw, disassemble it. There is a place back
here to store the blade. We have the blade itself in the traveler and these blades can
just be lifted out or replaced or flipped over because you’ve got two cutting edges
and if you have already gone through one, you can flip it over. When you are putting
the blade back in, be sure you get it in the right orientation. This particular one we
need to be like this when it comes out so what you do is line it up the way that it
was before, making sure the bottom edge is lined up along here and the top edge is usually
little notch that catches and the tops of these are little cutouts and that is the notch
to orientate it so that it doesn’t slide back and forth in the device. So we pop that back
in there, put the cover on and set the screw. We tighten it up and see that it works fine.

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