Home Improvement Tools : How to Use a Hammer

Hi! I’m Drew Finn here for Expert Village.
We are going to talk about standard hand tools and how to use them. This is a hammer, a most
common hammer that you would have around the household. It is a claw hammer. It’s called
that because it has a claw on the back of it. There are other types of hammers but this
is the most common one for nailing wood and stuff and the claws for removing nails. This
is a hammer that’s got a metal handle with a rubber grip on it which is very good if
you are going to be doing a lot of framing. It isolates the vibration better so your hand
does not get as tired. This is a wood one which a lot of people prefer the feel of it.
Again, so much personal preference for that kind of stuff. Now one of the big differences
between these two particular ones is this is a much steeper curve to the claw part.
You can get a wood handle with any type of claw. Some of them come straight back but
the handle can be on any type of head. It’s just a different type of handle system. So
what the claw is used for is for pulling nails. You can pull the nail out. Now one thing that
I wanted to point out was when you are pulling a nail out, the least force to pull it out
is going to be straight up and down and if you start pulling it to the side, how that
can happen is with the claw itself. If you have a claw here and you are grabbing the
nail way up here, once you pull it up part way it really goes at an angle. So what you
are doing is you are bending the nail and pushing it into the wood at the same time.
Ideally you pull it straight up but you don’t get a lever action by pulling it completely
straight up. So the thing to do is when you are pulling a nail, is you go down when it
is low you pull it up some and see it is starting to go sideways. What you want to do is take
a hammer, a piece of wood, stick it underneath and grab the nail again. So you are pulling
more straight up with it and that way the nail will be easier to withdraw from the wood.

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