Home Improvement Tools : How to Use a Quick Square

Home Improvement Tools : How to Use a Quick Square

Hi! I’m Drew Finn here for Expert Village.
We are going to talk about standard hand tools and how to use them. This is a quick square
and it is used for framing. I find it very handy around the house just to do quick little
jobs. It’s got a lip on here so that you can put it up on a piece of wood and instantly
you can have a perpendicular or 45 angle off that. So just put it up against here, draw
a line and you are all set. It comes from a frame you square because it does have angles
on here and you can actually use it to cut root rafters at the right angles but you want
to be using that for regular abound the house. It also has a regular scale on it, 07 inches
this one; some come big, some are 12 inches deep but this is a very nice handy size one
and say you are just putting up a small wall in your basement or in your play room , you
can use this to easily mark lines so you know where your studs go. For instance say you
had a mark there, you can put a mark and then you would measure off an inch and half, put
another mark, put an x there you know that is where one stud goes. Then you measure over
typically 16 on center, do the same thing. So when you place your stud here, you will
know exactly where to put it and you will know if the stud is perpendicular to this.
If it is out of canter, you can just get it right in and line it up with the line you’ve
made using your quick square. So I find it very handy device to have around the house
if you have any kind of small framing jobs.

6 thoughts on “Home Improvement Tools : How to Use a Quick Square

  1. I cant believe how poor this instructional video was. You hav'nt covered one fifth of what the speed square is famous for ….. creating accurate angles, as a straight edge for a cirular saw, to mark out lines sliding the square along the length of a piece. This video is very very poor

  2. You need a redo on this video to make it of any use. The company watermark is in the way and you need to cover more of what this tool is capable of doing for me. Even I, a novice, knew I could use it to draw lines perpendicular to the side of the board.

  3. The speaker cannot teach if he never lifts his eyes toward the camera.聽 It is very disconcerting to the viewer.聽 Extremely poor video.

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