Home Improvement Tools : How to Use a Wood Chisel

Home Improvement Tools : How to Use a Wood Chisel

Hi! I’m Drew Finn here for Expert Village.
We are going to talk about standard hand tools and how to use them. Here is a wood chisel.
I am going to explain how to use it. As you notice one side is tapered and one side is
flat. Okay so we have the tapered side which is the side that you sharpen and then the
flat side that you don’ sharpen. We want a a nice flat side here. Remember when we are
using this, this is not a pry bar. You don’t pry with it. It is a chisel. You want to actually
chisel. If you pry, you could break the edge off and dull it. So what we are going to do
today is chip out an area like this. This is often like on an end of a door. If you
are putting in a latch for the door, sometimes you cut out an opening like this. So what
we need to do if you are working flat work like this, we need to clamp it down. Now what
we are going to do on the area that we want to cut out, is we are going to tap it in areas
where we want the edges to end so it is cut all along th edges. Now we can
go down the side and actually go with the grain and chisel out the wood. Stopping very
short of the edge. So when we are done, see the edge of the chip, we haven’t overshot
it all. So we cut just work it back and forth and get it down to whatever depth we need
on it and so that is basically how we use a wood chisel.

5 thoughts on “Home Improvement Tools : How to Use a Wood Chisel

  1. By "regular hammer," you mean a claw hammer made for driving nails like this guy was using. The answer is yes, it is better to use a wooden or rubber mallet rather than a steel hammer of any type.

  2. Should the beveled edge of the chisel be face up or face down? I was told as a kid to hold the beveled edge down but I don't know if that's right or not.

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