Home Improvement Tools : How to Use a Wrench

Home Improvement Tools : How to Use a Wrench

Hi! This is Drew Finn for Expert Village.
We are going to talk about standard hand tools and how to use them. We are going to talk
about how to use a wrench properly. First you got to do is choose a wrench the right
size. These happen to be metric because I have a metric bolt to demonstrate with. On
most wrenches, you’ve got the two sides. If the bolts are worn down at all, you never
want to use this side because it is a smaller grip on the bolt itself so we want to use
this side. So this is a light bolt and can be used to hold a planter inside the house
or a similar one that you might have in a garage door bolt. You get the bolt on and
turn it clockwise if you want to tighten it. Righty tighty is the thing or counter clockwise
or lefty loosey. When the keys to the wrench, it’s got to fit correctly. If you have a metric
and this is a 10 millimeter metric and you try to use a 3/8 inch on it, it is going t6o
slip and mess up the top of the bolt. So the basic thing is you got to fit the wrench correctly
on the bolt and obviously turn it in the correct direction.

2 thoughts on “Home Improvement Tools : How to Use a Wrench

  1. What a poor video. The camera was so far from the tool and bolt that it was impossible to see what was happening. "You don't want to use this side". Which side? I could see nothing. And why not? To put this forward as an 'Expert' video is shocking. I suggest you pull this, redo it and repost.

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