home improvement | weekly vlog ❤️

home improvement | weekly vlog ❤️

home improvement | weekly vlog by Natalie Nightwolf I’m concerned because I’ve never seen
her do this I never seen the toilet run like this yeah I got that far up Josh
haha dude you dude piece of cake did home improvement I’m concerned because I’ve never seen
her do this I’ve never seen the toilet run like this
I juggle the handle and she didn’t stop there’s a rod here and this thing that’s
like a flapjack flapjack I’ve dislodge from the rod I no toilets now but the
issue is getting the flapjack connected to the right again I might have to go
back to Home Depot tomorrow this is f***ing gross though one another
flapjack anyway because I don’t like the looks of this one it f***ing all plus
I’m going to Florida on Monday like I want to deal with my flapjack right now yeah I got that far
haha I’m here just pulled up to the spot you know what the spot is also today I’m
packing your b*tches packing I’m gonna see if I can get an employee to help me
find a flapjack obviously have a dumb woman b*tch you
know you have four employees walking by you and they never say anything you know
why cuz it’s not their department you know why nobody’s it’s never anybody’s
department looking for the four it’s something from my toilet it’s like a
flat flapjack clever yeah okay thank you okay so there’s a flapper plus flop or
ultra flat for 2x and then I can get like a three pack and then I could
probably be good for like the rest of my life I want to have a stock of flappers
I don’t know after spending about an hour and a half looking at flappers I
think I’m gonna go with the quirky plus I know pretty confident in this decision
welcome to home improvement time folks it’s a lithium pivot driver
I own a lithium pivot driver folks and if you want to see what I’m gonna do
with this thing subscribe to my premium snapshot just kidding I will put up some
curtains but how do you make it go yeah it just probably just needs to be
charged we do a little bit of that later but let me just let it charge job oh my
god the other day I found something on my arm and I was like holy shit it’s a
third nipple it’s about time like I figured I would have had one you know if
anybody’s gonna have a third nimbala that’s pretty much me but then I don’t
know what happened if it was just like a piece of a there’s like a little rash or
something if I just plum scratched it right off I used to say I’m going to get
the curtains up over here – how am I supposed to get it in Oh son of a gun
oh all right b*tch good stuff kids aha do-do-do-do-do-do
piece of cake did Home Improvement big whoop well well well I owe it like five
defaults or the same settings okay how are you hold on
I just shot a video in this outfit it’s from Cheyenne calm it’s supposed to be
like a festival outfit and I’m actually wearing shorts actually I think I’ve
wear these on a live stream yeah this looks so cute love this hair like this
with these like kind of half pigtails half up this is a cute little shirt too
and I can’t believe I’m wearing shorts I think shorts look good on me with
pantyhose only like I really don’t like my legs but I’m working on it you know
I’m working on every day at the gym all you can do is like if you don’t it’s
something you don’t like about yourself hopefully you can’t improve on it you
know if it’s physical parents about like fat muscle that’s definitely something
you can work on you know most everything you can at least try to improve on it
right I would hope so cool just shot the second part of the video with this
outfit it’s like the goth version or the goth metal version of a festival look in
my opinion so yeah I’m happy with the clothes that I chose I’m hungry I want
to show you like this portion of my house which I think is beautiful
especially right now okay let me get things just a little bit clean up so
that I could show you it looking like the best of the best because I’m proud
of it okay hold on here’s where I eats at this little table
here I have that cute Yeti over there I’ve had this chandelier which is so so
beautiful I barely show I bought myself some
daffodils the other day wow I finally got two lamps for my living room so that
I don’t sit in the dark Wow and I just noticed that one against the wall
actually projects on the top and the bottom in a kind of cool fashion I
didn’t see that before my couch that I’ve had for a while
beautiful comfy couch another change I put up the curtain rods
and curtains I think this looks gorgeous have these like white sheer curtains so
I love my living room I feel like I should be proud of it
I have Mr curry over here on the wall but it’s kind of a skew to one side and
I just need a lot more you know well yeah so here’s my and then the kitchens
over here I keep my juggling balls right here kind of on my way to the kitchen in
the morning I jog all or after I bought the coffee’s brewing and yeah I have
little knickknacks over here my skull bowl and other little treasures one
other thing I want to show is in my entryway right here I put this up I
think I might have showed this but yeah I found this out like a HomeSense or
something it is in like a shadow box type thing and it looks like it’s a kind
of some sort of maybe see something or other that is like kind of made into a
tree and I like this too like sometimes you can see the reflection of the
chandelier in this so yeah beautiful I’m just so happy to find like art and
finally I don’t know why I never made this house at home I had the idea that I
everything here needed to be sterile because I was gonna shoot videos against
like blank walls like this big area over here I used to shoot videos in I don’t
know what to put over there maybe nothing I’m not sure but I really do
love my place like I’ve chandeliers in every room I am
very excited right now because I’m going to McDonald’s some people ask how I’m
not like completely obese but I eat so much and the truth is I eat well 80% of
the time and then I go to the gym almost every day at least like six days a week
so yeah maybe one day I’ll show you everything that I eat in a day on a
typical day I eat under 1200 calories a day even yesterday had Taco Bell and I
still stayed under 1,400 calories today I will still stay under 1415 hundred
calories I’m going to get a McFlurry and fries and I’m gonna eat it on my live
stream and chat with you guys my live streams are Sunday and Tuesday at 6 p.m.
Eastern Daylight Time I feel like my stomach’s probably pretty stretched I
feel like that could be a competitive eater if I really applied myself it’s
tough because I really really really love food but I also don’t want to look
bad I want to improve my body and binge eat though so it’s tough
it’s life though I guess I guess that’s just life since crying about it although
I do as you cry about this do you like my dress my cousin Gann was
up here from North Dakota and she went on a tinder date last night in the area
and I helped her get ready and then I think her and her date snuck in my
window in the middle of the night because when I woke up this dress was on
my living room floor so thank you gay and I love this dress I don’t know what
you left in strange oh oh what happened like this video if you’ve had vaginal
rejuvenation like I’m starting to culturally-appropriate to like Spanish
or Mexican culture is there food after I die cuz that’s gonna suck if there’s not

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  1. Nice lovely VloG video as always
    😻That thumBnaiL thO😻
    😗Your Beautiful sexy self😗
    MorniNg Natalie
    Hope u Have a Nice Week

  2. Are you surprised that I'm such a tim the tool girl?
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  3. You're so funny Natalie! 😊 You always make my day. Nice house you have good taste on decoration. 👌 Have a wonderful Monday cutie!!! btw my BD it's Sunday 12th 😁

  4. I love it when I explain a problem to a guy at a hardware store and he looks at me like I'm from Mars.

  5. LOL .. Had the same issue last week with one of my tiolets, but my toilet uses a bulb, which none of the Box stores carry.. Amazon Prime to the rescue!!

  6. Nice to see you doing home improvement repairs , you look very sexy Natalie , yes pantyhose legs are very sexy love your legs so silky smooth and shiny ! So proud of you for doing your upgrades on your home ! Looks like a piece of corral like a tree ! Your so darn sexy you turn me on watching you !

  7. One quick thought, read a book with that mic. Create another channel and put the link in with these videos.

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  9. I like the chandelier over your table. Thanks for sharing your home improvement adventures and a giving us a glimpse at your festive shorts outfits. Stay beautiful and funny!

  10. 😂😂 so ironic…. I have a problem with my flapper in bowl in my garage.. and I also want to hang curtains in my living room.
    But garage first…. curtain… one day.

  11. Missed your live stream last night. Hope all is well. Hope you got the Amazon package I sent. Still haven't received the main gift here yet. …it did say between the 15th and 30th though.

  12. Good job home improvement girl , I love how you take command of a household problem and then fix it ! ….and looking good doing it too ! Things are really starting to take shape over there ! I’m so proud of you. Thanks for another fun video, the pop rock segment was hilarious ,LOL……….Love ya.

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    2…you aren't afraid to get dirty with home improvement. 🤜🤛

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  19. Hi Natalie.
    I had to laugh when you kept saying you needed a flapjack for the cistern. A flapjack here in England,is a bar of rolled oats and honey. Not the best thing for fixing a broken flush system.
    As for the power tool demo,that would have to go on XXX quadruple premium snap chat 😉
    The house is looking nice and homely, and the framed item hanging on the wall, looks like a piece of bleached coral?
    P.S Don't over do the gym thing,as we wouldn't want you turning perfection into grotesque muscles on your curvaceous body. 😍😘

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  24. The chain or lever that holds up the stopper is stuck. If you look at how it is hanging down, you might be able to see where/what is gummed up, causing the stopper to not fully seat, which makes the fill valve stay open. <3 Wish I could have helped ya with it. I'd only charge you a big hug. 😀

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    And your outfit is again amazing.

    There's nothing that you do where is dislike full. You make everything and anything look good.

    I'm low kei and i approved this message. See you sweetie😍😘

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