Home Improvements : How to Cut Corner Moldings

Home Improvements : How to Cut Corner Moldings

Hi I’m Tim Gipson and I am going to talk to
you about how to cut corner molding. Now there is two basic cuts we have. We either are cutting
for an outside corner or for an inside corner and the principles are pretty much the same
for doing it either way but what we have got to do is make sure we get our right orientation.
A couple of things we can use, we can use a simple miter box such as this and if you
notice I have got a piece of carpet pad underneath this wood block that I have got the miter
box attached to. That is just a good tip because what it does is allow you to use your miter
box without it slipping on you. The second thing we can use is we can use a miter saw,
power miter saw such as I have got over here. Now what we want to do is we want to take
our molding and we want to make sure that we know what the orientation is so what I’ll
do is I will hold my molding where this surface goes up against and then if I am cutting an
outside corner then what I am going to do is I am just going to do a pencil mark to
make sure that I know which way I want to cut this. Now I can come over to my saw and
when I hold my molding up and I have got my line then I can set my saw at a 45 degree
angle in the direction of my line so I can get that line and then if I am going to make
the opposite cut all I have got to do is swing my miter saw around and make the other cut.
So now when I put this together you can see it forms a 90 degree and I have got an outside
corner. Now the principles are the same using the miter box, the only thing I am going to
do is I am going to orient the molding against the miter box and then use a draw saw and
line it up that way. If I want an inside corner then I am going to do the same principle but
I am going to mark my inside corner which is just the opposite so outside corner is
this way and inside corner would be this way and that is all there is to it. I am Tim Gipson
and that is how to miter corners.

11 thoughts on “Home Improvements : How to Cut Corner Moldings

  1. this is actually the only video that makes sense. Thanks. I like your pencil technique because it is very easy to forget your orientation when you get back to the saw in the garage.

  2. mounting the mitre box on the timber base! its not sitting flat Tim! IS that the sign of your quality of work? What about the mitre saw mounting on the saw bench? Have you still got all your fingers Tim? Its a great idea to help people and share your knowledge but take responsibility for those that you have shown the WRONG way to do this. People keep looking there is better. Tim, give it up please, or take the time and show people the correct way.

  3. Oh my god. How does this video only have like, 20likes? This is concise, and understandable. Also, i went from trying to figure out how to do this to having learned and done it in under 30 minutes.

    Super great.

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