Home Improvements : How to Cut Crown Molding Angles

Home Improvements : How to Cut Crown Molding Angles

Hi I’m Tim Gipson and I’m going to talk to
you about how to cut crown molding angles. Now when cutting crown molding angles the
most important thing is to make sure to get the orientation of the crown molding correct
so when we look at our miter saw we want to treat the back fence here as the wall and
the base as the ceiling. So in this case I’ve got the crown molding and I want to hold it
upside down so now when I line up to cut my 45 degree it orients my molding so that when
I make that cut and make the opposite cut this would be, if this was the other piece
then I would rotate the saw to the other 45 and I would make the opposite cut so that
when I put the two pieces together as you can see it forms a 90 degree for going around
the corner and then if I were cutting the inside I would cut it just the opposite. So
the important thing when you are setting up your molding is to make sure that you have
got the proper orientation. So again you want to cut it upside down, you want to treat the
base as your ceiling, the back fence as your wall and as long as you orientate and cut
45 degree angles you can cut perfect outside corners or inside corners on your crown molding.
I’m Tim Gipson and that’s how to cut corners on your crown molding.

21 thoughts on “Home Improvements : How to Cut Crown Molding Angles

  1. Excellent! I have been laying my molding flat! This is exactly what I've been looking for – thank you for taking the time to film and post this tutorial video!

  2. Awsome guide for 90 deg – But would you be able toassist me on how to cut inner angles greater than 90 deg; for intance 135 deg. that would make to halfs cuts of 67.5 deg but my saw can only do a cut fro 0 to 45 maximum. Ummm… Thanks in advance~!!

  3. @vhoycortes You just need to cut at 45° turning the wood upside down (180-135=45). And yeah I know I'm one year late to answer!

  4. Hey Ken, if people cut those short lengths with board on right side of the blade do you think there will be some handless people around ,,,,,SAFETY SAFETY SAFETY…Always First

  5. Besides the safety issues (like his chop saw isn't even bolted down!), he says just "do the opposite for the inside" cut. Huh? Opposite how? Left and Right? Up and down? Switch angles? It's really not very clear.

  6. To lay it flat you need a compound miter saw … many people just have a standard miter saw and don't have that bevel feature on their saw. For those homeowners they have to install by standing the molding up, like he did. For a smaller molding in a room with lots of different corner angles it is also a lot easier to use this method because then you just move it to 45 degrees for a 90 degree angle and move the saw to 22.5 degrees for a 135 degree angle.

  7. Sorry, but I screwed up. You can't just say do the opposite. For an inside corner, you have to show us that too. At 18 I'd have figure this out without even thinking. But at 59.5 I need more detail.

  8. On my saw I have to clamp a piece of wood to make it high enough for the molding to rest against for cutting it, the back fence has to be high enough for the molding to rest against it.. obviously he doesn't even bother to attach his saw to the table…lucky he has all his fingers..

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