Home Improvements : How to Wire a Garage

Home Improvements : How to Wire a Garage

Hi, I’m Tim Gipson, and I’m going to talk
to you about how to wire a garage. Now, typically one thing you’ll run into in your home is
maybe a shortage of power in your garage, when it’s built. Particularly if you happen
to have power tools or any kind of wood working tools, table saws, band saws, different things,
you’ll find that most homes are just wired minimally for their garage surface. So, in
this case, I had three twenty amp circuits added to the garage just to provide some extra
power for all of the power tools that are run in here. Now, one thing when you’re adding
wiring to your garage, or adding outlets to your garage, you’re going to usually have
to go in and add circuits into your panel. Now, one thing I highly recommend is that
you contract with a licensed and bonded, insured electrician to do that. Typically if you have
a circuit ruin, it can run anywhere from about a hundred and twenty five dollars to a hundred
and seventy five dollars per circuit to have that added into your panel. Now, if you go
to your panel and you see that all of the open slots are filled, you don’t have to be
concerned about that, that was the case here, but as you can see they have these double
breakers that they can put in so actually, took a couple of the single breakers out,
put a double breaker in so, there’s actually two fifteen amp circuit breakers now occupying
what used to be one fifteen amp circuit. And, what that did was freed up a couple of spaces
here to add in a couple of twenty amp circuits into this garage. Now, as far as getting the
wiring down to this point, again having a licensed electrician do all of the work in
the circuit panel, but you can have them just leave your stubs out for the wiring here,
and then it’s perfectly fine and very easy to do, as far as installing the electrical
outlets and finishing the wiring. And, running your wiring in conduit and surface mounted
boxes is an easy way to handle adding additional outlets. I’m Tim Gipson with some tips on
wiring your garage.

41 thoughts on “Home Improvements : How to Wire a Garage

  1. This isn't how to, this how to get someone else to do it. "How To Wire Your Garage"———Hire an electrition.

  2. Typically, if you dont have enough space in your main panel, you could do what you did, wich is put tandem breakers in, or if your main panel is already in your garage, you can take two circuits out of the main, install a 100 amp 2 pole breaker or whatever the electrician thinks you may need for the equipment your running, and off that breaker, install a subpanel near or next to your main that has enough spaces for the garage circuits and the two circuits you took out of your main panel.

  3. if i'm gonna go as far as strapping conduit to the wall, i think i'd rather have EMT instead of PVC. i don't know what kind of equipment and/or lighting he has in that place, but could you not eliminate a branch circuit from somewhere. i'm not the biggest fan of those double breakers. it looks as if everything is up to code, i just think i'd do it different!

  4. so the answer is hire some 1? then u say its easy to do after they do the intial part but u dont do that either? please stop making youtube videos TY

  5. this helped me ZERO! im watching videos to learn how to do it my self and all u can say is pay someone $175 to do it for me.

  6. Wow. What a helpful video! The only thing you need to do is look in the yellow pages and hire an electrician and your garage is wired. W.T.F.

  7. So to recap…

    This is how you wire a garage… call an electrician to put you some of them there double breakers in, then after he leaves run some shitty looking PVC on the wall. Make sure not to put in the required GFI protection, go with the cheap ol' regular receptacle . And don't bother buying those professional looking industrial covers, just get a mud ring and a single gang plate.

  8. i think the disconnect is with the title. should read "what to ask your electrition to do to prepare your electrical box to wire a garage." obviously he is not going to instruct people to modify the box DIY.

    that said, agree with other posts. not much value based on subject title.

  9. not pleased to see the extension cord "hanging" in the air. This is a significant electrical hazard and he is recommending how to do wiring!!!!!! You've got to be kidding.

  10. Hey guy! You just can't put one of those twin breakers in wherever you want. The panel has to be rated for it, that's what the diagram on the inside of the cover is for. Now will it work? absolutely, is it legal? not if its not rated for it. If your going to post a how to video you should make sure you explain things properly.. Some homeowner is going to his local hardware store and making his 20 circuit panel into a 40 circuit panel. great job!!! 

  11. Yeah, instructing people to use an electrician isn't why people hop on YouTube. There really aren't even any tips here…

  12. Everyone – please ignore every "How to" video Tip Gipson has ever posted on Youtube – he will waste your time.

  13. The title is "How to Wire a garage", not "How to call an electrician". I want my 2:41 seconds back, what an idiot!

  14. I watched just long enough to see the power strip dangling from the panel. Take the video down you're embarrassing yourself.

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