Home Improvements & Maintenance : How to Hang a Heavy Wall Mirror

Hi, I’m Tim Gipson. I’m going to talk to you
about how to hang a heavy wall mirror. Now, the first thing we’ve got to consider is the
attach points in the wall. And what we want to do is we want to use a device that has
a higher rated, as far as the amount of weight it will hold. And usually these are rated
in pounds and you can find something that is probably rated around the seventy five,
hundred to hundred pound range would be really good to use. These type of hooks that we have
up here in the wall are very good to use. These actually self tap and screw directly
into the drywall. And they give you a very solid secure attach point that will not pull
out. And they’re a lot easier to use than having to use toggles. Then the next thing
we need to do on our heavy mirror is we need to install on the back side of it, a couple
of these loops. And then between the loops we’ll install this picture wire. And it’s
special wire that has a lot of tensile strength. So, it means you can pull on it and it’s very
tough. It will not break. So, once we have this in place and you want to make sure when
you loop this around that you loop this wire around to terminate at least four or five
times. So, with that wire on there, then we can support the picture and with our hand
just guide it up over these two hooks. And of course one thing that’s nice about the
wire on the two hooks is it’s easy to make sure you match your mirror and make sure it’s
straight up and down. And you can be assured that using those heavy weight attach points
and hooks for your wall, and then using the picture wire on the back. You don’t have to
worry about hanging very heavy mirrors such as this. So, I’m Tim Gipson and that’s how
to hang a heavy mirror.

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