Home Improvements & Repairs : How to Troubleshoot Your Freezer

Home Improvements & Repairs : How to Troubleshoot Your Freezer

Hi, I’m Tim Gipson, and I’m going to talk
to you about how to troubleshoot your freezer. Now, most of your modern freezers today are
frost-free, and also with electronic controls, so they require very little maintenance or
very little, you know, well, quite frankly there’s just very little things that you can
do with today’s modern appliances. But there are some things to do as far as to know where
to go if you have some trouble. Now, if you have some instances where…whether it’s a
upright freezer like this, or a stand alone freezer, that you may have some thawing issues,
then, what you want to check, there are some things that you can check to make sure that
your freezer and your defrost heater is working properly. So, these freezers do have a thermostat,
and what you want to do is you want to listen, and you want to do this with the compressor
running. And, what you can do is you can turn up the temperature, and as you turn up the
temperature, you want to hear for the compressor to cut off. Okay. Now if you don’t hear that,
then that probably indicates that you have a problem with your thermostat. And the problems
with that thermostat will not only affect the ability of the freezer to freeze properly
at the right temperature, but also it’ll affect the defrost cycle on your defrost heater.
So, that’s one thing that you can do, is, is vary that temperature and see if you can
hear the compressor cut on or cut off appropriately. Then the other things that you want to just
be wary of is to make sure that you have everything loaded properly, that you don’t have anything
obstructing the seal, or hanging down over the top of your freezer and getting in the
way of your seal. And again, particularly with a freezer…refrigerator freezer like
this, they’re equipped with an alarm, so that if you do have some air leakage, actually
an alarm will go off if the door’s either left open or if there is a leak. Otherwise,
with it closed you need to just check around and make sure that you have a good seal all
the way around. And then the other thing that you can do to troubleshoot is to make sure
that the seals are kept clean. If you get a lot of debris in these seals, it could actually
keep it from making contact with the frame on your freezer. I’m Tim Gipson, and that’s
some tips on troubleshooting your freezer.

9 thoughts on “Home Improvements & Repairs : How to Troubleshoot Your Freezer

  1. I have frigidaire freezer MFU20F3GW8 is not cooling enough, fan running and compressor running, but barely any frost builds up in one corner of evapurator where freon comes in. the puzzle here is that its not consistant, it would cool good for a while – like a few month or more, then all the sudden – it goes above freezing level until the food spoils and the freezer is cleaned out and restarted again, then works for a while again. But recently it was unplugged – continued on next post

  2. continued from previous post. recently I plugged it in after about a month of not using it, and it would still not freeze . I kept it going for couple of days – same result. then a week later plugged it in, and it started freezing and worked good for a few days untill I unplugged it.someone suggested replacing thermostat, but at one point the fan and compressor was on and freezer was not freezing. thermostat turns on is those 2 right? please let me know what could be the problem. thanks

  3. Hi, I have a chest freezer and it wont freeze up or even get cold, when i turn the thermostat on i can hear it click and then the compressor turns on and i can hear it working through the machine BUT still it doesnt get cold?
    Could this be the thermostat thats faulty? I am sure that the compressor is okay, i can hear it running smoothly.
    Is there anyway i could bypass the thermostat by connecting the wires together so it misses out the thermostat and runs at full coldness, then i would know if its the thermostat, if that does not work i presume that the freezer has no gas inside it.

  4. I have a stand alone crosley freezer. It is an older frost free freezer and it is getting ice buildup around the area where the door shuts closed. It is also building a snowlike frost on some of the wire racks also near the same area. I am wondering if my seal my need to be replaced. What do you think? There is about a 1/8" gap at the bottom of the door seal where it is not suctioning fully closed. Could my problem be as simple as replacing the door seal or is there anything else I should look for? Thanks in advance.

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