Home Interiors Home Decor Color Tutorial

Home Interiors Home Decor Color Tutorial

Home Interiors Home Decor Color Tutorial Hi I’m Jill Weadick, personality design specialist
and CEO of Home Stylus. In this video, I’m going to teach you how to find your perfect,
unique, personalized colors for your home decorating. You know there is so much vibrant
color in nature and the best places to find this vibrant color are flowers. What I don’t
want for you is for you to be overwhelmed by choosing colors for your home. There are
so many choices out there and it can be really overwhelming. What I want instead for you
is that you have a really clear idea of what favorite colors really fit you and your personality. One of the best ways to do that is by finding
about five different colors of flowers, just bringing them home, putting them in different
jars, different vases. You live with them for a while maybe a week or so. Grab your
phone and take pictures of your favorite flowers. I want you to notice all the different colors
in each flower. So, each flower is going to have probably 10 different shades of color
just in that single flower. So, you have all kinds of options in the color categories.
What you can do from that point is go back to the paint store and choose some different
colors in that color family, bring them home, play around with the different color varieties
until you find some combos that really fit you and your personality. I hope that was helpful to you. Be sure and
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video. Take care. Wait a minute. Check that out. Isn’t that pretty? Yellow, green, purple,
it’s beautiful.

31 thoughts on “Home Interiors Home Decor Color Tutorial

  1. I appreciate your advice and as I have checked my preferences I am more inclined to calming combinations of neutrals such as green and yellow. Do you think those hues will be a great combo?

  2. Choosing a Color Scheme is pretty confusing since I have multiple color preferences. What can you suggest that will go along with the color violet? It's my favorite color.

  3. Its a great idea to use Flowers as color scheme inspiration. I also wanted to Learn from you on how to match colors and use fabrics, accessories, artwork, and more as inspiration for crafting a color scheme that fits my home and my style.

  4. I have safer choices when it comes to colors such as neutrals, from rich gray to camel. I like Violet too. But how to put all these three colors together?

  5. Truly choosing a color that would complement the area is not easy specially with flowers. Thanks for sharing some useful tips.

  6. I am not good in matching colors. Its hard for me to choose which color is the best to combine with other colors. I have now the idea. Thank you for your advice. Keep posting!

  7. I agree, Jill! Yellow, green and purple looks good. I love that color combination. Hmm, I can't wait to repaint our living room. Thanks a lot for the tips.

  8. Wow! you are really a master of color, i love this video because it really gives people a lot of idea on giving homes a nice mood this helps especially making people get a better mood on their homes, thank you for sharing! 🙂

  9. Excellent video. I'm really having a hard time choosing colors that fits my likes. Thank you. very lovely flowers u have there 🙂

  10. Choosing a color is easy however the hard part is making those color complement each other. Thanks for the tips and tricks. 

  11. I'm definitely sharing this video to my wife. She's the one in charge in bringing colour into our home, which is why she is always overwhelmed in what combinations to bring. Great advice! Direct and practical. Thanks!

  12. Right color for the right mood. Thanks for this. This could be a great help especially when decorating a venue for events 🙂

  13. lovely ideas like the flowers and colors in this video. different colors and decors in a home makes us mommies less stress. very helpful to for any occasions!!

  14. This video is definitely useful. Thanks for sharing it  to us.. My sister loves interior decoration. Most likely she will love to apply this information in our home.

  15. Probably my mom likes interior decoration. I'm not really into it because I and my father live only in the house. But I think it's cool to have decor if my mom is staying with us.

  16. Hi Jill..Thanks for changing my perspective when it comes to putting flowers in my home..I can't believed how vibrant and serene my home feels now..

  17. this is what I've been looking for! how to decorate flower colors to match up with the mood of weather inside the house,, and this is an additional help to me, well i organize events and I'm always looking forward to good feedback's, thanks 🙂

  18. we will be trying this at our house. very useful tips especially for us new couple who are just starting to build our own home.thanks for this

  19. Your video is very interesting. I really like to decorate my room personally and this video just gave me some ideas.

  20. I want to decorate out house in such a way that the colors coordinate and match but I don't have any idea on how to choose any matching colors.

  21. I really don't have some talent when it comes to combination of color though I'm a woman but this video help me to learn color combination. Thank you for this another skills that I have learn. Its just wonderful.

  22. This is just perfect! My bff is about to move to a new flat and this is just what she needed!. Thank you for sharing 🙂

  23. I really want to redecorate our house to make it more alive and I just had an idea from your video on how to choose matching colors.

  24. wow that 5 different colors of flowers would be a great idea,putting nature's scenery inside the house, thanks for sharing your ideas. it gives relief even to stress.

  25. Thank you so much for the tutorial video. Its really helpful for me. I learned different tips so informative… I appreciate! Thank you…. 🙂

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