Home Lighting Design Tips : Wall Art & Home Lighting Tips

Home Lighting Design Tips : Wall Art & Home Lighting Tips

My name is Brent Shelly with Expert Village
and we are talking about lighting design today. When lighting wall art, the best source to
use is a MR16. There are twenty different beam spreads and wattages that you can choose
from using the MR16. It is also a very small lamp two inches in diameter so the whole ceiling
is going to be very small. You can find track fixtures using the MR16 or adjustable recess
cans that use the MR16. When lighting wall art assuming that the wall art is at eye level
which is typically five foot three to five foot five. What you want to do and I get this
question all the time is how far out does my light need to be in the ceiling to light
this art. The magic is to have it a thirty degree angle. This does two things. Number
one it reflects the light away from the eyes of the person trying to view the art. Number
two it creates the right pattern of light on your artwork so that you don’t get a cigar
shaped pattern of light. You don’t get a wash down the wall but you get a spot on that art
and it really pops out.

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  1. It's a great general guide but it also depends where the lighting is placed, not all should be placed on top of the painting. Increasingly, artists are painting 'emblems' into the edges, or start the story of the painting from there, so to capture those hidden messages, you may want to have lights that shine on that spot which could be to right or left, rather than swathe light over the entire canvass. It applies also to general paintings too – its best to ask the owner of the painting what intrigues them the most, and then place the light where he or she wants it. 30degrees is a good estimate but it also depends on the other lighting in the room.

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