Home Maintenance & Repair Tips : How to Touch Up Painted Walls

Home Maintenance & Repair Tips : How to Touch Up Painted Walls

Hi I’m Tim Gipson and I’m going to go over
how to touch up painted walls. Now it’s a good idea when you are painting a room it’s
o’kay to have some paint left over. In fact like I said it is a good idea to have some
paint left over. Now in this case I’ve got a gallon that is pretty full so it’s good
to keep this in a can. Now if I happen to have say just a quarter of this gallon left
then to keep paint for long term I’d want to transfer this to a smaller container and
that way you would have less air in there and less chance that that paint is going to
dry out. Now if my paint has been sitting for a while it is going to be important to
stir this paint up and make sure you mix it properly. Now what we want to do is we want
to do this in a circular motion while pulling out because you want to get everything that
is settled on the bottom of the can and you want that mixed in properly. So we’re going
to have just a nice little gentle pulling up motion as we continue to stir this and
it is very important particularly when you are touching up. You want to make sure that
your paint is mixed all the way good. If it is not all the way mixed then you may have
some color variation where you are going back over. Now as far as what to use, we have several
options that you can use. You can use a foam type applicator like this for smaller areas
or a disposable foam brush such as this or you can use just a standard paint brush for
doing this. For this purpose I’ll go ahead and use the disposable brush and what we want
to do is you want to start out and you want to use very very little paint and a very common
area to touch up is on these corners where you have a lot of traffic and what you want
to do is we want to get the paint in there and it is very important to get it really
smooth so once we get it in there what we want to do is just do some quick light strokes
and smooth it out from the center. What this does is it gives you a nice blend into the
surrounding paint. Now this is going to be a little lighter when this first goes on.
You don’t need to be concerned about this. As this dries all paint darkens up a little
bit. Now to make sure that you are using the right one thing I’d recommend as on your lids,
make sure you mark your lid with a permanent marker. In this case mark this kitchen so
that if you have some colors that are pretty close together in your house you know which
one to use to touch up. Now I’m Tim Gipson and that’s how you touch up painted walls.

7 thoughts on “Home Maintenance & Repair Tips : How to Touch Up Painted Walls

  1. You Sir are a total idiot, why wouldnt you patch the corner first then sand it and then touch up the paint????? dont listen to this guy people he does not know what hes doing at all, totally wrong tools as well to do this small patch job….do your research Sir!!!

  2. Thank you sir. I was worried my paint was lighter than the original wall color. With patience, I saw that it indeed darkened as it dried.

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