Home Office Decor Tour of a Video Editor

Home Office Decor Tour of a Video Editor

hey guys so I am going to show you my
home office today did a little tour its one of my favorite rooms in the house I
have literally just finished it after changing my mind last minute. I work from
home so I can sit at my desk or at 10 hours straight and be surrounded by
these four walls. My income towards my family depends on I create in this
chair and so now that I’m editing full time like last month I decided its time
to update my office going from this loud junk room space into this more
minimalist and calm airy space so I guess I should just start up my desk
obviously I have an iMac and this is something that I had to get because I
knew I wanted to do editing properly full-time actual job man for some reason
this screensaver just makes me happy so just got the normal apple mouse and
keyboard and then I bought this drawing tablet actually my husband bought it for
me it’s a Wacom one and yeah it just
means I can be a little bit more creative sometimes and little projects
that I need to do making a bit more unique there is always an old coffee cup
on my desk and this little stand with the poster on it saying do what makes your soul
shine is actually something that’s as made for me when I was like 17 and I
just can’t bring myself to give up put little quote just to cheer myself
up the shelving unit above my desk is one from Ikea which isn’t quite straight
because I put up. two of the posters underneath I got from Sisi and Seb on
Instagram and Etsy and she actually made this one that says and then my soul sawyou and said oh there you are I’ve been looking for you because that I
quote makes me think of my son and the font uses the same pattern that
is from the Leafs and the one next to it and then the other one is from Letters to loved,
Charlotte on top I just got some filing boxes the only finally we
have in-house because we made everything digital and randomly these
two little symbols because these two belong to my nan but
she isn’t here anymore To organizer myself I have some letter trays I’ve
got an inbox and outbox and a filing box and they were all just from Wilkinson’s
would you believe even though they are rose gold I love them and on top my Olympus
PEN which I’m a bit in love with so heres little bit of camera porn for you
Over my chair I have actually got an Ikea rug which is a bit random I just
wanted something that’s felt a bit more cosy and the actual chair is also from
Ikea so over to the right of my desk we have these curtains which actually were
from Argos mainly because I have almost the same downstairs in our house that
was when John Lewis I do like to have something living in my office this gives
it a nice calm feeling and so this cheese plant was actually just off of ebay and
somehow I’ve managed to keep it alive this long I really hope I’m going to
manage to keep doing that there’s a little framed postcard which was from
Paper Chase on the windowsill to remind is everybody smile and then I made this like
wall hanging poster and it was just printed nearby and then we attached
this rod to the top and yeah I kind of liked the effect it’s really really big
it like nearly fills the wall and the quote just makes you think of our family
really and reminds me why I am doing this work I suppose. over to the right
again I am I actually have my clothes in here so I’ve kind of Marrie Kondied all
my drawers it’s probably a bit sad to some people but makes me feel really
organized then on top of there I got this box which again was from letters
to loved and I write letters to Josh every now and again and which are stored in
here for when he is older. probably don’t do them as often as I should but I know
sometimes I feel like they’re just things I want him to know that I was
thinking back now rather than in the future and then because I also work in
evenings I bought myself some fairy lights is to make it all nice and cozy
and these are like on a wire so they’re kind of inoffensive you don’t really see
them when they’re not turned on and then most importantly a picture of my little
family because and why I’m in here working I really hope
that you enjoyed that if you want to have a tour of our bedroom or my son’s
bedroom let me know down in the comments below
really appreciate all of you that click the bell icon to see each other again
and thank you for watching bye

20 thoughts on “Home Office Decor Tour of a Video Editor

  1. Stunning office! I can only dream – my husband spends more time in ours, enough said! What is the letters to loved? Is it basically headed writing paper?

  2. Such a lovely space! I've just updated my desk area and I feel so much more productive! Lovely video xxx

  3. Ooooh it's so instagrammy! I love it! Super calming. I write letters to my son every birthday too 😊 More room tours please!!

  4. It looks really lovely and great to get that minimalist space for creativity x

  5. This is such a lovely space; really calming and inspiring to work in. And you've made me think I might get some of those wire fairy lights for my work space too. Definitely yes to more room tours; with a whole house to make over, I'm all about the room tours at the mo!!! x

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