Home Office Room Tour + Desk Decor 2017 🏡 | ANN LE

Home Office Room Tour + Desk Decor 2017 🏡 | ANN LE

– Hi everyone, how’s it going? My name is Ann, if you’re looking for some home decor
inspiration for the spring time or for your home office, keep on watching. So if you have been subscribed to me and following me in this past few years, you would probably take
notice of my changes and evolution in style and videos. Ever since I moved to my new home, the beginning of this year,
I definitely changed a lot, I’ve been more into the minimalist, sophisticated and clean look this year. My last room tour was my bedroom tour and if you missed that
video I’ll link it below. A lot of you have enjoyed that video so I thought I should share
with you my office space. I don’t feel complete yet, but I feel like if I wait to feel complete that would never happen,
so I want to share with you and show you around what I
did so far in my office space, I’m really happy with how
everything turned out. It makes me feel more excited
to work in this home office and to find inspiration, so let’s go ahead and let me show you around. Alright guys, come on in,
welcome to my office space. So let’s start with this side of the room. I painted my whole office white, I wanted it to look like
a blank white canvas so that way I can think
creatively in my work space. So this mirror’s from Target, originally the frame is gold and I repainted it to a matte black, so that way it could go with
the aesthetic I was going for. So this shelf is from Ikea, and I bought it so that
way I can store things, it ended up being more
of a decorative shelf and actually it’s very functional because I’m storing things in here and then I get to
display my pretty plants. So this isn’t really a cactus plant, the woman who sold this to me, she told me this isn’t a cactus,
I forgot what she called it and I decorated it with
some of the crystals and geodes that I collected
in the past few years. I love collecting crystals and they look perfect on top of the pot. This is my chocolate library, got it from fancy dinner date with Eric and then over here is a really pretty box that looks like a book
and this is by Too Faced. I love real plants, and as you can see, I have a lot of real plants in my home. This is growing so well in my office, this is an aloe vera plant that I broke apart from
another big aloe vera plant so I’m growing this one and
then I collected some boxes from a pastry shop, I just
thought they were so beautiful and I thought they would look
really cute on the shelf, they would add some color as well, plus I get to store things in here too, in the future, if I want to. This is my crystal collection, I have some more crystals in here and I put an air plant inside
so that way it can grow and it’s growing very well in here. And then I have two
storage boxes on the bottom where I keep my sewing supplies. So at first I wanted to decorate
the space black and white but then I got this pink
flower pot from Ikea and I just thought it was so pretty and then slowly I was collecting
all these little pink items and then I put them on the
shelf and they work so well so I’m glad that I was able to incorporate a little color into this space. Let’s go over to my desk, I’ll
show you the balcony later, save the best for last,
so stay tuned for that. Now, if this looks familiar
I did a collaboration with the Sorry Girls and this was my DIY out of the three ring art and I wanted something that
would go with my aesthetic, this is just really minimalist
and fun at the same time, the pom poms add a playful look to it. I wanted to make sure that
it reflects my whole office, so I’m very happy with how it turned out. I have two desks in my office space, this one is the more functional one, this is so that way I can edit my videos, all of the technical
stuff are in this corner of my office, so yeah, I try
to keep it as neat as possible because it just didn’t look cute before. So, if this looks familiar to you, this is my copper ladder that I made in my copper DIY video,
I keep it in this room so that way if I have any
fabric I want to work on or something that I’m currently working on I just hang it on this,
and then I have some art that I keep on the floor, I
didn’t have a place to put this so I just left it on the floor. Instead of sticking to the
conventional way of decorating, I thought why not just
leave it on the floor, and it looks more artistic that way. Plus my fig tree just makes everything look more stylish and trendy, fig trees are like the
biggest home decorating plant all over Pinterest, it’s so
beautiful, look at the leaves. Gorgeous texture, and the greens, just wow, against this white wall, it’s just like a really good
touch into this office space and plus it gives a lot of
fresh oxygen, fresh air. This desk is, it’s more for
just like filming purposes or if I need an area to work on, I don’t need to move my computer
to the side or any of that, I can just have a desk for that purpose. I really like the idea
of having two desks, at first I was kind of torn, like what kind of desk I should buy because I needed something functional where I can edit my videos and work on but then I wanted something
nice to also film on top, so I decided to buy this desk from Ikea cos it was very inexpensive and I didn’t have to commit to something that was super pricey and
that I would have to keep for the next few years, you know, just in case if I want to
switch it up a little bit. Let me show you my bathroom, I kind of really, I
really like this bathroom. So this is a room in our home that I’m using for the office, so it comes with a bathroom,
a dedicated bathroom but yeah, it’s nice to have a
bathroom when you’re working, I don’t need to run all the way to the bedroom to use the bathroom, so I have like this
cute little space here. I use the shower for storage, because we don’t have enough
storage space in the house, so this is all for storage and here’s some more amazing artwork from Vincent when he was
younger, priceless artwork. And then over here is my closet, still working on my closet right now, it was a mess because when we moved here, we just consolidated everything,
consolidated by rooms, so we just threw
everything in this closet. Then I was able to organize and consolidate all of my things, throw out things I didn’t need, so it’s definitely a work in progress, I mean, it looks a lot
better than it used to. So I’m saving the best for last, and this is one of the areas that I really love in my office, it’s a nice little balcony
that I get to sit out, enjoy lemonade or some tea, you know? So, I’ll just sit out
here when the sun is out, I love it here in the morning time because our house is really cold, it’s almost like a little cave, and I get to sit out
here in the morning time when the sun is out and
just bathe in the sun and then I go inside
and just finish my work. Any time I need fresh air,
I can just step out here and it’s perfect. (light music) Alright guys, make sure to
comment below this video, let me know which part of
the office is your favorite, or if you have any suggestions, like if there’s any projects
you would like to see, that you think would look
really good in this office, then leave it in the comments
section below this video, give this video a thumbs up, that would always help me out and also subscribe if you have not. If you are already subscribed,
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will see you next week, ciao. (light music)

33 thoughts on “Home Office Room Tour + Desk Decor 2017 🏡 | ANN LE

  1. I LOVE this! This is my style, so I'm glad you see you going this way. I gotta ask, what do you do with all your past creations? (or have done?)

    Favorite? Can't choose… the whole room! Love that it's a whole space too. A balcony and a bathroom! Talk about working from home?! Beautiful, clean, and functional.

    I would like to request a video on how you plant and grow aloe Vera plants, and so well. I must have a brown or black thumb, but I want the elusive green thumb. 😢 I've killed 2 or 3 aloe veras, and 2 cacti (both the extreme opposites.)

  2. wow, this space has it all!! .. i admire everything about it .. the only thing that feels 'off' to me is the rug, seems it would fit under both desk chairs if it was turned vertical instead of horizontal.

  3. I was hoping to hear you mentioned where the larger floor plants are from. I've been searching online and I'm over it! Please help! Where can I look for nice Faux plants?

  4. The office is just perfect!! 😍 I wish mine looked this beautiful 😍 Do you know the name of the shelf by any chance? 😃

  5. I have the gold round mirror as well and would like to paint it black. Did you use spray paint or painted it with a brush. Trying to keep from ordering the black one that is now available at Target.

  6. My favorite part is the balcony. Oh how peaceful of a day I would have to get it started by reading scripture & having my tea & fruit out side. Ahh…what a dream.☺️

  7. hello🤗..in my country it's hard to find claire water…that why we know very well how to use it..honey..wash your fruits in a bowl than use the water to your plants😀

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