Home Remodeling: Choosing the Right Remodeling Contractor

– Okay, so summer is a
popular time, obviously, for home remodeling projects. – But how do you choose a home remodeler. I recently went to Mosby
Building Arts to find out. Maybe you want to boost your
home’s curb appeal, or maybe you want to finally get the modern kitchen you’ve been longing for. Either way, the first step
is choosing a home remodeler and sometimes the first
step can be the hardest. The president of Mosby Building
Arts breaks it down for us. – The home remodeling industry is actually a really large industry. Most people don’t know this, but it’s a 450 billion dollar industry. – [Dana] Just a little
overwhelming, right? – Everybody knows another
contractor, right? It seems like everybody’s got
a friend who’s got a friend and really the cost of
entering into the industry is really just a pick-up
truck and some tools. – [Dana] There are a few
choices when selecting a home remodeling company. – [Mark] The first one is gonna be the really small contractor, kind of, just the one person contractor. That type of contractor works
well for people who are on a really tight budget, but
they might have to put up with some frustrations like
time delays or cost overruns. The next type of company is
more of a small contractor. That might be two or three
people working for the company so it’s a much smaller organization. You’re gonna get a little
bit better service with that, but you can also still run
into some of the same problems with time delays and cost overruns. The third company would
be more of a full service or what we call a name brand
company, which would be like a Mosby Building Arts. These companies usually
have much larger staff, they’re gonna be available to
provide a much higher level of service, you’ll be able
get your job started on time and finished on time and
usually within budget. Now, of course, it comes at
a little bit higher cost, but this is a big investment
people make in their home. So the last one is really a
boutique type of organization. That’s gonna be, typically,
a designer or an architect who’s a solo entrepreneur
that does really high end work and so that type of
contractor really isn’t that accessible to others. – [Dana] So how do you choose? – [Mike] You should consider three things when you’re considering
a remodeling company. The first is gonna be,
obviously, your investment. You wanna know how much you want to spend. The other one is your
time and then the last one is really your risk tolerance. In this situation when you
hire a remodeling company, we’re coming in to really invade your life for a short amount of time. Having a company that
comes in and might take a little bit longer, might
be something that you don’t want to happen. – [Dana] When searching
for a home remodeler, consider following this advice. – [Mike] You really want to
look for a company that’s going to really listen to your
needs and you want a company that’s gonna have a good reputation. You want to understand what their Better Business Bureau rating is. – [Dana] All of this
research will help protect you from being taken advantage of. – Really make sure that
the payment terms are fair. You don’t want to pay everything up front. There’s certainly nightmare
stories about that so make sure that you’re really comfortable
with how you need to pay. The other thing to remember
is if you feel like you’re getting high-pressured
sales, then that’s probably a good sign that this is not a company you want to work with. Most reputable companies
don’t do that to you. – [Dana] For more information
on Mosby Building Arts visit mosbybuildingarts.com
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