Home Remodeling: Mudding Drywall : Mudding Drywall: Applying 2nd Coat of Joint Compound

Home Remodeling: Mudding Drywall : Mudding Drywall: Applying 2nd Coat of Joint Compound

Same kind of technique as the other one. Spread
it about 3/4’s of the thickness of your knife. Pull it out to when you go over it with your
knife your just catching all of it. Using a bigger knife is a little bit harder than
using a little one. This is actually the coat that when you put it on you want to get it
as smooth as you can. That pretty much is just working it. Get that first one on, it’s
kind of bumpy but the more times you go over it the smoother it will get. Now we got that
nice little semi-smooth theme going there. Now we go ahead and do our feather technique.
Press in on that side and just go up on that edge. Pulls out all that extra line of mud
and makes it nice and smooth. I am going to go ahead and do a swipe over this middle part.
When I do that I like to go ahead and drag a nice big swatch of mud across it. Sometimes
it takes putting it on a couple times to get the desired affect that you are going after.
Sometimes this coat doesn’t totally produce the results you want you might actually have
to put another third coat, kind of a filler, before you put your last coat on. This is
the last part. We are going over the rest of the nail holes. Making sure they got a
nice good thick coat and all the holes are filled. Once we are done with that we will
let it sit and dry for a second then we will go ahead and hit the last coat on it.

36 thoughts on “Home Remodeling: Mudding Drywall : Mudding Drywall: Applying 2nd Coat of Joint Compound

  1. WT %*^% Jesus… and I thought I was doing a mess in my garage…. Today I just started my garage project and the very first thing I learned is LESS IS MORE!!! when it comes to drywall compound application!!!

  2. Is he for real? I was looking for some videos that would help me spread less mud, I clicked on the wrong video.

  3. At first I thought it was a woman, due to the voice and the way it looks like they "read" enough about it to think they could produce an educational how-to video.

    The bluetooth headset explains a lot.

  4. This guy is so hilarious that I had to watch all his drywall videos. I heard he has another series on YouTube:

    "How To Shoot Meth… More is Better".

  5. LMFAOOOOOOO well now thats not how we tape here in canada lol and ive seen a few comments on here about third coat, I also like to do my beads, screws and butt joints three times (no call backs seeing im a business owner in taping and texture ceilings

  6. Please show us a video that does a better job of showing people how to feather and apply a second coat. At least he's trying to add to the information out there, not just complain about it. Remember, it's all our responsibility to add content.

  7. kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk terreble horrivel n!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Your muds to tight and you never stroke sideways unless restricted by space or an obstacle. Also a 12 inch knife is way over kill.

  9. The twelve inch knife on the bead isnt such a bad thing as long as your only leaving enough mud to feather it out. Not exactly sure what he's doing on that one. And oh yeah is this guy like four foot tall he is barely taller than the bottom board haha

  10. holy hell…this is hilarious…look at 2:27 he puts a glob of mud on a row, leaves it then goes to another row..and he's talking about putting a THIRD coat on! WOW…and just look at those nice, sharp corners! He must have used 3 buckets on these 4 boards…he's gonna need an electric sander, respirator and industrial vaccum system when he starts sanding because he's gonna be sanding for a LONG time…he's gonna have drywall dust up to his ankles! sorry to make fun, but damn…

  11. I've never heard ANYONE grunt that hard running a bead or flat. Working that Hard doesn't mean you know what you are doing is just means your lost

  12. By Far the worst Finisher i have ever seen!! I know apprentices in their first years that Know more then this guy!

  13. Yes, don't use so much mud. I hate sanding. I posted a short video on how to reduce the amount of sanding by making the joint compound very smooth. Check it out if you like. Have a great day!

  14. also, in this video. the mud looks to dry. it is clumping and will be difficult to get super smooth. Add just a bit of water to make it creamy smooth like frosting a cake. If the mud is too thick, it will crack unless you add extra mesh tape.

  15. For starters your making more work than you have too, I have drywall taped for years and your using a knife and pan, when you should be using a Hawk and Trowel!. Your mud is way too thick, your grunting because of this. You really should invest in a pole sander for first coat sanding using 100 grit paper. I can't imagine how long it would take you to do a house, the way your doing it ull be dead lol. On the walls your coating a flat as you would a butt joint, your using way way too much mud, my god man there is no need for it.

  16. Another thing perhaps invest in mechanical tools, and I feel sorry for anyone who uses mesh tape!.  I reccomend regular paper tape!.

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