Home Renovation DIY – Part 3

Home Renovation DIY – Part 3

Hello here’s Bahiano selfie let’s look in
here with Bahiano Reno. Let’s show you guys the progress, let’s go take a look. Is this recording? Like I said on the previous video, we painted it on grey on the door and some of the wood. We are very happy with the color how it turned
out, the top part of the balcony we just stained it, looks great, the garden, like you can see
we put some wood chips, plant are just growing back again, look this we have
nice rose in there nice nice nice. Yes the wood chip looks very good, job that we did, we’ll have a video coming up on it, on the wood chip and we’re
gonna show what we have done in here you can see we removed plants from this area
and plants from there and just left a few plants, on this side the same way. This area here is where we put a barrier
for the weed, you can see there it’s no weeds are coming up here, so far it looks good
looks really good. We are very happy with the result and it
was a lot of weed in there, chickens are doing great, I love my pets, they looking
good. We back here to the back of the house, we have removed that small
roof that we have in there clean it up, painted like your guys can see, we paint it
on grey all wood, this is the colour that we gonna keep, paint with we
need to go back and do some touch-up. The trims are all dark gray here fresh painted, we did not paint they stucco it looks good the way it is, we order the windows
I believe they would show up in another two weeks, pressure wash went great, we
did the pressure wash before we painting. looks very good, the place looks like a
new place. We painted the trims of the garage, like
you guys can see, it is all the same dark grey on all the trims and it looks
great, because before the paint was just peeling off, we will show you the inside
of the house. Hello hello, who is there let’s show the inside of the house, okay
here what you can see I don’t know if you guys remember, these walls they were on different colours red and orange, we just gone through and painted all the walls the same colour. Some new light fixtures some we just
keeping the original one, we painted all the doors on white and put new lockers and
new locks, new knobs and go from there. Let’s go upstairs, I don’t know, if you
remember the carpet, we wash it with a steam cleaner it looks much
better I’m not hundred percent happy with it
yet, we will end up gonna go one more turn to try to clean it better and see, if we can or could be cleaned. Like you can see, you can see some mark,
when you guys see this video and have some suggestion with a good product, we would try it we are open for suggestion to clean the carpet on this
area, because we we tried some different products, but did not work
hundred percent, we still gonna go for another turn on the carpet, we are in the
living room, here is the fireplace the feature like a different tone of grey again, we are very happy with, the result it looks great.
Yes the bricks, they were yellow before, now just painted on grey and looks away better I believe. Yes, we will have a video coming up on this part very soon, here we
have this room with the slope ceiling it was, we had two different colours on this
room now we just go one neutral colour, see the difference, looks great just look
totally like a different place, looking good, the vents was done on a cheap away, I just put all them together and one can of white paint and spray them white to keep them clean and was about it, like they are
better than the plastic ones, look new all the vents cover, we use
one spray can of paint, probably they are the same age as the house, probably about 40 years old or something like that. Here on the kitchen like you can
see we painted it is a smooth ceiling. we installed new lights fixture new knob new handle on the doors, painted the doors, we are going to replace the stove and the
hood fan, you’re gonna replace them with stainless steel that way it would looks
better. We still have to do like replace one
extra light fixture, finish the touch up on the paint, finish the paint the counter we are working on it, we might replace the counters, the counters they don’t looks very good. You can see here on the bedroom, this bedroom, we had some green and blue colours, the doors were on wood stain, and now they are all on white colour. I install some nobs, yeah this is a old window, single pane they’re gonna be replaced and just this four windows, because the other ones are all double glazed. These windows, they’re great, double glazed windows, we had some holes and some stuff on the walls, now we just repairede them
they look looks amazing. Yes here we had a mirror glued to this wall so we removed the mirror and we just skim coat it with drywall compound and
paint it. I don’t know if you guys remember these guys they were on stained dark just painted them on white, that way the
house would looks brighter, there is not a lot of light on this area, with the white it too just looks away different, on the washroom is still here,
we did not replace the bathtub yet, it’s painted, but we need to replace a bathtub,
the bathtub is alright it just the colour shows the age of the house is just the colour once we replace the bathtub, we will replace all the tiles, replace the faucets counter top, yes, if we replace all we will
install all at the same colours, we replace, when we working on this washroom we’d replace pretty much everything. here to new stuff, we have some new knobs in here, they are not very expensive. These are the original cabinets. Here we are on the master bedroom we
have placed one light fixture in there good and oh yeah we have we had a hole in here, I guess was open to access the bathtub or the water for the water for the bathtub, that is right behind this wall. Yes one day we can show you how to
replace and fix a hole on the drywall, that was open for plumbing I believe and
we will have a video on it. Oh bathroom In this bathroom we just done the paint we did not do too much in here, I just painted to clean it up, throw a
new knob and the paint, oh the toilet would be all right, I believe it’d be a
good idea to replace this and they are not very expensive and it would pay off to replace it, because this one is the old type, like you can see, you install a new toilet you see how big is this guy how much more water it uses, with the hot and cold temperature it condensates, this is why this is in here and this use lots water and this was not original from factory. The new toilets, just use a very little
water beautiful colour, sink and toilet I guess we will go with white and white, would looks away better. The counter if we are not replacing the cabinets we not replacing counter, but if we gonna replace the cabinets we will replace the whole thing together. This part here was just stained, we just
keep the original look pretty much cedar look. Like I mentioned on the beginning this
was just pretty much a cleanup job, like a paint and after all, is just a clean up and
see how the place looks, it looks really good. The whole place will show you, you can see and can compare with the previous videos and you can see the difference, all the stuff
inside, we just need to touch-ups, the big stuff is done just need a little
bit more time and go through a list of little things to do, once more, we thank
you guys for the support and your time to watch the videos, we are glad very glad
with the support, that we received from you guys enjoy the videos, give a thumb up
subscribe for it and that way we keep you update and if you guys have comments suggestions just let us know. Thank you very much, this is Bahiano with Bahiano Reno. Thank you. I will talk to you soon. You look great. Well are you sure? Yeah you are out of fashion, I think you are, your sandals, they not even match. No? Is fashion, fashion.

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  1. Here is part 3 of our home renovation, watch to the end of the video for some behind the scenes. Let me know if you have any video suggestions and how I can improve! Thank you for your support.

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