Home Tour of A 4-Room BTO Flat | Interior Designer Singapore

hi I’m Ling and this is my husband Jeremy
and this is our interior designer Roy our interior design expectations for the house
is more towards the Nordic industrial kind of tone clean white very airy so
basically our colors are white black and grey so we want to come home to a house
whereby it’s bright and airy and not dark and damp. We decided to go through the app Qanvas and The Interior Lab was actually one of our suggested IDs and actually
why we decided to go with Roy was because was is really very genuine and
he’s very creative and he understands my aesthetic so there’s a very important.My
pride and joy will be the toilet. Yeah usually you know you spend quite some time in
the toilet so we wanted it to be a very a conducive environment so I would think
the toilets the favorite part of the house. When the whole process kickstarted. The entire renovation process took about 3 months it’s very fast. I would definitely say
that on all counts our expectations were met probably the best part of it is we
didn’t have to really lift a finger per se. So Roy I really helped us to settle
everything from beginning to the end any hiccups
he was probably even before you know we help resolve issues. The workmanship
everything he makes sure that was up to mark so it’s really a very good experience. So
there were a couple of occasions where we came down and met the carpenter, the plumbers as well and the electrician
they’re all very friendly very professional. Of course, Roy was on top of that to help us liaise everything together so it was a
total peace of mind on our part so yeah we would definitely recommend The Interior Lab we definitely recommend Roy so if you lucky to be able to get Roy’s services
please go for it. they’ve done a good job for us and made us be a really proud homeowners of our unit.

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