Homelook. Interior design online.

Our home is always important for us. We love comfortable and beautiful spaces. One must choose a style, various materials and try to imagine the design of a room. But the problem is that in stores we see only a part of materials such as rolls of wallpapers, floor coverings and pieces of furniture. Trying to imagine it yourself makes it almost impossible. This difficult customers’ choice puts them aside and some of them refused to buy at all. So this is why we created a Homelook, the platform for retailers Select location and get available products as they are your room. It’s easy to customize, choose different products, swap their colors, know the price, product information and its retailer. Now you can see how wallpapers look and the texture of the floor, lighting and furniture. Without any downloads or apps installs you can see a photorealistic pre-rendered 3D supported for any devices and browsers. Finally you make a unique and stylish look of your Home. Share it and discuss. And order it. Create your style or choose ready made interior looks from designers. Now for people everywhere decoration will make a House into a Home. Homelook

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