Hottest Home Decor product DEALS from #AliExpress | Aliholic

Hottest Home Decor product DEALS from #AliExpress | Aliholic

Hello, my dear Aliholics. I want to be J Hope’s pillow, an amazing
screen name by the way, made a decent suggestion for the new video. Today we are going to see 15 home improvement
products from AliExpress that will make your house a little more exciting. The affiliate links to all products are in
the description below. Make sure to use them so your boy can take
his woman on a fancy night out in the city. Give your home a little touch of Hollywood
with these cute and compact lamps. They come in mystical shapes and look great
on their own or in multiples. There is a few difderent designs in this listing
and in suggested products, and they start at only $3 so you can get a nice set. Here is another option for the night lights
– a moon light. I’m sure there is a pun somewhere here about
mooning someone or taking them to the moon, but for the sake of my viewer’s mental stability
we are going to skip it. This light turns on with a touch, it is chargeable
and portable, and it has two color modes, white and mild yellow. Vases on tables are so basic. Switch things up with these geometric vases
that come with adhesive wall stickers. Not only do they look more interesting, they’ll
free up a bunch of table space for more useless stuff from Aliexpress! This wooden 3D deer head will be sure to impress
even your vegan friends. It has all the grandeur of a real deer with
none of the animal cruelty. And the 3D design is just plain cool, especially
from the side. What you see is a much smaller version of
it that I happen to have from a previous unboxing video. Dog lovers will agree that seeing a doggo
sleeping sweetly is one of the most adorable sights. You can adorn your home with these little
corgi figures sleeping in various positions. They’ll surely add an extra cozy touch to
your fridge that you love so much, you fatLater in this video we will show a retro style
clock, but for now here’s one for people with a more modern aesthetic. It does not come with a safe, but it has a
super minimal LED design, comes in 3 colours, and can be mounted on a wall or stand on its
own. If you’re a fan of Egg McMuffins, this is
the product for you. Now you can have your favourite McDonald’s
breakfast without even leaving your home. Plus, it’ll probably be a lot healthier
since you’ll have complete quality control. I bet none of your plates are this attractive. You can eat your meals off of a pinup girl’s
rack on the daily. Or just admire them on your walls. There are 36 designs you can choose from,
so you can build up a collection that will either really impress or disgust your mom. Here’s another cool 2 in 1 product: a vintage
style clock that doubles as a safe. If you’re worried about burglars, a clock
is a pretty inconspicuous hiding spot since most clocks are just … clocks. And even if you live in a safe neighbourhood,
it’s still handier than your current clock. A lot of people who dislike the taste of plain
water say that it starts to taste a lot better once you add something to it, like cucumber
or lemon. And even if you’re fine with plain old water
you’ve got to admit that infused water feels a lot fancier. Make your own fancy water at home with this
water infusion pitcher. Plus, you’ll save yourself money and your
body chemicals from constantly buying bottled flavoured water. Traditional jewelry boxes are pretty, but
they have one major downfall: you can’t see your jewelry! This glass box is visually pleasing and also
lets you see your collection of jewelry, makeup, or whatever you’d like to store inside. Give your clothes that nice, fresh-out-the-washer
smell all the time with one of these scented aromatherapy bags. All you have to do is place it in the drawer,
so much better than laundry. You can also use them to freshen up your car,
bed sheets/towels, or anything else that you feel could use some nice scents. Do you still have a plush toy collection? No judgement if you do, I’ve still got a
few at home too. This cute pastel unicorn toy would make a
great addition to any collection. Just think of the shenanigans Princess Unicorn
and Teddy would get up to together. Be super organized the next time you travel
with these handy ziplock packets. They’re much neater than regular plastic
bags, and because they’re transparent you’ll instantly be able to see all of your things. Sheldon Cooper would be proud. If you are a veteran Aliholic you probably
remember my first video ever that was the unboxing of a motorcycle acrylic lamp with
a fancy 3D simulation effect. The acrylic piece is removable and you can
use the base with other designs, a ton of which you will see in suggested products. The brightness is adjustable, and the light
works off a USB cord. There are options with the set color, or you
can get the base with the adjustable color options. Add interest to your floor with one of these
decorative rugs. There are 25 designs to choose from, and if
you don’t like any of the ones the seller provides you can customize your own. Personally I think the provided designs are
pretty damn cool, especially the geode and the vinyl record ones. I hope y’all enjoyed these products. If you want to see more, visit the home decor
section on the blog. Cheers!

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  1. Thank you! We just moved into our new home and have been looking for cool decor and household items for me and my children's rooms!!

  2. @3:20, Who puts their change in a safe?
    @2:10, The dead dogs were specially creepy and disturbing!
    @1:00, I love that Moon nightlight. I'll 3D print one:

  3. I knew you would do better job than me in finding out cool home decor stuffs. I mean how cool was that Clock/Safe all the other stuffs! Thank you for complementing on my username 😊

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