House Painters Brisbane – Why does paint peel off the walls of a house

Facebook is just announced in the US that it is restricting the ability for companies in housing, jobs and credit cards. It’s restricting their ability to advertise based on age and zip code. And a few other things. There’s a link below, you can read more about it. So there’s a few people are upset about this because the advertising strategy has been affected. But I just want to make a point that this is a great warning for everyone that you need to diversify your marketing strategy anyway, if you’re relying on one platform or one strategy to win you’re actually very vulnerable. So my question to you is, and everyone out there, whatever industry you’re in, whatever country you’re in, what’s your diversification strategy? How are you creating a lot of good high quality content and releasing that every day across multi platforms? Because the business who gets good at this in any industry is going to win the game. Even if there’s strong competition, they’ll be an incredible competitor because they’re constantly releasing high quality content every single day across multiple platforms. So if one platform goes down, or whatever happens, they’re all good because they’re doing the right thing. So if you want some advice about how to actually do that, how to produce high quality content quickly how to distribute it efficiently, leave a comment below and let’s start a conversation.

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