House tour: CONDO LIVING in Thailand

House tour: CONDO LIVING in Thailand

hi from Thailand, Chiang Mai! Today we’re
enjoying this city life and we have a perfect condo apartment let’s go and see together so let’s go and see our new apartment!
you can see here special locker I never used like these, but it seems to be fun and safe. And we are in! let’s start from this corner we have area to put our shoes here. it’s so nice and functional and we have some flowers, decorations,
which make this house cozy at the left side we have this dining room. you can put here four people. it is decorated so nice it has also like great plates and some decoration vase and flowers and I love this graphics so much. It doesn’t bother you, but it’s really make it also more interesting at this corner we have a big fridge, you definitely can live here for a long term and you can put a lot of food here… and some greeny things also at this side a mirror with a white
frame and here we have a kitchen kitchen is super minimalist. Here are some interesting details, like this warm wood, knives this yellow, yellow…pan? not pan. – I also don’t know. Yellow dish, toster. This is so cute, I love it, pink and texture and here this cooker hood, they hide it pretty well. Normally in kitchen you can see some big hood but this is really minimal and nice and let’s take a look to our living room, but before I will close curtains to make our light a little bit better take a look at this TV wall, we have some shelves, we put my laptop, phones and we have different decoration like frame, sticks, candles, some vase again and these cool books. Take a look at this
book! – there are fake! yes, you see I never saw like this in interior but you can buy these fake
books and make your interior more cozy it works, it works! And here we have this
nice and cute coach. It has a great color it’s simple, but it decorated also with
the different pillows, with a different patterns and this nice fur. So it makes interesting and warm Normally we don’t watch TV, but we found something interesting here yeah, when discovered k-pop 🙂 and let’s take a look what we have more we have this nice chair, we can put our fur here, play with a laptop or something and before I forgot, this couch also can be open and it creates such a good atmosphere like in the cinema and most probably you are curious what is behind this door Let’s go and take a look! Here our bedroom, it looks so light and simple We don’t have too much stuff here, but it’s
enough to be well rested Here the lamp, black lamp, here our big wardrobe, we use
it a little bit, we put our backpacks, some things here one night table with a cool lamp and here our big comfortable bad oh, it’s cool And you can see that it looks like someone just throw it, but actually Engin worked on it around 30 minutes to make look like this And let’s go and see our bathroom The bathroom is simple, made in a white colors and it feels really refreshing here we have our sink, mirror. if you want, you can open the door and haven a lot of natural lighting and shower zone. You can close the glass doors and enjoy your tropical shower It can go directly to your head. And here we have a zone where you can put your shampoo and shower gel here we have towels hangar and such a cozy flip-flops also great color, which matches the interior so what makes this apartment so cozy and interesting for me: I love so much these gray walls they made in a dark color and we have a
lot of details, which also make this interior special like this plants, candles, wooden things, golden things and you feel here really like at home as you know this is condo and condo always has a huge privilege so let’s go and see it together this is our favorite part about condo as you can see this is our pool and in
the middle of the pool there’s a fitness area which I find it’s really cool, because you can see the nature inside the condo of course and the pool we have also library, where you can chill sit with a friend or a girlfriend and
enjoy your time I hope you enjoyed this house tour too and if you like it – push the like button 🙂 and we’ll see you in the next house tour video bye-bye! it’s time to enjoy!

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  1. Türkçe altyazı mevcuttur arkadaşlar iyi seyirler 🙂 – Son üç ev turu videosundan en çok hangisi dikkatinizi çekti?
    -Ağaç ev
    -Köy Evi
    -Site yaşamı

  2. Engin kardeşim ev veya çevre değil videoda senin olman yetiyor dikkatimi çekmek için. Wat zamanından beridir takip ediyorum seni ve allahın izniyle senin videolarını izleyip gitme isteğimin yeşerdiği wata bu yaz gidiyorum o yüzden ayrıca teşekkür ederim sana . Allah gönlüne göre versin hep mutlu ol kardeşim çünkü sen o mutluluğu bize geçirebiliyorsun.

  3. İt seems like you guys found a nice place to live 🙂 i wish I can teleport myself to there. Both house and area is good…

  4. I've seen progress in your English considering your first videos on the channel, Elena. Nice touring. Keep up the good work! The house looks cute, gives me a feeling of relaxation. And the pool though.

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