How do you make the best Vanilla Cupcakes?

I’ll start things off with the basic fluffy vanilla cupcake I’ve got three quarters of a cup of unsalted butter And I’m going to beat that with a cup and a half of regular sugar There! I can see that the butter and sugar has turn a little fluffier but also a little lighter in color So that’s my sign that it’s time to add the eggs I’ve got five eggs So I add them one at a time Beating well after each addition And then scrapping down the bowl now and again so I get right to the bottom and everything is nice and smooth Now it’s time to get the dry ingredients ready Cake and pastry flour is a key ingredient in making a fluffy, light cupcake This recipe takes two and a half cups I measure first and then sift Two teaspoons of baking powder Just a quarter teaspoon of salt I measure a cup of milk A full tablespoon of vanilla What’s important for a nice smooth batter that bakes into a fluffy cupcake Is to start by adding dry ingredients and end with the dry ingredients And I do this on lower speed There we go! A basic vanilla cupcake batter I find it using an ice cream scoop gives me even portioning So that way no one’s arguing about who has a bigger cupcake Here we go! 24 cupcakes I’ve preheated the oven to 350 and these cupcakes take 18 mins until they’re done They’ll be just lightly brown on top As the cupcakes bake, they rise up to fill the paper cups and then just turn a light golden brown on top Ummm! I can smell that vanilla Now, you check the doneness of cupcake just like you do cake You insert a skewer When it comes clear of any batter or crumbs You know the cupcakes are done It’s important to cool your cupcakes completely I have some already cooled and put on a rack All ready for frosting So this is the fun part Making the frosting and decorating the cupcakes So, I’m starting with three quarters of a cup of unsalted butter I sifted six cups of icing sugar So first I’ll beat the butter, to make it nice and fluffy And six cups is a lot of icing sugar And so make sure you start the mixer on low speed first The real secret to a very fluffy cupcake frosting is to add six tablespoons of milk This lightens up the texture and consistency of the frosting I’ll add a teaspoon and a half of vanilla And after the added two cups, then I can play with the consistency until I know that it just perfect to pipe on top of the cupcakes If you’ve made your frosting ahead of time and stored it chilled You can use it again Bring it up to room temperature and if you find it’s seperated or split a little bit Just simply beat it with additional two tablespoons of butter and icing sugar and you’ll find, it will come back to that fluffy state you had the first time Alright! Now I’ve got a piping bag fitted with a large, plain tip We’re starting with the basics here. Getting comfortable with the concept of the cupcake and the icing Just scoop this in To keep your butter cream frosting from melting, it’s important to hold your piping bag from the top Not right around the frosting And then guide with your hand over the tip And just remember, if you’re a novice cupcake baker That your mistakes are erasable Just scrape off the frosting and start again And for a little finish, You can use a plain white or even a colored decorator sugar Right on top There we go! A simple but delicious fluffy vanilla cupcake

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