How I Spent $1,100 at HomeGoods With Natalie Kraiem

How I Spent $1,100 at HomeGoods With Natalie Kraiem

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– Hey guys, it’s Alyssa from House Beautiful. I’m here at HomeGoods in Brooklyn today, and I am shopping to update
my apartment for spring. I’m actually meeting up
with interior designer and HomeGood style expert, Natalie Kraeim, so that she can show me
everything that I need to get. – Hi, how are you?
– Hi Natalie, it’s so good to see you.
– I’m so excited. Yes, I’m so excited to
show you around HomeGoods. It’s one of my favorite stores. – So, I’m really excited to get started. Is there a section you
wanted to head back to first? – I will start by the furniture
section, furniture and rugs, and then, we can make our way around like pillows, and lighting, and dressers. – Sound’s good to me. – It’s hard to like stop being ugh. – I know, I’m looking at everything. – Like I just wanna stop everywhere but. – We’ll come back for it.
– Yeah. – How much of your house would you say is like HomeGoods versus some
more expensive higher piece? – I really like to mix it up. I love coming here for
accessories and lighting, like it’s always fun to come here first and see what I can find and then I can always go on and spend a little more if necessary. Let’s start here. After like looking at these nightstands, they’re the perfect size I feel like, no? – Yeah, this stores actually really big. Do you think it makes
sense to get both of them or just one of that. – I would get two. I like matching nightstands in general. It’s only like $129. I feel like you can’t beat the price. They’re very cute.
– Think about, styling some stuff on the bottom shelf or is that too much? – I would definitely
use box or accessories. We can find some very nice paper lamps, maybe in the other section.
– Okay. – I feel like this would be a great find. – I’m excited. – I actually love this space chair. I feel like it could be
very nice for your bedroom, like we can put it in the corner. It’s always nice to have an
accent chair to sit and relax, even with your clothes there, like if you’re lazy one day.
(Alyssa laughs) Only fabrics at HomeGoods usually use, they’re like stain-resistant, then I’m sure we can even
add some throw pillows to add color and texture. – Yeah, I definitely like it. It’s really comfortable. I just think, yeah, it just
needs a little bit of color. So, I know you like matching lamps, matching nightstands. Do you like matching lamps? – You can really go either way with more like what you prefer. We can do some similar style lamps if you don’t want them too much. Let’s continue, I’m
just taking overall look and then we can always come back. It’s always like a fun adventure. – I think I will go
out with a clean white. – [Natalie] White is always a good option. – I don’t really like that. That seems a little too much.
– Yeah, yeah. But also if you like silver, I don’t mind mixing metals. You know, silver and gold because if anything (babbling) I’m gonna mix them.
– I actually don’t even think this is too silver. – Okay, they’re only–
– And I like that they’re not so big. – And they’re only $30. – Oh my, that deal is so good. That’s great.
– I thought they were two for 60. – Yeah, yeah.
– Should we grab those? – [Natalia] Yeah, let’s gather them. These are very, very nice. Do you wanna go get some
maybe accent mirrors? – Yeah, let’s do it.
– Okay, let’s go do that. Let’s do it. Do you pick for full length or? – Definitely, I like to be able to see my whole outfit.
– Oh okay, great. (Alyssa mumbles)
Here, they have some very nice ones. – I actually think I like the idea of mixing so for the full length mirror, maybe something clean bevel like this, but then above the
dresser or above the desk, something like this
– Some interesting frames. – To do my makeup. Is that too much mixing, do you think? – No, no because one is clean and classic and the other one is the
one that really accents. – [Alyssa] This is nice too though, just like the simple wood.
– I love these. Yeah, yeah.
– I like that. – This one is really
nice and I feel this size will be great for your bedroom. – [Alyssa] Yeah. – [Natalie] So, let’s do it. – [Alyssa] Okay. – Let’s go do throw pillows and accessories.
– Yes, oh my god, okay. – Yeah, we really need those now. – My favorite part, honestly. – I usually like to spend with a big furniture items and area rugs, but then you get to
choose all the accessories – Right.
– And whatever’s gonna like set the tone
– Totally. – Inside of the bedroom. – [Alyssa] It’s hard for
me because I’m indecisive, so I don’t know if you have any tips for making a decision. – Definitely think which
colors you pick first. Especially for a bedroom,
you probably want something soothing
– Right. – And you know, you sleep
there, you wake up there. Blues or purples, like that sun color that you’re gonna feel like ease. I don’t mind doing neutrals as long as you have texture. Like this pillow, I feel
like it’s a perfect example because even though it’s neutral, you have so much going on
– Totally. – That it acts, you know despite what you’re looking for.
– I also really like this one, but I didn’t
know if it was too much. It’s very different texture
– It’s not. – I didn’t know
Yeah, it’s actually not too much.
– If it was so weird. – [Natalie] I think it’s interesting. It’s what makes the space unusual, like mixing all these different
textures and patterns. You’re staying within
the same color scheme so it blends in, like it’s not that it’s gonna clash with each other. – How many pillows would you say to balance it out? – I like to do at least three or four. It depends on the shape. If you wanna do mirror
shams or cream shams, but decorate pillows like this, I will do three or four, maybe like two matching and then two different ones
– You’re right. – Like these.
– Okay. Let’s go these two. I really like them.
– Okay, perfect. – Yeah, these are very, very cute. – And it’s like a soft and
the fringe is very nice. – Let’s check the price. Wow, $30. – [Alyssa] Wow, okay. – [Natalie] Yeah, amazing. – [Alyssa] Wow, we might
need a second cart. (Natalie laughing)
– That’s a good thing. We can do some collecting accessories now. – Okay, awesome. So, this is the part
where I really need help. There’s so much you can
do with accessories, like there’s globes, there’s shades. – Let’s say for your nightstand, I feel like a vase could be very nice. It’s always good to have a vase and then maybe like a little box for your jewelry.
– Oh, definitely. – And these boxes are very cute. Do you like something like this? – Yeah, that’s pretty. Is this too matchy matchy
with the night stands? – I rather do it like a material that contrast a little more. This would be a better option than these because
connected to the wall, then. These I think is very nice. – Yeah, it’s really pretty. – It’s only $25.
– Yeah, yeah $25. You can also stack, you know, under the nightstand, so we can stack a few boxes, even two boxes, one on top of the other. Let’s put these in the shopping cart. And I think we should
choose a vase for flowers. – [Alyssa] Okay. – What do you think of that? – I actually, I don’t hate it. It’s a little bit bigger than anything I would choose myself but now that I’m seeing it, I think it goes with the color scheme. That one has a touch of gold. – Maybe for your dresser is nice ’cause for the nightstand, it might be a little too big but it’s nice for your dresser. – [Alyssa] Oh wow, look at the steel one. – Oh I love that one.
– It’s nice. – This is really, really nice too. Wow, maybe we should do color. Why don’t we do this instead? – Yeah, I like that. – So, let’s take it. – [Natalie] The baskets are really nice. – Oh, wow, yeah.
– These are cute. You can have like one or two
baskets next to the chair. You can put a throw inside. If you want to keep it throw store this would be really nice. – [Alyssa] Do you think
the basket should match or be different? – I like different
heights but maybe matching or very similar in style. They don’t have to match, but definitely stay within the same style. – Okay. – It’s actually more interesting, I think, to do these two rather
than the matching ones. Oh wow, this one is $29.99. – Perfect.
– So, that’s great. Here, we have some really nice throws. I think we can choose like
really any color you like. From pink, and greens, blues. I love the texture of this one. I feel it’s very nice in color. – I do like this. Do you think this is too boring? It’s a little more like seasonal. If you want to do some spring throws, like one of these, then we can keep that on the side. – We’re gonna do this one and then have a second one to add color in this one. – Yeah, I feel we should keep these in one of your throws and baskets for now. And then for spring,
maybe we can do this one – Yeah, I like that.
– That adds beautiful texture and color. Oh and look how pretty it looks together. I love the green vase
– Oh, yeah. – With the throw on. – That’s really cool.
– Very pretty. – It’s only 25. This is great. Very pretty.
– It’s cool. – Yeah, I love this. Then we should do it. We getting two of them. And let’s go so see some area rugs now. For bedroom side, rather
go bigger with the rug. And show less floor. You can do an 8×10 or
something around that size for your room. – I don’t hate this but I don’t know if it’s too boring. – I like this, no, it’s very pretty. I like because even though
it’s neutral in color, it has very interesting pattern. Let’s go see this other side and then we’ll come back for it. – [Alyssa] What about this? – It’s really nice, but I
think it’s small for the room, unless we put it in front of your bed, but I rather go bigger.
– Bigger. – I think the one we choose, which is this one. – I don’t know how I’m suppose to get that down.
– Yeah, perfect. – [Alyssa] So, I just saw
this from across the room and I’m really in love with it. I wanted to know what you think? – I think it’s great. I will take it to your living room and you say that’s your coffee table. It’s a great piece. You can use it as an ottoman
coffee table, put books about. You can always put a tray also. We saw some really nice ones before. – [Alyssa] I love the idea
of putting a tray on it. – [Natalie] Yeah, I
think we should take it. – [Alyssa] Okay. (chuckles) – [Natalie] How is that? – I actually think it’s nice. I just really like the jar. That’s why I picked it up. Do you think this goes with?
– For sure. – It’s a neutral, then. – I’m just gonna put this one.
– It’s interesting. – Here’s another one. Should I do matching of these at all, or? – I don’t think matching. I will do different, yeah.
– (mumbles) Okay. – This one smells so good and it’s $7.99. – I think that’s not bad. – Mm, it’s good.
– How is it? Oh, I really like that. – Yeah, that’s the two.
– We should do that one. – Perfect.
– Yeah. – For nightstands, I like
to do like maybe a 5×7, one or two, you can do an 8×10 and a 5×7. I definitely keep…
– Yeah. – I’m really attracted to that like white shell.
– Yeah, it’s like the mirror that we did. – [Alyssa] And this one reminds
me of that box we picked. – [Natalie] Oh yeah, we can do it. Let’s try to to find
maybe two different ones. – [Alyssa] Maybe try to
do color like this one. – Yeah I saw that before. I happen to love it. $7.99.
– $8. – Yeah, it’s very good. – I should get like 10.
(Natalie laughs) – Let’s do that and then
the smaller one that we got. Great, how much is this?
– It’s not bad. 12.99, it’s only 13.
– Oh, amazing. – Okay, good, okay, so
we have two green ones. – [Alyssa] Awesome. – I think your bedroom is almost complete. – I know.
– I don’t know if there’s anything else
you are looking for, but we have so much. – I’m really excited. Maybe we should go check all of this out and see how much we spent. In total, we spent $1,118.96.
– That’s amazing. I can’t believe it.
– I know. – That’s really good.
– We really got so much stuff. – A whole bedroom for a thousand dollars. – Not bad.
– That’s so awesome. We got accessories,
and lighting, and rugs, and everything you can think of. How good is that?
– Amazing. – I’ll see you later.
– Thank you. – All right, goodbye.

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  1. Great ways to show how to mix things like accessories and soft goods with higher end pieces. It's all about balance in every aspect to suit your life. And it's always fun to experiment with mixing materials in stores like Home Goods and Target as you get a bigger bang for your buck (I try to do the same on my own channel!).

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