How Pacific Rim Should Have Ended

How Pacific Rim Should Have Ended

We always thought alien life would come from space. We were wrong. It came from the ocean, which is technically in space if you think about everythings in space really, But that’s not the important issue! Anyway, Giant monsters came from the ocean, and started destroying everything in their path. And after the UN apparently watched a ton of anime they decided the only way to fight monsters, was to build monsters of our own. I say we nuke the Kaiju as soon as one as detected! I say we build giant robots as big as Kaiju! So we can watch them fight! YEAH! Fantastic Idea! Please make this happen! Pshh. Nukes. So we built the robots, named them Jaegers. And now we’re all kinds of famous and the earths last hope… You know… I could just keep going with this intro, but I mean who really thinks a 20 minute lead in to a title card makes sense? Right? I mean that’s too long! Okay, here’s the title. How Pacific Rim Should Have Ended “RAWR!” We’re running out of oxygen! We’re gonna die! We’ve got NOTHING left! There is still ONE thing left! For my family! Wow! This sword was really effective! Why didn’t we open with that? Because it’s too messy? I guess… Still, this gives me an idea. Okay Gypsy, we got movement. Two Kaiju coming your way. RAWR! Analog Chop! That’s one! RAWR! Analog CHOP!! And that’s two! Wow! This is so much easier! Make way for the cleanup crew! Okay gang, It’s clean up time! RIGHT!! Go Go Power Vacuum! Power Vacuum! Heads up third signature emerging from the breach! It’s a… It’s a CAT 5! Whew! Thanks Voltron! No Problem! Great job team! YEAH! Yeah I’d say fighting them here is much better than waiting for them to come to us. It doesn’t look as cool though. Meh. Hello Boys! I’m BAAAAAaaaaaack! Where’s my gosh dern subscribe button?! Oh. It’s right there. Thanks for watching!

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  1. I got one question if they knew how big the Kaiju were gonna be why not make the jaegars significantly bigger I mean it can't possibly be that hard. But instead they decided to make them around the same size as the Kaiju so that the battles look cooler

  2. Sooooooo… when the Jeager goes into space it runs out of o2 but underwater it’s perfectly fine?

    S E E M S L E G I T

  3. Since they poked holes in a genuinely good movie, I'm gonna do the same.

    1: It's been established that Kaiju blood is toxic. Which is why they use blunt attacks, and plasma weapons to cauterize wounds whereas a sword would just spread blood everywhere. And why didn't they use earlier? Well Riaghly had left the Jaeger program, so he didn't know Gypsy had a sword. And Mako is easily shaken and was trying to focus on staying in the rift so she forgot.
    2: Why didn't they build a base out in the ocean. That would take time they didn't have, let alone the amount of time it would take to you know MOVE THE SEVERAL HUNDRED THOUSAND MILLION TON ROBOTS! And what's stopping the Kaiju from attacking the base while it's being built? Or a Kaiju sneaking past the base and attacking the supply line? Or a Kaiju sneaking past and heading to the city? Yeah good luck getting to city when your out in the middle of the Pacific ocean. And the Jaegers move better when they AREN'T underwater, they weren't built to fight underwater
    3: Again the Jaegers weren't BUILT for underwater combat.

  4. Was that godzilla or was that a normal kiegu cuz if that was godzilla godzillas waight is 90,000 lbs and the strongest of the 3 or 4 kiegu are just 7,890 lbs iven thou the strongest is bigger than godzilla and godzilla can rigenerate from 1 blood cell

  5. You know they could have just "sealed" the breach with a wall with those plasma cannons on them. As the entire worlds military and budget is wasted on the giant robots.

  6. I thought humans couldn't predict when specifically the Kaiju comes out of the breach. Kaiju breaches, THEN the humans are alerted. Humans know where the breach is, but they can't just wait there, because of the whole limited air and energy and all that.

  7. "We always thought alien life would come from space. We were wrong. It came from the ocean. Which is actually still in space if you think about it, technically everything's in space… but… but that's not the main issue."


  9. Well, they actually did Nuke them at first, problem was they swam from the portal too fast for the Nukes to reach em in time from the launch sites outside the blast radius (they could have just hooked up a ton of subs to operate automated and sacrificed one each time to point blank fire them but meh). Then they had the problems with the Nuke blast radius required for them to be destroyed was too big and started causing damage to the environment on a catastrophic scale. Then the Kaijuu just became too big and started tanking Nuke salvos, with one of them tanking at least two rounds (they literally had to lure it back out of the city twice to Nuke it, ended up irradiating 1/3rd of the city in the process).

    Also fighting them at the Breach was harder, because surprisingly Jaegers aren't good at swimming. The Kaiju had far too many advantages in deep sea fighting, so they had to wait until they were in shallower coastal waters to have any chance.

  10. Why dont they use a rail gun much more effective or A drilling Missile and would explode in their tummies..jeje

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