How to Apply Glass Glitter To Furniture and Home Decor | Country Chic Paint

How to Apply Glass Glitter To Furniture and Home Decor | Country Chic Paint

Hi everybody, it’s Marissa coming to you live and
Sarah she’s behind the camera from Country Chic Paint and we are here and
super stoked to be telling you guys about a brand new product that we’re
launching so we’ve got is Glass Glitter! It is so beautiful
we can use it on so many different projects it’s something we haven’t done
before we’re super stoked about it and I am really excited to be showing you
exactly what you can do with it today all right so these come in sample sizes
we haven’t actually launched it officially yet however some retailers
might have it they get to stock up a little bit early and because it has done
so well already we have the silver right here but we’re gonna be bringing it in
other colors so really really stoked about that.
So Glass Glitter. What is glass glitter: it’s made out of glass it’s the
highest quality glitter that you can possibly get mostly glitter you’ll find
is plastic like foil things like that and you’ll find that at the craft store
but this is top-notch guys. Okay I’m gonna show you what we have done with it so
far so some projects here are Sarah’s gonna come in and show you we’ve got
different vases actually that we’ve done you can tape off pieces and have
them almost like a dipped look some of them are a bit asymmetrical there’s a
certain there’s I mean there’s a lot of ways that you can do it you can just
paint them on and and put the glitter on that way otherwise you can do the tape
so that you are not getting the top and not having any you’re getting all those
straight edges otherwise even things like the Christmas balls over here
Sarah’s actually done that with rubber bands so it’s really tricky to get your
tape kind of even of course so that’s what she’s done and then we’ve even got
these branches here that we have covered in you can either use glue what works
fantastic is our image transfer so we’ve used that you probably use spray
adhesive too that might work really well and then you just roll and dip and all
of that so yeah glass glitter it is made in small batches in Europe by artisans
and they’ve been doing it for over a hundred and fifty years so it’s
really good quality they’ve got it down pat we are gonna have it in
some other colors I mean we’re so excited about that so I wanted to let
you guys know that we are doing a giveaway today too which I’m stoked
about it’s basically almost like a glitter deluxe starter package here so
what we’ve got is image transfer medium that is going to be used to adhere the
glitter to any kind of project that you’re doing we’ve got some paint that
could be for using on a sign or your piece of furniture that you’re painting
before you put the glitter on we picked cranberry sauce because it’s a good
popular color for this time of year right now and we’re also doing a clear
glaze and that’s a pint and the paint’s a pint and the image transfer is a
pint too so we’ve got lots here the clear glaze would be used for mixing
with the glitter and doing kind of a washed look which is really nice because
it’s less opaque and kind of a little bit more sparse so and then a
brush so you’ve got everything that you need for doing a project so what you are
going to do to win this prize package is let us know what you would use the glass
glitter on for a project in your house you can do it on furniture you could do
it like we’ve done it on this sign here anything we’ve shown you a lot of
projects so yeah we’re just really excited about it
but I am going to start now showing you exactly what we’re going to be doing
today so we’ve got three projects that we’re going to do and I want to show you
them over here so we’ve got the sign as you saw over there in a different color
what we’ve done is we have used a stencil for that and we’ll get more into
that later but that’s really beautiful and you can go a whole bunch of
different ways with it so and then also we’re gonna be doing a little frame here
you can grab any type of frame from the dollar store
anything that you’ve got at home you can repaint it with our paint the paint
works on every different surface and all of that so you’re good to go there
and what we’re gonna be doing is the glaze so this is what we’ve done so far
just to kind of give you guys an idea this will work on furniture as well
which is kind of cool because what it what we’re doing is showing you how it
sits in these little areas and that’ll be the same with the little frame that
we’ve got here and that’s a less opaque coverage and so I will show you that
later and then the first thing that we’re gonna be doing is showing you I’m
just gonna grab it over here this is our Christmas ball so that’s it’s perfect
for right now I know a lot of our retailers and contact them and look on
line at in the store locator to see who the closest
retailer is to you because I know a lot of them are doing different Christmas
themed workshops right now with balls with the
signs that I just showed you there’s so many things going on and if they aren’t
doing workshops you should probably ask them
because okay so I’m gonna show you exactly how we’re gonna be doing this
Christmas ball today with the glass glitter so what you need is we’ve got plastic and I
think we grabbed these from Michael’s your local craft store and you can use
glass as well I was talking to Sarah earlier I think there’s a lot of
different like porcelain or ceramic different ornaments even think ornaments
that you can pick up as well from your local craft store to do I think ceramic
would be completely fine and what we are going to do is there’s a bunch of
different things that you can use for to adhere the glitter what we found is our
let me see here or image transfer works super well so if you’re a fan of the
paint which I know you are because you’re on our page right now you can
pick up some of the image transfer and use that and then use it on your other
projects too so it’s multi-purpose so what we’re gonna do right now and then
what if you don’t have that you can also use like a clear drying glue you want
it to be clear this looks white right now but it’s actually dries really clear
so what I’m gonna do and you kind of want to work fast
I will get my glitter and actually you know it’s a better idea here’s a tip
this glitter you do not want to lose it all over your table you are gonna want
to do it over a bowl or a drop cloth or something like that and so that you can
catch all of the glitter because you really don’t want to lose it you can use
it later put it back into the jar and it can be reused so what I’m gonna do is
just simply paint on the image transfer like I said you can use so many
different things but we want to use our product products because that’s what we
have on hand and I’m going kind of fast guys
because this dries pretty quickly so actually I’m gonna take the top off and just go over it quick here. Sarah
have you seen anyone writing in what they want to use this glitter on in
their four projects I’m keen to hear definitely lots of Christmas decorations
sounds like nice people said they want to mirror frames and picture frames nice
that is such a great idea and we’re gonna be using stencils later so you’ll
have a really good idea of different things that you can be using it on I’m
sure you guys have all of these things at home already which is so awesome but
look at how so I’m tapping it on you could put it into a plate and you could
actually like roll it in just like this if you wanted to too but oops for the
sake of being a little bit quick you can simply just do it this way because what
you’re gonna do is you’re gonna collect all this and put it back and reuse it
but look how gorgeous that is it is so beautiful it looks like one of those
vintage ornaments that I just love and how fast is that you could grab a whole
bunch of these and just have these as the base on your Christmas tree and then
add other things to it too so that’s literally how easy it is so I’m not
gonna put the top on right now cuz I don’t want to touch the ball yet what
you want to do is let this wait and dry for I would
say about 10 to 12 hours longer if you want to be safe you can leave it as is
or you can seal it so we’ll show you how to do that a little bit later and I’m going to
let this guy dry now so I’ll just pop him
I think upside down maybe actually we’re just gonna do that so the glitter does
come off I know that you guys are gonna want to do a lot of these projects with
your kids I would say um older kids better just because it is glass so it’s
not it’s not the foil it’s not the plastic that you get at other craft
stores plus it’s really pretty and you don’t want it all over you want to save
it so I’m simply just going to actually you know what you should probably do
this with like a little funnel or something so it doesn’t go over and you save
it so I’m gonna leave that in there and what I’m gonna do next is show you guys
how to do a wash so that was really a opaque coverage and like you know
a lot of these other items that we’ve done here that’s opaque coverage but
what I want to show you is gonna be really great for even dresser drawer
fronts if you wanted to give it a little bit of sparkle but you don’t want it to
be completely covered you can do it on your signs as a background you could do
it we’re just gonna use a little bit of a frame right here but like I’ve shown
you with this little tile it’s sitting in the little nooks and crevices so
that’s a different way to do it and it’s super easy so again what we’re gonna do
is our clear glaze is fantastic what we have the clear glaze for is for tinting
glaze with paint but what we’re going to do now is get it with our glitter so this plate and we’re simply going to
just pour a little bit you don’t need a lot especially for the project that I’m
doing right now I think that’s even a bit much but that will do and then I’m
going to take the glitter and this is not a recipe guys this is whatever you
think if you don’t want a lot if you want more you can always mix it up and
see what you think once it’s done what I’m gonna do here is
take a new brush and just mixed up so like I said this is not a science this
is fun we want it to be whatever your preference is and if you think that’s
not enough do a little bit more so it is not clear right now you’ll see that it’s
clear glaze but it’s not clear right now it dries clear so I will show you it’s
very simple you’re just gonna brush it on it’s gonna sit in the little areas
like I said it’s almost I was thinking about this when I was doing this earlier
it’s almost like when we have sparkly nail polish and we really want a lot to
be on one spot but because we’re brushing it on it kind of sits in some
spots or it might get brushed over to another spot and you’re not happy with
the coverage grab a different brush and you can kind of almost stipple it on
it’s working really nicely for me right now but the piece that I was trying
earlier I just wanted it to be a little bit more even coverage probably because
I’m really picky and I don’t know a little bit particular but what I did was
I I simply just kind of stippled it on and that’s kind of how glittery nail
polish goes as far as what I’m doing okay so see how that looks
it’s so pretty and that’s I mean this this is really great right now for
holiday of course I mean we’re showing you a lot of projects that have been
done that are great for the holidays but if you want something that’s not as you
know sparkly not as you know just I guess in-your-face
sometimes then you can do this wash and that’s great for all year round I mean I
like sparkle anyway so it wouldn’t matter what time of year I have got it
in my house okay so we’re gonna just put that down to dry
here but like I said guys it’s gonna look like this after and that’s just so
nice and like I said you can do that on furniture we haven’t really showed you
any furniture pieces today I wanted to show you little project pieces that you
could work on at home especially right now for the holiday maybe things that
you can do to give to people for gifts but like I said you could do the wash on
furniture so that would be really great for draw refine fronts things that are
not really going to be touched a lot because obviously it’s got a texture to
it right so this or this frame you couldn’t do a frame but this is a sign
and we’ve pre done it because what we did was we have a we used a adhesive
one-time-use stencil the lovely lovely retailers at island ish in an Iowa BC
which is super close to us made this beautiful stencil for us and we pre did
it just because it I mean you can see how precise it is it is so beautiful
but what would take a long time to show you
on video is that the insides you kind of have to pick them off because that is
what the stencil does is it it leaves these spots in between and then you’re
gonna peel them off right so you’re gonna have to be a little bit careful
with that because you don’t want to take the glue off at the same time what we
did was we did it in sections because we didn’t want to put the glue all over the
image transfer all over and then have it dry down the line when we’re trying to
put the glitter on it right so we did it in in sections and then we peeled it off
after so this color right here is nightfall
it’s nightfall our color and then I think we used simplicity Oh
lazy linen they’re so close okay so this is lazy linen and then obviously the
vintage silver glass glitter a lot of you will have these type of stencils so
this is not the one time use vinyl it Stenson’s that it here and then you take
off and then you tuck away like these beautiful ones from isla dish that they
made us but we can still use them best thing that you can do is grab some spray
adhesive and just give that a little quick spray like I’m going to now
because otherwise usually well it can go underneath and bleed and I just did that
learn the hard way so we’re just going to give a little bit of a spray you
don’t need a lot and oops sorry there we go um what we would normally do is just
let this sit for just a little bit so that it’s more tacky and so that we
don’t get the spray adhesive on other parts of the project however for the
sake of the live we don’t have a lot of time so what I’m going to do is just
grab my crop here and maybe just dab on it
a little bit just to take a bit off I really would suggest just leaving it
for you know five minutes before you guys go ahead and do this but we will go
ahead and we’re probably good to go so what I’m gonna do is just add a bit of
detail on the side of this fir or the sign I don’t know why I keep saying
frame guys oh okay so I’m just gonna stick this down and I
think it’s it’s good to go perfect okay so now what I’m gonna do is
I am going to grab our image transfer like I said you could use glue it’s
probably gonna be better if your glue is not super liquidy this one is a little
bit more solid not really but it’s it’s just thicker I guess is what I’m trying
to say in consistency it’s just gonna work a little bit better than a really
light liquid over school I would say for this type of project you could use the
different other ones but okay so I’m stippling it because I really don’t want
it to lift in spots you don’t need a ton and it looks funny but I just want to
make sure that it’s not and now what I’m gonna do is just smooth
it out with another brush so now you can see and it’s just smooth on there I
don’t think it’s lifted anywhere of course it’s gonna the spray adhesive
will work better once you let it sit for a little bit okay so we are ready to put
her is anyone else get as excited as I do hope glitter I’m sure they are are
they Sara oh yeah mmm sweet okay so I’m just going to tap some of this on all of
the spots just like so let it sit there for a second and then I’m just going to dump that over into our Bowl because we
want to keep it and give it a bit of a tap and then we’re gonna peel this off
so just want to do this carefully and kind of sorry kind of sideways look how
beautiful that is that’s so pretty so that worked pretty
well and that was quick I mean you guys want to be a little bit more careful
with the adhesive but that worked really well so that just adds a bit of detail
on the side we cut this off of a larger piece of other stencils you could really
use whatever you’d like you could grab some I’m gonna put this back on its
stand and I will show you oh that’s so beautiful
okay and then okay I was just gonna show you you could use some tape if you
wanted to UM painters tape whatever you have around tape off the side you could
do you know different patterns however you wanted to you could really cut this
out and make it if you don’t have a sense at home there’s so many different
things that you could do you could simply just paint a corner and do it
that way you could do the wash in on the sides
like we did with the clear glaze that would be really nice but yeah it’s
really up to you guys I mean it’s fine to be super creative with this obviously
it’s a really creative product we’re really excited about it but what I’m
gonna show you now is how to seal it so let me just put this down and I am going
to grab one of my oh it’s this one here the Christmas ball that we have done so
this is dried for probably 24 hours you can leave it just like this it’s it’s
not you know wrong to be leaving it exactly the way it is this is something
that is going to go on a Christmas tree or be sitting you know in a centerpiece
or something like that so it’s not a huge deal if it’s coming off but it is
nice to seal it so what we found works really well out of our products is the
clear coat you could use tough coat too if you’ve got that at home but we’ve got
clear coat here and I’m just going to give that a bit of a shake and then what
we’re gonna do is just and then we’re just gonna get some on our brush and
maybe don’t do it over the barrel just in case some drops and then we’re just
gonna brush it over top so we found that our clear coat works really nice it
doesn’t take a lot of the sparkle away once it
but you’re just simply going to apply it just like so you don’t need it to be too
thick and that’s really as easy as it gets
I’m not gonna do the whole thing because you guys kind of get the idea but we’ve
got some examples that have been sealed and you can check those well we can
check those out but yeah it’s just simply brushing it on and it doesn’t
take away the glitter look I mean you have to test it out if you don’t have
clear coat we’re recommending clear coat because we’ve tested it and we know that
it looks really nice once it dries but I don’t think a lot of well everything
would would dry that way so it’s something that you want to test out
because you wanted to be as glittery as possible so I think we should pick a
winner I think Sara can go through just randomly whoever’s whoever has oh my
goodness I can’t even think remember as entered and commented below what kind of
project they would want to use the glitter on and they can win our prize
pack here so that is a jar of glitter we’ve got a
pint of image transfer medium which we use to adhere the glitter to different
pieces we’ve got the a pint of paint in cranberry sauce which is such a great
color for right now and then we’ve got a pint of clear glaze which you can use to
mix up and do your washes with and then also a brush so if Sarah wants to pick
someone we can so Anna Johnson yeah Anna we’re so excited
it’s such a good prize pack you’re gonna have so much fun just like we have and
this is only I mean how many pieces have we shown you you could go on Pinterest
you could there’s so many different things that you can do we’ve only just
showing you a few and like I said who can definitely use it with furniture we
haven’t shown you anything here but I think it would be really fun to use on
drawer fronts and you know anything that’s not gonna get touched a whole lot
because you don’t want it’s textured right so I think that we’ve covered
everything hopefully everyone got back on here so that they could win because
we kind of cut out there but I just want to let you know again that you can go to
your local retailer some retailers might have this by now but I think what we’re
gonna do is launch at a lot of a later date and then we’re going to be
introducing different colors a little birdie may have told me that we’re gonna
be doing gold and some black glitter so just keep an eye on our facebook page
for that sign up for a newsletter and you will be the first to know about when
you’re launching our German glass glitter all right thanks guys

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