How to Apply Large Wall Decals

How to Apply Large Wall Decals

In this video we’ll share with you some easy techniques for hanging even very
large wall decals. The first thing you’ll want to do is clean
the wall surface with a dust cloth before applying your decal. You can use a damp cloth or sponge if
necessary but make sure that the surface dries completely before applying the
decal. You should take any measurements and set
some level guide-lines lightly with a pencil ahead of time.
We also like to line up dark painters tape with our level line
that we penciled in. This is much easier to see through the transfer paper. The next step is the lay the decal
face-down in peel back a little bit the backing layer.
As you can see here we have three layers…
the Backing Paper,
the Decal, and the Transfer Paper.
We’re going to be
using the Transfer Paper and the Decal to adhere to the wall surface as we hang, so exposing several inches of
the backing paper gives us plenty of tacky surface with
the other layers to stick to the wall. Now that the prep work is done, it’s time
to hang our wall decal. And since we already have our level-line
in place, all we have to do is line up the top of
the decal with the bottom of the level-line. When you use the dark painters tape like
this, it’s very easy to see through the transfer paper to line things up. But… when using just a light pencil line
you might want to mark up the transfer paper just above the decal to show you where the top of it lines up. Be sure to press the decal and transfer paper firmly in place along the wall, because
this is used to hold the decal in place as we roll down the backing. A good approach with large vertical
decals like this is to work in small sections… smoothing out as
you go, and then pulling down more of the backing
paper. Once all the backing paper is removed,
the next step is to use a plastic squeegee or even a
credit card to slowly work out any bubbles that you see. Always work from the center outward. That
way you’re moving any air bubbles out towards the edges where they’ll be
released. And as a final step… just go over the
Edges one last time. This will help to keep the decal in place as we pull off the transfer paper. To finish our application, all we have to do is
remove the transfer paper, and workout any bubbles.
To remove the transfer paper gently pull down from each corner.
We find that working from each of the corners actually works a lot better than trying
to pull down the entire width of the transfer paper. So just take your time… always using a
motion where you pull in CLOSE to the wall. You want to avoid pulling AWAY from the
wall, because this may actually pull up the decal.
We found that using kind of a “rocking motion” from side to side really
helps were you are not pulling down the entire transfer paper. Any air bubbles that you see are very easy to remove.
Just use the plastic squeegee and again using a Center to Outward motion,
move them out to the edges where they will be released. Now, if you have any Wrinkles or Creases, you DON’T want to use the squeegee or credit card… as that may just push them into place
more! Instead, gently peel back part the decal to
expose the crease, pulling gently here so you don’t stretch
the decal. Then, simply push it back into place by
hand and then use a credit card or squeegee
to flatten it out again. You’ll find these techniques o be really handy,
and when you’re all done… everything looks great! And there you have it. A plain wall
turned Bright and Colorful with a great wall decal from

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  1. This was really great information. Explained and demonstrated perfectly. Now I have lost some of my fear of applying.
    Thanks so much.

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