How To Bauhaus – Wooden Basic Block | DIY Tutorial Bauhaus Design

How To Bauhaus – Wooden Basic Block | DIY Tutorial Bauhaus Design

Hi guys! My name is Van Bo and I love to think outside
of the Box. Let’s do it with the Basic Block inspired
by Bauhaus. This furniture might not look special but
the ways of using it are unlimited. Do you need a wardrobe, a closet, a counter
or even an instrument? Let’s build this Basic Block together! You’ll need pieces of wood in different
sizes. Get them professionally cut or saw it yourself. Some wheels with bolts and a wrench. An electric drill and some screws. First we’ll start with the inner compartments. Stack two C boards, measure two points 33cm
in from both ends – draw two lines at these points. Mark 4.5cm from each edge along the line you
just drew, you can use a screw to measure this. Make sure the boards are perfectly aligned
and that there is some space beneath. Now you can pre-drill through both boards,
twice on each line. Place screws in each hole and attach the first
C board to the two D boards. Check if the D pieces are straight by measuring
both at the top and the bottom, and then you can attach the second C board to the other
side. The compartments should look like a large
letter ‘H’. Now we’ll assemble the rest. Lay an A piece down flat with the ‘H’
construction on top. Set the B and C pieces facing upwards so it
makes a box. Keep these pieces in place by using furniture
to support them or have a friend help you. First we will screw the C and B pieces together. Measure 10cm and 20cm from each edge and screw
together. Repeat with the H construction, four screws
for both the bottom and upper connecting board. Repeat on the other side with the second B
piece. Now we’ll add some stability to the basic
block by adding a support  beam. Place the E piece along the C piece, it should
be exactly in the middle of the C piece. That means 31cm from the edge. Screw the E to the C with four screws and
both B’s with two screws each. Next we’ll attach the back. Put the assembled box on the ground and place
the A piece on top. Make sure the corners line up. Measure 4.5cm from each edge and screw together. Each corner should have two screws, plus two
additional screws equally spaced along each length of the A piece for a total of 12 screws. Finally we’re going to add some wheels. Two of the wheels have stoppers, we will use
them for the front. Hold the wheel against the base and mark the
bolt holes. Drill all holes and pop the bolts in place. Place the wheel over the bolts and secure
with a washer and nut, tighten with a wrench. Repeat for the remaining wheels. Bam! Here we go, its a basic block! In 1919 a german architect called Walter Gropius
founded a school that changed the history of design – The Bauhaus. In his studio he used to stack blocks like
this. Gropius and his students believed in the compliment
of two things: 1 – Standards, 2 – Flexibility. Standards helped to reduce complexety and
flexibilities needed to adapt. The Basic block embodies those two design
principles, which are still very important in our lives today. Ladies and gentleman, grab your tools, it’s
time block and roll.

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  2. Instructions to build the "Basic Block" can be found here:

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