How to Build a Display for Art and Craft Shows

How to Build a Display for Art and Craft Shows

I started to display my photography and
pencil drawings at art and craft shows and kind of wrestled with a reasonable
way to display the items. This is what I came up with. It’s a solution that won’t
break the bank. I visited my local Lowe’s store and picked up a couple of these
plastic lattice panels. Tthey’re 4 foot by 8 and not expensive. They fit
flat in the back of my Dodge Grand Caravan . When you’re not using them you can just mount them on hooks. I bought the wooden lattice caps and turned them upside down. I painted them and mounted them right on the lattice panel
with zip ties. The artwork fits neatly on those slots and I use a little bit of fishing line monofilament across the top to prevent them flying in the wind. Then hang the panels from the canopy with Zip ties. it’s certainly a cost-effective and attractive way to display your work

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  1. Hi Cheryl. See the comments section above. Buy zip ties from a hardware store and hang the lattice panels from the frame of the canopy. Just cut them down when done.

  2. thanks! I'm in the process of coming up with a booth idea…I'll definitely share what I come up with…thanks again

  3. ok my tent is very sturdy so now again approximately the weight of yours? you keep saying the same thing so why?? if you cant than you should not be on here?
    Thank you

  4. Thanks very much for this video. I'm going to use it in 2 weeks. I purchased 4 of the 4×8 plastic lattice, but saw that they also have plastic end caps already white, so I bought those to turn upside down instead of the wood ones. Now I don't have to paint. I have my zip ties and fish line. This is an excellent, low cost concept and I hope my display turns out fantastic. I'm putting matted artwork on one side and framed pieces on the other side, as well as displaying jewelry. Thanks again.

  5. I am in final stages of putting your concept to work for an art show in a week. I'm using the vinyl lattice panels on 3 of the 4 walls (2 panels each wall). I will hang them from the popup tent cross bars using zip ties. I will attach the second panel to the bottom of the first one with zip ties as well. Instead of buying end caps made of wood and painting them white, like Pat did, I found white end caps made by the same manufacturer in vinyl. By mounting them upside down, the groove will serve as a neat shelving groove for my various pre-matted art (unframed pieces). The matted art is encased in cellophane bags purchased in bulk along with the pre-cut mats.

    Instead of putting up 1 piece of fish line to further hold the art in place in case of wind, I decided to put at least 2 lines for extra security. The end caps are affixed to the panels with zip ties on each end and in the middle, as the end caps at that length might tend to bow, and a total of 3 ties should be fine. But by securing them in the middle, you'll have to place your art on either side of the middle tie. I can get 8 images displayed of my smaller work (12×16) by overlapping the mats (4 per side of the middle tie). I can only get 6 images (3 per side) of my larger size (16×20) on by overlapping the mats. The mats are all the same color and width, so overlapping is not a visual impairment. I'm very, very pleased with how it is all coming together.

    By making the mats those sizes, buyers can find plenty of pre-made frames to put on their selections, keeping their costs down to a minimum. I have 24 small pieces and 39 large sizes. Altogether these will require 2.5 walls. Since I also showcase jewelry on tables, two people can sit behind the tables against the side that only has the top panel displaying art. This way we will not block viewing of any piece in the tent. My framed art will be hung on the outside of the tent. I have put sawtooth hangers on all the frames and will zip tie them to the lattice panels from the outside.

    Because of the weight factor, I will make sure that the bottom of each panel sits squarely on the grass for its main support, so that they are not actually hanging from the tent, but just held in place by the tent. If needed, I will have some bungee cords available to secure the panels to the sides of the tent as well. I hope this makes sense and I hope I have figured it all out in advance and that all goes well at the show. Thank you Pat for this extremely great concept and the video.

  6. Very interesting very unique and I would love to do that for my art shows. How do you get them to stand up I could not tell from the video If you put legs on them? Could you please explain that to me.? I would really appreciate it. Jana from Colorado

  7. Using your idea, I built a 3-sided canopy display for about 100 pieces of art. You can see mine here:

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