How to Build a DIY Kitchen Island

Create your own custom kitchen island using
a simple shortcut. Two simple stock cabinets serve as the core
of this island saving you some build time. Using the detailed directions, start with
the baseframe, and assemble it using glue and screws. Add the bottom, then the back,
again, using glue and screws.Now you can build the two plywood end panels, using stiles and
rails to add some interest. On each panel, glue and nail the first stile
in place, so the ends are flush with the panel, then add the rails and the second stile. Be
sure to leave a 3-inch gap at the base where you’ll add some trim later. When you attach the panels to the back and
base, make sure the back is nice and straight, if it’s bowed at all it could affect the fit
of the cabinets later. Add the trim pieces to the front of the island, then add two half-pilasters
to create these rectangular columns for an area to tuck stools under. Insert the cabinets and add cleats to the
sides to support the shelves that span between the two units. Angle the shelves to maneuver
them past the cabinet edges when you’re putting them in place. Add the center panels to the
sides, and trim out all the way around the island using the base you choose. Sand and
finish the piece, then top it off with a counter-top for an island that’s customized to your taste
and space.

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