How to Build a Harvest Table Using Pipes

How to Build a Harvest Table Using Pipes

Build this classic harvest table with a ‘twist’. The twist comes from the pipe base for the
table that you simply twist together. get started by building the connector assembly,
following the detailed diagram to put the two ‘sides’ of the assembly together.
Don’t tighten these down as far they can go – you’ll be making some small adjustments
later. Join the two halves together – and then you can go ahead and align the pieces
and tighten down the joints. now you’ll make 4 separate leg assemblies…again
following the detailed diagram. When those are complete, attach them to the connector
assembly – tightening each as you go. This is easiest to do with the whole assembly ‘upside
down’, with the center flanges resting on a piece of scrap….and then make any other
adjustments needed to square up the base. next up, the tabletop. Place the slats on
a flat surface, and center the middle cleat. Drill countersunk pilot hoes and then secure
the cleat to the slats. center a spacer on the middle cleat, and position
the two remaining cleats on the ends. Now you can put the table’s base in place, making
any needed adjustments until it’s resting squarely on the tabletop. Adjust the final
position of the cleats and spacers to the leg flanges… remove the base and the spacer….and
secure the cleats to the slats. This ‘marks’ the place where everything fits correctly.
Now, remove the cleats so you can apply the finish of your choice to the tabletop and
base. For lots of cool finish options for the tabletop and the base, check out LCI-PipeProjects.
Reassemble the tabletop, put the finished base in place, and you’ve got your classic
harvest table with
a twist.

12 thoughts on “How to Build a Harvest Table Using Pipes

  1. nice video, the thought just hit me that if you had a sun room or an outdoor deck, you could do this exact build except substitute the wood with one of the composite deck materials (i.e. Trex, etc.) and that table would hold up to the elements (i.e. keep you from having to bring it in or cover for the winter, etc.) and look good while being very functional all at the same time. just a thought, might build one for my sun room!

  2. (4) 1 1⁄4-in galvanized caps $ 4.40 x 4 = $17.60
    (8) 1 1⁄4-in x 12-in galvanized pipe nipples $10.22 x 8 = $81.76
    (4) 1 1⁄4-in galvanized tees $ 8.98 x 4 = $35.92
    (4) 1 1⁄4-in galvanized pipe flanges $13.98 x 4 = $55.92
    (4) 1 1⁄4-in x 1-in galvanized reducer bushings $ 5.47 x 4 = $21.88
    (4) 1-in galvanized close nipples $ 2.20 x 4 = $ 8.80
    (4) 1-in x 3⁄4-in galvanized reducer couplings $ 4.52 x 4 = $18.08
    (6) 3⁄4-in x 12-in galvanized pipe nipples $ 6.76 x 6 = $40.56
    (4) 3⁄4-in galvanized elbows $ 3.98 x 4 = $15.92
    (4) 3⁄4-in x 4-in galvanized pipe nipples $ 2.78 x 4 = $11.12
    (6) 3⁄4-in galvanized tees $ 3.46 x 6 = $20.76
    (4) 3⁄4-in galvanized close nipples $ 1.58 x 4 = $ 6.32
    (4) 3⁄4-in x 18-in galvanized pipe nipples $ 8.98 x 4 = $35.92
    (2) 3⁄4-in galvanized pipe union joints $ 9.26 x 2 = $18.52
    (2) 3⁄4-in galvanized pipe flanges $ 7.87 x 2 = $15.74

    Total cost of Table Base = $404.82
    I did not include the materials for the top (wood) or deck screws.

  3. @lowes you guys should make a SKU that is all the pipes needed. I’d love to go to your website, click a button, pay, then go in a couple days later to pick up the parts.

    There’s a lot of room for error if I try to go find all these myself

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