How to Build a Metal Carport – Part 1

How to Build a Metal Carport – Part 1

it has been close to a year now that my
dad has been asking about a carport they currently just park out in the Sun
because the garage is actually his workshop so since I’m still staying with
them for a few weeks until closing on the house I decided it was a perfect
opportunity to take on such a large project I’m going to be making their
carport 20 by 24 Zinat there’s plenty room and also building the entire
structure from steel so that it gives it a really nice permanent and robust look
after figuring out the location of the carport I figured out where the
four-post would land and then started digging now the ground around here is
almost nothing but solid rock so the go-to method is to use a jackhammer it
is always exciting to get to use any tool mom took a turn and she didn’t think it
was too bad at all and then even Cody took a turn and with
him being stronger it was a lot easier for him to manage but well this is my
project I was aiming for about 20 inches and I did the majority of the loosening
up with a jackhammer and then came back with postal diggers after repeating that
on the other three posts I started mixing the concrete now to talk to a few
contractors in the area and it goes to method for setting posts in the area is
to fill a hole with concrete and use an anchor plate to secure the posts that’s
called an anchor plate and what I’m going to do is drop these Ifill into the
concrete and we share after the concrete sets up I’m going to come back with my
school post and weld up to this plate so that’s a nice secure I took some very
careful measurements to figure out the location of these plates it would have
saved a lot of time if I would have popped some string lines beforehand but
it just didn’t think about it however I did take my time making sure that the
plates were nice and level because then this will ensure that the post come out
nice and plumb after letting the concrete fully cure then it was time to
start studying the post first ran the nuts down onto the eye bulbs nice and
securely and then said each post vertically up in place structurally I
definitely could have gotten away with 4×4 posts but since the rest of the
frame is going to be nice and robust I want to be post and match so I went with
six by sixes instead after getting all four post erected I took multiple
measurements and make sure that the structure was square and that these
posts were exactly where they needed to be
next I brought up the welding equipment and welded the post to the plates of
course after making sure that all four of them were nice and plumb for this
project I’m using my Lincoln 210 machine now at this point all of the posts are
taller than what I need them and to get them down to the heist needed I mark the
location on one post then ran a string line from that one over to the next
using a line level to protect a level line across after repeating this on the
remaining three posts I switched over to my plasma cutting gear and cut all of
the posts to height I find this easiest to do freehand and
not mess with a straight guide but you could very well clamp a straight bar or
a flat bar in place in order to guide your cut after all four were cut I moved
on to attaching the girders so these angle irons are just to act as a
temporary shell for me to set the girders in place while a welding that
way I don’t have to figure out how to also support them by grabbing the
shamash make one turn and these pieces are a little bit heavy it’s roughly
around 95 pounds of joint so I just make sure to take my time walking up those
waters especially but having me brackets clamped in the place make this go very
quickly right yeah once the girder was set on the Shelf I would tack it in a
few different places and then come back in welded completely on the front and
back and of course she’s repeated on all four
Wow yeah it’s so cool never done a structure this thing you know crazy well
for some reason I didn’t get any footage of it but since the post are a hollow
I cut some caps for them from just some flat material and then welded them on
top next I moved on to making the trusses I’m going with a three 12 pitch
because it will match the house and I’m using a chopped fall to make the cut
after getting the top cord cut I patched it into place and then we’ll do them
together for this went ahead and rented a man basket thinking it would make life
a little bit easier before lifting the trust into the air though I clamped a
piece of wood on either end where the trust needed to be flushed up to this
way as Cody lifted it up into the air I could just climb onto the ladder and
move one side of the truss into place and have something to clamp it to so I
clamped the right side then ran over to the left and also claimed it and there
was a lot of going up and down the ladders on the step once I had both
sides temporarily secured I moved the ladder to the middle in order to check
the left and right orientation this is where a plumb bob would come in handy
but didn’t have one so I made do but the sides still being temporarily
clamped I grabbed a board and then just hammered it over so the level in the
center was perfectly vertical yeah I like that a lot
once I like that I flipped the level around and got the trusts perfectly in
line with the girder you’re just going to pull the slightest bit okay go ahead
alright barbae okay I hold it in order to give the trusses some
stability from wanting to rock forward and backward I went over to my flat
piece of metal and cut some gussets to weld on I went ahead and cut two gussets
per post and then welded these to the backside of the trust into the top side
of the post then moved on to making the web for I believe they’re sometimes
called a dogleg but they’re the supporting members that will connect the
trusses top core to the bottom cord and you can use the chops all to cut these
but I found it easiest just to use my plasma cutter damn that looks good so I
know it looks big so like whenever I think are four I think one of those like
crappy temporary looking that flowed away any minute looking hardcore never
make it I get them like that like a pin I just think this is a lot better
this was like a more permanent hardcore carb or the same angle in nowhere after
completing the front press had moved to the back and repeated the same I close
one folks well right now thank you prophet I’m happy with the progress but
I am at breaking into multiple videos so if you’re interested in part two I’m
going to be welding on the Pearl and adding on the roof as well as giving it
a coat of paint so stay tuned if you’re interested in seeing my carport complete
I’ll see you then guys the Pacific

100 thoughts on “How to Build a Metal Carport – Part 1

  1. This is freaking awesome. Was looking all over the place for an example on this style of truss. Love it great job.

  2. The point of using bolts is you don´t have to weld. And add portability . .if in a remote or near future you want to relocate the structure, you can do it just unfasten the bolts, don´t need cutting. Besids the weld bead than joins the poles with the base plate can break with prolonged temperature changes and wind vibration. Properly sized bolts are stronger than welding itself. Also, bolts can be used on the upper trusses, i´ve done it that way, much better and easy to assemble. Also what´s the point of cutting the poles up in the air? . . If you were to cut them it would have to be on the ground, first measure and cut then erect the poles. The ground is supposed to be leveled before you attempt to set the concrete bases . . so all poles give you an even height. Just to much resources and effort invested . . portable plasma cutting in field, pneumatic portable jack hammer, portable welding rig etc. Very expensive and unnecessary. Im not trying to be negative . . just observations that make sense

  3. I just left a comment on the part 2 video & realized I should have commented after part 1. Lol. Your Mom & Dad are very fortunate to have a loving daughter to do this for them…
    Really nice job setting this up & obviously you did the research first before starting it. The plates set into the concrete footings/pads looks correct & will never fail… You have a nice touch with the welding & plasma cutting.
    As you stated, for those that prefer wood construction, the principles are very similar with the addition of some more uprights between the corner posts.
    I very much enjoyed this & thank you.
    Bill on the Hill,
    Vermont… :~)

  4. April, you’re invited over for lunch and dinner, …for the next 6 weeks….parts delivery on Tuesday 😄

  5. Для меня на лайк 👍👍👍 нету перевода это жаль.

  6. Parabéns minha querida você é uma mulher guerreira e muito inteligente sorte do homem que casa com você.

  7. Solid. Respective brother and family for your build. I could learn a few things from you. Keep it up. I say this from a only boy from a two sister family. You – I know are a gal that knows a huge amount. Keep going!! Your a kick ass kind of gal.

  8. I am impressed my sister, keep on doing the hard work. Dont limit yourself to car park shade, but market yourself and get to building bigger structures. It is just wonderful to have female engineers like you. I am an engineer myself and i salute you.

  9. Can you tell me what gauge or thickness you used for your base plates? Dimensions as well, please? And lastly, the angle of your Gable? I'm going to try to follow your design for a similar need. Much appreciated, and great work.

  10. Sensacional trabalho! Parabéns a todos, vocês nós inspiram a efetuar qualquer projeto. Very Good! 👍👍👍👍

  11. i like ur work. u did it very smoothly i like it. love from india . i also work as welder In chandigarh city of india.i wish to be work together with u dear . thanks for these butiul video . its very knowledgable for me.

  12. ma non facevi prima ad usare una trivella a benzina diametro 20 centimetri visto che si tratta di terreno e non pietra andavi piu' in profondita' quindi i pilastri erano piu' in sicurezza?? guardo spesso i tuoi video anche perche' sai dare suggerimenti molto utili e idee nel fare il bricolage !!

  13. Que gusto da ver trabajar a esta dama además de conocimientos es Atractiva y con mucha Personalidad,Felicitaciones.

  14. Hello ma'am! What kind or what do you call that cutting torch you used in that project? It's light and handy like a MIG Torch . Thanks…

  15. This thing is awesome! I'm just curious on cost… I am trying to make a carport to cover my wheelchair lift into my house but this is an awesome option rather than the cheap ones

  16. Any other welding engineers noticing the use of short circuit MIG here? Typically not recommended on structural members. Especially if you welded over rust and mil-scale. Surprised that you didn’t choose to stick weld it!

  17. Most people commenting are commenting on your energy, enthusiasm and somewhat talent for welding. I admire you very much too for the undertaking. But having been a welder for 40 years, I would have consulted an engineer for the footers. I would have used at least 3/4" stainless steel "L" bolts and they would have been about 16" long to go way down into the footer. The footer would have been at least a 4' by 4' angle footer down below the frost line. Otherwise, I like what you do, but watch out when the wind comes!!

  18. welding for 9 months & building a carport! WOW, I know 20 year vet welders who would not try this.
    You are afraid of nothing & can do anything! Thanks for sharing this video with us.

  19. Awesome carport. I'd like to build something like this. Any advice/sell plans and or material lists? Did you calculate loading? I need to be able to support 40lb/sq-ft for my county. Did you consider zee or cee purlins? Why or why not? Thanks for the great video. Very inspiring for me.

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