How to build a wall cabinet with pallets

How to build a wall cabinet with pallets

Hi I’m Craig Phillips and in this video I’m
going to show you how to build your own wall cabinet using reclaimed pallet wood and the
tools you’re gonna require is a router, drills, screws, jigsaw, tape measure, glue, set square,
drill bits and a chop saw if you don’t have a chop saw, a hand saw can be used.
Now my wall cabinet I’m going to build is going be 600 millimeters wide just 500 millimeters
high so again with the standard length of pallet slat usually about 1200 millimeters
you can get two out of one cut. Okay so that’s 6 pieces of course now at 600 millimeters
I just place these flat on the bench at the moment.
This is going to form the back of the cabinet now what I want to do is measure my gap along
here which is working out about 460 millimeters I’m going to cut two pieces for the side and
then I’m going to cut two more bits which will go a little bit longer than that so they
can be mounted in to these sides here. You can start to see we’re creating a kind
of a frame around the back of that what I’m going to do now is fix these corners together
to get that nice and square and then we can turn it over and we can fix them in from the
sides to hold it back into position. I’m going to start off I’m drilling a couple of pallet
holes in here see and same again the opposite side. Applying some glue, applying some to
one end.  Once you get one in you can square that
corner up. Pallet holes are ideal stopping the wood splitting because we’re drilling
very close to the end of the timber, straightaway now we’ve got ourselves a nice little corner
we do the same on the adjacent three corners. You might find it a little bit tricky on your
own here having to hold these in two and pull them together when you screw them. So I’m
going to get a large clamp. Okay so now when we release this clamp, we
hopefully should have a kind of a frame like this which is going to be one section of it
and then we’re going to create another one exactly the same which will mount on to this
the first of all we can fix these into position by drilling a line of pallet holes all the
way down this side and screwing in to the center of these slats. Okay so the whole back
section now of the wall cabinet is constructed. What I need to do now is cut the same size
pieces as my sides here and here to mount onto the top. Okay so that’s another layer
of sides and for the left and right side and one for the top and the bottom. Now how I’m
going to fix this is because we don’t want to batten on the inside nor on the outside
to be seen we’re going to sandwich these together by doing a thing called a dowel joint so we’ve
got these little four 6 millimeter wooden dowels already pre-cut and we want to drill
three holes in here and three holes in that side the exact same place.
So when that’s glued, mounted and clamped together we’re going to get a nice smooth
joint on there and how we do is we get the one side of it, we get a couple of nails to
start with and we hammer the nail in halfway between the wood here and here. Keep it nice
nice and square if we can, we can do another one here or less in the center. We’re going
to use three dowels on this particularly piece of wood
and then if we get ourselves a little bit of snips and we snip the head off the nail
so it’s sharp like the pointed area that we hammered in .
There we go, now what we do is we place this on top of the piece we want to get a fixed
to making sure of course it’s flush on this edge it’s flush on this edge and it’s also
flush on the front and back so now when we pull that away we should have three holes
in here. I’ll just put a little pencil mark on them so we don’t lose, they’re really small
and of course we’ve got the three holes in here.
 So now what we do we take these nails out and we need to drill a 6 millimeter hole to
match the size of the dowel; three in this piece of timber and three in that piece of
timber. You only have to drill in there probably about 15 millimeters deep because these dowels
are about 30 millimeters like that. But we’ll put a little bit of glue on them
when we fix them together. Okay so now we get our glue. Put a little bit of glue in
each of the holes squash the dowels right down, same again on here, gentle tap down
add a little bit more glue along the bottom piece. And now hopefully we should be able
to line those three up and there we have perfect dowel drill. 
Of course you do that on your the other three sides as well. Okay so that’s now the second
layer around here what I’m going to do is just drill a clearance hole in here, a pallet
hole in and screw it in on all four corners just to give it a double strength.
Okay so now we’ve got a cabinet starting to take its shape what you’ve got to think about
now is where about we’re going to have a partition in here and then maybe a shelf along there.
I’ll start by just measuring my inside edge for the upright 460 millimeters that’s a nice, snug fit so this one is going
to be mounted onto here using the same method a dowel joint between here and then we can
screw them in the top. But as you can see this is now standing up high and the thickness
of the laths below. So we make ourselves a little mark on here
and we make ourselves mark along here. We join them lines up using the edge of one piece of wood we can
draw the lines across there that’s the bit that we need to cut off. Okay so now we have
our partition in here this can be a source whichever way you please now the size that
I’ve chose here I’m just going to put one shelf in it there but of course if you made
it larger you can put in a number of shelves. So like with the center partition simply measure
off 318 millimeters and cut two pieces to length.
So the position I’m going to put this one you just round about here just to the third
slat up I think trusting that that’s level on there got a line there and make a line
underneath. You and remove him and drill some holes in between your line; that way they’re
going to come through the other side and that will give me the exact position where I want
to drive the screws in to hold this shelf in place.
 Start to screw off. Okay so that’s our shelf height of course we cut this down the same
size. All we need to do now is measure the bit that we cut off the front.  Along here
and off the top draw a line down here now and simply cut that off. Now that’s the wall
cabinet structure all made. We’ve got all four sides we’ve got the back
in position we’ve got our partition here and we’ve got our shelf before I make a nice little
trim to finish off around the top of that I’m just going to give it a sanding down.
 Now the wall unit is sanded I’ve also fitted this skirt along the bottom, this was a standard
piece of pallet slat, we’ve routed the edge along it to give it that nice bullnose edge.
We’ve also mitred the two corners to continue it around the sides I’m going to do the exact
same on the top so I’m just going to hold this into position at the moment.
 I want to leave enough overhang to continue around the sides so if I make a mark here
and I cut that on that on the mitre saw at 45-degree angle when I turn that round the
both corners should meet together and marrying around the corner.
So now we’ve got our 45-degree cut on there this is going to be fixed at the top and this
off-court that was originally there cut that way run around well actually marry into that
corner for me but before I glue and screw these on what I want to do is create a little
bit of a pattern along the edge of there. You can cut these up then using this jigsaw
because this is only quite a narrow piece to hold it in position while I do the jigsaw
and then I also want to router and I said Johnny I’m going to actually fix it down to
my workbench here. I’m going to drill some clearance holes and
these clearance holes will also be used when I screw it into the top of this. Okay so that’s
two little arches now cut into there with the jigsaw. I’m going to get the router and
route a nice little beveled edge all the way along there.
So that’s the wall cabinet now complete we fitted the facia along the top routed all
the edges. We mated the two corners and then we fix it by screwing through the holes where
we drilled it into the bench to hold it into position earlier.
And of course with all the pallet projects you can varnish, stain it all up but remember
it’s a wall unit it will be mounted to the wall so make sure you use the right fixings.
And if you want to see more pallet projects please visit the website

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