How to Build an Outdoor Zen Garden Water Fountain

How to Build an Outdoor Zen Garden Water Fountain

>>Announcer: Add to the serenity of any setting
with the soothing sounds of a fountain you make yourself! The fountain is basically just a base, a ball,
and a pump. The pillar base and the ball are both made from concrete. To pour the pillar, place a bucket upside
down on your work surface, and lodge a piece of pvc right into the center- the pvc shouldn’t
extend more than an inch or two into the bucket, and should be taller than the concrete form. Place the form over the bucket, and fill it
making sure your pvc stays centered. The bucket will create a void in the bottom of the pillar
to house the pump for the fountain, and the pvc will provide a path to feed up the tubing
for the fountain and that’s the base. The form for the ball is just a globe for
a light fixture. Spray the inside with cooking spray so you get a clean release, and fill
the globe all the way up to the base. This gives the ball a flat surface so it will sit
nicely on the pillar. Just like you did with the pillar, create a path through the ball.
Use another piece of the pvc, with the end taped off and push it all the way down to
the other end of the globe. Use some tape to hold it in place. This is a lot easier
than trying to drill through the ball later! Once the base and ball are dry, release them
from their forms. You can just tear or cut away the casing on the pillar, but you need
to be more careful with the globe. Wrap it in some heavy duty plastic, wear gloves and
eye protection, and then tap the globe so it shatters into the plastic for a quick safe
cleanup. Use a dowel to clear away the tape. At the
end of the ball, and then trim away the excess pvc. Now you’re ready to assemble the fountain.
Prep a hole and place a pan like this in it so the lip is flush with the ground – put
a layer of river rock in the pan, place the pump on it, and then surround the pump with
more rock With the pillar on it’s side, feed the tubing up through the pvc, then tip the
pillar into place over the pump. Now, feed the tubing up through the ball so
you can gauge the length before you trim it back. You want the tubing to come ‘almost’
all the way to the top of the ball. Seal around the base of the ball with some
silicone and once that’s dry — just fill the pan with water, and turn on your fountain.
See, it’s that simple! For more inspiration, go to

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  1. It is very overwhelming to learn how to create an outdoor zen garden water fountain. I couldn't imagine that it is very easy to create water fountain. I can't wait to experiment my own. Thank you for the wonderful tips and nice demonstration!

  2. rachel carr I would love to see a photo or video of your street cone fountian….also what kind of cement do you use for this project? 

  3. We did it. It turned out fantastic. There used to be a seperate video for building the modular deck that's in this video. Anyone know the link to that video? I'm trying to find it.

  4. I want to hear the water from 10 feet away.  Will changing the proportions or dimensions of the forms  make the sound louder? 

    Are you using a "bubbler" pump. Will this make the sound  louder?

  5. going to attempt this project today. I picked up the supplies yesterday but had to get globe else where as our Lowes did not sell them. Wish me luck. PS i also purchased liquid cement colour to add to the concrete.

  6. Good morning
    Diese Idee ist wirklich SUPER SCHÖN !!!!
    Vielen Dank 🙂 und
    Liebe Grüsse aus Deutschland

  7. You GO GIRL!! This is why I LOVE DIY…you can make paevment stepping stones from garbage can lids… you can make benches , birdbaths, just need to find the right "mold" use your imagination…I am so proud of you! I want to make you a pot of coffee!

  8. You need to ensure the center the pvc pipe in the center of the cardboard tube and glass globe to ensure a perfect aligned fit when the globe is mounted on pillar. Otherwise the globe will sit off centered on the tube.

  9. Really cool. The tutorial makes it so easy. A group from work are going to get together and make this. Love it!

  10. I can see I am going to have a busy summer, Love 💕 this My day starts Just before sun 🌞 up in summer ,that is my zen time, coffee on the patio ,listening to the world 🌎 waking up . Birds sleepily chirping and rustling around getting ready for the adventures of the day. Dora the cat stretching and eyeing the trees 🌲 ..Look out little birds she is on the prowl. Dora is a rescue cat . My daughter and I both had a thought to get a kitten but no kittens were available so we went to Pound and they didn’t have any cats ,except one Dora a 4-5 month old cat and if she wasn’t adopted that day, well you know what that means the next day was her last. ,! So of course we adopted her , she is adorable.!😺👍💕🦋🌈👵🏻😺🐶 ( 5 ) dogs and numerous fish even a rescue fish , he/ her was just dying and guy at Pet Smart told my daughter she could have ( old man ) we call him, so we didn’t expect him to live too much longer, his color was all faded , but we had some of his kind of and a day or two he was looking good ,color was coming back. It’s been about three years or so now and old man is still chugging along.. He was lonesome! A little love can do wonders for the soul.👍💕🐠

  11. I suggest using smaller disposable plastic pots on top of each other all the way up the PVC pipe to create a greater volume of air space, and making the column so much lighter weight and easier to move about. "Happy Trails to You…"

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