[pause] 00:11 Speaker 1: Gidday knuckleheads. Uncle
Knackers here again. The next tip I’ve got for you is gonna impress the hell out of your
friends. God, their gonna think you are an absolute pro. And what it has to do with is
this. [pause] 00:29 S1: You know how everybody hates putting
on silicone, applying silicone. It’s a messy, filthy job. I even hate doing it and I’m a
pro. This is the problem I’m talking about. See, you’ve got a kitchen sink here, or sorry,
a laundry sink, or again, like a bathroom sink even and with a gap between the sink
itself and the vanity top. It’s a fair gap there that’s got to be filled. So what I will
do is apply some silicone there to fill that gap. But first to do that you need the secret
weapon. Follow me. I’ll show you the secret weapon. This is it. A paddle pop. I’ll show
you why. The first step is to eat that paddle pop. Mmm, I’m telling you, it can’t get better
than banana. And the bonus for the paddle pop at this time of year is a lick a prize.
So you never know, you might just get a freebee. [pause] 02:04 S1: Ah, I wouldn’t worry about it. Ah,
man, I got the first two letters of the word ‘we’. If I can’t get anything I’ll settle
for a free paddle pop. Useless. Anyway, this is the secret weapon. Believe it or not this
is the difference between a great silicone job and a bad silicone job, and I’ll show
you why. Welcome back kids. This is what we need for the silicone job. Obviously, some
silicone, one of those. Secret weapon number two is we need some dishwashing liquid. Doesn’t
matter what it is, the cheaper the better. And a squirty bottle. Dishwashing liquid,
squirt it in, a little soapy mix. Beautiful. Get rid of that and make some scrap bits of
paper cut into squares, and they’ll be sitting on top of it. But for today we’ll put them
on top of the bench. So there you go there, right. Paddle pop stick. Oh, I almost forgot
secret weapon number one the paddle pop stick. 03:25 S1: Okay, this is what we do. Get the
silicone for a nice V between the basin and the top of the bench, a nice big V like that.
That serves the purpose. Beautiful. Secret weapon number two. A squirty bottle of soapy
water. Get the soapy water but make sure before you do that, that all surfaces, the sink and
the top of the vanity, the silicone has actually touched both of those surfaces. If it doesn’t
do that we’re in strife. Get your squirty bottle give it a squirt, just like your squirting
your roses. Beautiful. Get your secret weapon number one paddle pop stick, and just glide
along like that. Wipe it up under the paper. Your mom’s gonna love you. Neat as that. So
run it along across the top. Wipe it off. Your friends are gonna say, “How did you do
that?” Don’t tell them. It’s your secret. Back on the paper, continue your way around
the sink. Job done! Great tip, knackers. [pause]

100 thoughts on “How To Caulk. THE CAULKING SECRET REVEALED!

  1. Thanks heaps for the tip.  I knew about using a popsicle (don't y'all ever call them that down there, or is it always paddle pop?) stick, and had tried a bit of doing this around the bath tub, but it didn't turn out nice and smooth like I wanted.  I'm hoping the soapy water spray will make the difference in that. 

  2. Sir, great tip. Mouldy silicone removed, new sealant applied and one chocolate lolly down to the stick and it was a smooth as you like. Thank you. 

  3. nice tip, we call them ice lollies in pommie land, and the sticks come in a couple of types with different radii on the ends.  However, I think my wet finger would be better when sealing against tiles, the finger method rides out the bumps.

  4. should I caulk it all the way around or just caulk the parts that is leaking? what do you recommend to remove old caulk residues? if old latex is pulled out very clean or you check and clean the gap, maybe it's ok to not use alcohol to clean the old silicone residues?

  5. Hey Shane awsome tip. Tried it liked it never forget it. Thanks for sharing

    I was a bit concerned when I couldn't find the right brand of ice lolly here in the UK so I had to improvise with a different brand. Seemed to work though !

  6. good tip, but you could have told us that in 1 minute instead of putting us through your not so funny 5 minutes!!!!

  7. That was a good tip: using a popsicle stick instead of your finger. My other concern is cutting the caulk tube tip to have a small enough diameter in order to achieve that pro result; I'd like for the bathroom & kitchen areas to look as nice as possible.

  8. If no popsicle stick's available, then you could always fall back on using a discarded card that has the form of a credit card.  I haven't used either yet…always a mildly soapy, wet finger. And along that train of thought, has anyone out there ever used a guitar pick instead? If so, then please report your result here.

  9. bugger! I have just watched this after applying silicone to my sink. soapy spray bottle and finger minus paddle pop stick! So close yet so far! lucky it's not a 5 star but 3 – 2 star abode lol. cheers anyway great for next time.

  10. He has no idea how to run caulking. I have 6 guys on my crews that can make it look better than that with just a caulk gun applying it correctly,

  11. Since I I'd not heard of a "Paddle Pop" before, because we don't have them in the U.S., I guess I will have to find another way to do this . I'm assuming the width of the popsicle stick (that's what we call them west of the 100th meridian) is critical. A tongue depressor, which I have a ton (bunches of kilograms, but unknown numbers of stones) of in my bulk first aid kit supplies is going to be too wide. How about a Haagen Dazs stick? Still too wide? So I have a dilemma on my hands, how wide is a "Paddle Pop" stick?

  12. Why I didn't look on youtube before doing my silicone!!!!??? I will try your tips. How much soap you put in the squeerty bottle? btw I love your accent.. are you from Australia??

  13. Thank you so much for posting this. I have never calked anything before now. Just used your 2 top secret tools and my bathroom sink now looks perfect. You really have saved the day !

  14. I have caulked before and did pretty good, BUT nothing beats this method. I ate a cream sickle at 6:00 this morning and my boyfriend thought I was crazy. I just told him that I needed a pop sickle stick. Our shower looks AMAZING! Thank you for posting this.

  15. Good basic concept of using a paddle and spraying. You should discuss how much to apply etc. Too much, like the couple little blobs you left are hard to clean.
    The video was too cloase to your face most times and was hard to watch with all the camera movement.

  16. Great tip but I have a question: you mention using silicone. Can this technique be applied to paint-able dap around a bathroom sink instead of silicone?

  17. mate ur far from a pro I mean you have the basics but ur laying Technic is terrible I don't mean to be rude but I can't take it when people use the word pro then do a job like that. again not being rude but far from pro. ok for ur own bathroom though I guess

  18. OMG.. I've been using my finger for so many years!
    It's an Ice Lolly in the UK, or a Magnum.. or the like!
    Got a full en-suite to do.. and a Freezer full of Magnums!

  19. It was horrible. D:
    I went to Home Depot once, and there were caulks *all over the place*. No matter where I turned, there would always be caulk in my face. They were around the employees, an old woman was holding one, and…

    That was the worst experience I had with Home Depot. If Lowes sell caulk, then I'm not going to another hardware store in fear of seeing caulk everywhere…

    [I'm just messing with the idea that "caulk" sounds like "cock".]

  20. funny video! I need to re caulk my bathroom sink, I'm a bit scared to do it to be honest I've never held a caulking gun before but husband is always too busy to fix it. I wan't to give it a go but…'s scary… I might mess it up and make it worse lol. I might still eat the ice cream.

  21. I've got dozens of popsicle sticks saved up for mixing epoxy and soapy water in a spray bottle for identifying gas leaks. I'm all set to go.

  22. i seem to remember using a lil rubbing alcohol on whatever applicator for smooth silicone spread but i used a plastic or rubber spreader. I wasnt doing this exact job tho

  23. Uncle, you make it look so easy (and tasty). Having a well-sealed sink or bathtub will be satisfying but the "icing on the cake" will be my gaining the respect and admiration of my neighbors. I can't wait to hear their gasps of appreciation. 🙂

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