How to Choose Area Rugs

How to Choose Area Rugs

The right area rug can help bring a room together.
So how do you pick the perfect rugs for your home? Follow these simple tips. Let’s start in the living room. When it
comes to size, the traditional rule of thumb is to measure the seating area and get the
closest size up so all the furniture legs will be on the rug. But don’t be afraid to break the rules!
Smaller, budget-friendly rugs can work too. Get a size that allows just the front legs
to sit on the rug, or try no legs on the rug. On the other hand, to fill an entire room,
go with a rug that will be at least 2 feet from walls. And who says you have to settle for one rug?
Try a smaller rug on top of a larger one. Two different rugs can help define a sitting
area. You can even use a rug over carpet, just be
sure to use carpet tape to keep it from moving. And don’t be afraid to use shapes other
than a rectangle. Round rugs are great for seating vignettes, passageways and entrances. In dining rooms the rug should extend at least
2 feet beyond the size of the table on all sides. Kitchen rugs are helpful where you stand the
most, like in front of the sink or stove – perfect spots for runners. Whatever style you choose,
keep it about 6 inches away from the cabinets. A rug pad can help to keep it from slipping. In the bedroom, treat the bed as a focal point.
Measure it, and get a rug that extends 24 inches on each side, unless it’s against
a wall. Go ahead and layer rugs too. Another tip – runners on each side of the
bed can provide a bit of visual interest. When it comes to entry areas, the right rug
will give a great first impression. A rug that’s wider than the door is the way to
go. Passageways are ideal for runners. Make sure
to have at least 6 inches of floor space on all sides. When it comes to patterns, complement the
design of your furniture or curtains. Choose a subtle rug to help balance curtains with
a bold design. It’s also helpful to consider foot traffic
when buying a rug. Low pile works best in high traffic areas, and detailed patterns
can help hide stains. High pile rugs are soft, so consider using
them in bedrooms and sitting areas. Another consideration is material — synthetic
vs. natural. Natural fibers look and feel great, but some are more susceptible to staining
and fading. Synthetics are more budget-friendly and resist staining and fading better. The right area rug will help transform a room
and define your style. Want more great ideas and how-tos? Go to
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