How to Clean Painted Walls – Sherwin-Williams

How to Clean Painted Walls – Sherwin-Williams

[music playing] So you’ve just painted your walls
and now you’re wondering how do I tell dirt, dust,
and grime to back off? Well, you can’t stop walls
from attracting dirt, but you can preserve
their newly painted beauty and extend the
life of your paint with a few good cleaning habits. Regardless of paint type,
regular dusting is in order. So before you do
any kind of washing, run the dust brush
attachment of your vacuum over ceilings and walls and wipe your walls down
with a tack cloth or cheesecloth. Now, for washing walls, remember to wait at least
two weeks after painting before using any water
or cleaner on your walls. Ordinarily, all that you need
is a soft cloth or sponge with mild soapy water. Too much water can
ruin your paint finish. So, remember to thoroughly
wring out your cloth, Then wipe by applying
gentle pressure in a circular motion like this. Rinse with a clean,
damp cloth afterward to remove any leftover cleaner. For spot cleaning a
scuff marker stain, try mixing a paste of
baking soda and water. Start by gently rubbing your
solution over the problem area. Then rinse with a sponge
and dry with a soft cloth. Now, to be safe,
it’s always a good idea to test your cleaning
solution and technique to make sure it doesn’t
damage the paint finish. Pick an inconspicuous spot, like behind that
priceless piece of art you’ve hidden in the back corner. If the paint still looks bright and there’s no water
marks left after drying, you’re good to go. For those hard to remove stains, like grease splatters
on kitchen walls, try a household cleaner, like a grease cutting
dishwashing soap. Follow the label instructions to make sure the cleaner
won’t harm your paint finish. Now, as we all know, nicks and scrapes
happen in every home. To ensure your touch-ups match the surrounding area
as closely as possible, use the paint
from the original can. If you need to buy more, make sure it’s not only
the same color, but the same Sheen. Adding a little water
to a latex paint, about one part water
to ten parts paint, will help your touch-up blend
into the surrounding finish. Oh and use a separate
container for mixing so you aren’t adding water
to the original can of paint. If you’re touching up walls where the paint was originally
applied with a roller, use a small trim roller. If the paint was
originally brushed on, use a brush. Apply a small amount
of your touch-up paint and gently roll
or feather the area. You’ve put a lot of love
into painting your walls. Continue loving the way
they look with a little TLC, tender loving cleaning. And if you need to know more about keeping your walls
looking beautiful, ask the clean-cut experts at your neighborhood
Sherwin-Williams store.

34 thoughts on “How to Clean Painted Walls – Sherwin-Williams

  1. I have one:
    Know those little dried on red freckles you get on the paint around your stove from cooking tomato dishes?
    That's right, the red blob comes off with washing but the orange stain stays.
    All you need is a quality magnifying glass, a Ticonderoga pencil eraser and soap and water.
    Magnify your stain, erase it and then, when done, wash the wall with a damp sponge of soapy water. You'll be amazed watching the stains disappear – just vanish – and it's quick and sorta fun … like popping pimples.
    This doesn't work well with flat paint but you shouldn't have flat paint around a cooking area anyway.

  2. I tried to clean with water. Now with a specific angle and direct light i can see the spot where water has been applied. It made it even worse.

  3. You would think they would make more mops for wall's some people are short and to fat to stand on a chair. The only one i saw they want a arm and a leg for its like $89.00 for a mop for the wall they should make cheaper one's around $20 or $10.

  4. I feel like I'm about to get killed.
    Maybe that's because I just splattered bike oil over a wall that has been painted light blue 1 month ago and my mother is going to kill me if she sees it.

  5. DONT wash your walls! You will dull the sheen and will see where you washed it. Even if you do the whole wall. You’ll create swirls in the paint and it will look like dog 💩. I paint for a living. It is much easier, efficient, faster, better looking to cut in and roll a wall than clean it. Now if it’s just a small spot then no problem… just clean whatever it is off before it dries. Don’t touch up paint either. The color will never match EVEN if it was from the original can. Paint colors changes slightly when they sit in storage.

  6. One can see by the result that this baking soda and water solution was useless. Somebody forgot to edit it out.

  7. some fabric softener spilled on my newly painted wall. I immediately wiped with water and a cloth but that did nothing. I’m just left with a splash of fabric softener on my beautiful blue wall how do I get it out without damaging the paint? The tin says it is 100% acrylic laytex

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