How to Convert Big Retailer Yarn to Look High for Home Decor

How to Convert Big Retailer Yarn to Look High for Home Decor

Mikey here from The Crowd Crochet as well my friends over I’m sorry I’m not miked up today so hopefully the sound is fine. Today I’m going to show you an idea that I’m working on for my guest bedroom. I want my crocheters, friends that come to visit feel like they’re at home in the guest bedroom. So what I did is I went and picked up this really cute little weight scale over at Michaels. I got a really good deal on it. Coupons helps a lot and they also had a sale. So I was looking at the top of that and like what is missing? Yarn! So I thought to my point of view I can put yarn balls on the top of that but then it really wouldn’t feel like the rustic kind of appeal that I wanna do. So what I was thinking is that I actually had a bowl of higher-end yarn on my um, living room and I thought this idea is really cute. So what I’m thinking to my point of view is how do I make this here with inexpensive yarn to give the illusion that it looks more higher end than it truly is. So as you can see if you leave on the labels that people know what the yarn is and it really doesn’t look as cool. So what I want to do is that I wanna convert this into these. Mm-hmm, and what I’m gonna use is a yarn swift in order to return it back probably to the way that it was before it was the yarn ball. So what I want to do is that I want to just go from the inside and then put it on to my yarn swift and then make these braids and I’m gonna show you how to do that. So this is called a yarn swift and what it is is that when we have a hank format of the braid we usually put it onto this and then we roll it or somebody could just hold their hands open and roll it into a ball. So my goal is is to take it from the ball and put it back into what’s called is a hank format and so what I want to do is that I wanna open up my yarn swift so it looks like an umbrella Mary Poppins time, and I am going to put it to the maximum that I want. The bigger that you make it the more of the circumference of the swift. Now what I’m going to do is just change out and just slide off the ball band and what I want to do is grab the center of this yarn. Now if a big piece of barf comes open no big deal because you’re going to move it to a swift in no time. So what I want to do is just get myself to the very end of this yarn and then I’m going to put it on to the swift. So what I’m gonna do is I have the end and all I’m just going to do is that I’m going to put it around the swift once. Now this does rotate but the first time around I want to make sure that I’m holding it. So all I’m just going to do is just kinda rotate it and make sure that it cross is over and I am just gonna make sure that it’s on there just like this. So now that it’s on there all I can just do is use my finger. Just continue to allow it to wrap like this and I’m going to wrap the whole ball on to my yarn swift you can go as fast or as slow as you want to go at this point. Just keep an eye for any knots that may be coming out of your yarn ball. Once you get all the way to the very end what you want to do is just tuck the end around the interior. If you ever wanna use this again you’re gonna want to keep that in mind. You wanna tuck it around and you wanna tie it so that it’s gonna catch itself into a knot. So just tie a knot and making sure that it’s nice and tight when you go to do it so tighten in the sense that there’s no slack. So if you ever want to use this in the future this is kinda the way to go and then just trim off the extra that slack that’s coming off. Now what you wanna do on the opposite side because you have the starting strand that you have you want to take that one and also tie it so that it goes into a knot as well. Okay, now that you’ve secured both sides of the strand the nice thing about that if you do it like this what happens is that nobody can ever accuse you of wasting yarn because you can literally have a plan to get it back um, to a yarn ball. So all you’re just going to do now is lower your swift and then just hold it onto your project your, your, your strand and now you have a hank format of that same ball. Just like this. So now what we have to do is twist it in a way that makes sense to make the braid. Okay, so now that you have this what you wanna do is flex it right completely out and now that you’ve secured both ends nothing should be falling out. With one hand just use your finger and start twisting. So it’s on the inside of where they are, the loop is and the goal is is that you keep twisting and this is how they do it like when you bring it together see and there is the braid. So the more you twist the tighter the braid. So what I want to do is I wanna be consistent so when this comes together. So I think it’s over twisted so I’m just gonna reduce it and I want the braid to be kinda nice and just be obvious. So just like that. So now what you wanna do is that you wanna take the one section and feed it through the loop on the top. Just like that and therefore you have a braid of yarn and it looks like it’s the real deal and the most expensive.

26 thoughts on “How to Convert Big Retailer Yarn to Look High for Home Decor

  1. Great video! Much love. This really helped me to conceive the anatomy of the hank. I'll admit, I have some expensive yarn that intimidates me because it's in that braid! Seeing how it's done made it far less scary. I think it's time to conquer the hank fear.

  2. I understood the concept because I will admit when I walk into a “foo foo” high end yarn store, those hanks look absolutely lovely and irresistible in their overturned sideways crates and old fashion baskets lying about….
    With that said, I have to admit the crafter in me cringes to see a perfectly good, ready to pull and work skein of yarn be turned back into a hank 😉

  3. That was wild! Love it! At first I thought you were going to either roll into balls and put a little green leaf on top and make a bunch of tomatoes to put on the scale. I didn't realize you were putting the scale in the bedroom. Anyway, great idea making Hanks. 💛💜💛

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