How to Convert Kitchen Cabinets to Open Shelving

How to Convert Kitchen Cabinets to Open Shelving

[ MUSIC ] Love your kitchen, but want a more
open look? Create open shelving in your kitchen with this step by step tutorial. You could
simply remove the doors, but that doesn’t create a polished look. First, cut out the
middle style with a double edged pull saw. [ MUSIC ] Remove any shelving and set aside.
Next, use a putty knife to remove splinters and loose wood from the hinges, and then fill
the holes and any dings with Bondo, a quick drying two part putty. Let dry according to
package instructions. Then sand the surface smooth. [ MUSIC ] Add extra style to the shelves
with trim. Attach the trim to the shelf with finish nails, and counter- sink them with
a nail punch. Fill nail holes with putty. Now you can finish the cabinet. Next. Caulk
any seams with paintable caulk. Alternate using your finger and a damp sponge or cloth
to remove excess caulk. For extra impact, paint the back of the cabinet with a contrasting
color. We chose a dark gray from the lower cabinets to tie the uppers and lowers together.
[ MUSIC ] Once the paint is dry, reinstall the shelves and fill the cabinet with plates,
bowls and accessories. With these ideas, you can transform regular kitchen cabinets into
beautiful open storage.

9 thoughts on “How to Convert Kitchen Cabinets to Open Shelving

  1. Why can't everyone make videos like this? 1:30 seconds gave me everything I need and nothing I don't. Keep up the great work, Subbed!

  2. Wow, BONDO for woodwork? Bondo is meant for automotive use. WOOD FILLER is meant for woodworking. Why would anybody want to paint over oak? Seems ridiculous to me. And as for open shelving; welcome yourself to three times as much dusting since open shelving in a kitchen (where greasy vapours are emitted while cooking) is a disaster to cleanliness. What is the rationale for putting caulking along the bottom (and only the bottom) of the shelving unit? Also, when you are using a hammer and a nailsetter, the hammer is meant to contact the nailsetter. That did not appear to happen in this video. Amateur job all around.

  3. I am searching for how to paint the inside of the kitchen cabinets and only found two two videos.

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