How to Cool a Hot Attic | Hot Attic Solutions | Hot Home Repairs

How to Cool a Hot Attic | Hot Attic Solutions | Hot Home Repairs

– [Michael] This is why I
should turn my GPS on. If I don’t turn my GPS on,
I’m on the wrong road. All right, turn your camera off,
we’re in the wrong place. – [Eric] Oh, we’re in the wrong place? – Yeah. – [Eric] We’re lost? – [Michael] I’m lost. – This is why I have GPS. ♪[music]♪ – So what’s today’s thing again? – Well, the main problem we’re going to
solve today is make it to where the second floor of this house is cooler, so that the
kids can be comfortable when they sleep and the AC actually gets to the
target temperature of 72 degrees. That’s what we’re going to try to fix. ♪[music]♪ – I did that house back
there on the left… A crawlspace. Am I on the
right road? This is why I should
turn my GPS on. If I don’t turn my GPS on,
I’m on the wrong road. All right, turn your camera off,
we’re in the wrong place. – Oh, we’re in the wrong place? – Yeah.
– Get lost? – I’m lost. – This is why I have GPS. – You could almost
hear banjos playing. Oh, here we are. Civilization
again. I know where I am now. – That rope is to keep those
guys from falling off that roof. Tied to the truck.
See them up there? – Yep. Oh, they got to
cut in through that? – Yeah. He’s putting in
the solar attic fans. – How’s it coming, Adam? What
we’re doing is putting R… This is Adam. Say hi, Adam. – [Adam] Hi. – Putting R-13 on the walls. You
always put the paper facing in. Between this plywood or this OSB
in the downstairs, they laid R-38, so it is insulated. It’s technically
an insulated attic. So all this heat. I mean it’s only…What time is it, 10?
This is already hot, like it’s not burning hot, but it’s hot. So all that thermal
heat, radiant heat is transferring through the wood. It will transfer down. So what
we’re going to do is we’re going to put baffles, and I’ll show you. These
are called baffles, all right? So these go in first and they allow
airflow from the soffit vents all the way to the ridge grip. So that way we’re not
blocking air. On a cathedral ceiling, that’s very important. We’re going to stop
about right here with the insulation. Then we’re going to insulate straight
across and then go back down the other side. And then in the peak above us,
we’re installing two solar attic fans. If you’re going to get started on a
project like this, I recommend what I call a “slap stapler.” These are really nice
because you just hammer the staple. Just like that. I still need to put
baffles, but I’m just doing this just to show you. So the baffles would go all
the way there up to about right here. But this kind of rests in the cavity like
that. And some people will bring the paper over and staple it here. But if you ever
put drywall, you got these staples in the way, so it’s best if you kind of leave
it right there and just…like that. Like that. Go down. Just like that. And
then you just pop it all the way down, but I’m not going to do it all because
we still got to put baffles behind it, so… So here’s your solar pattern
if you want to come over here. It’s kind of hard to see. This is their
template. So it shows the hole we’re going to put in the solar. And then…the nice
thing about our solar fans is it has a thermostat control mechanism. So
in the winter whenever it’s up there, it’s got this thing that will dangle
inside the attic, so if the attic gets too chilly, it does not turn on. It’s set at
70 degrees, which is really nice. You don’t have to worry about these solar
fans kicking on, because they kick on as soon as solar hits them. ♪ [music] ♪ – How was your experience working
with our team? Were they polite? Respectful? – Oh, it’s been great. From the moment I
called, the office staff was super helpful and sent somebody out within a couple days
to give us basically an assessment of the space and what the recommendations were.
And then within a short amount of time, a team was out here doing the work. They
were timely and courteous and they left the place clean. Probably cleaner
than it was before because… – Excellent. – …they were vacuuming
my hallway, so that’s great. – Oh all right, great. Good to hear. And
were you satisfied with the quality of the work that we did for you? – Yes, extremely. ♪[music]♪

35 thoughts on “How to Cool a Hot Attic | Hot Attic Solutions | Hot Home Repairs

  1. I can't believe you can work with the insulation without wearing gloves! I guess some people are immune to the itchiness of fiberglass. Great video explanation on how to insulate the attic.

  2. Your attic is making your home lose valuable heat in the winter and causing your home to heat up in the summer if it is not properly insulated and ventilated. Thanks for watching. 😀 Hot Attic Solution DIY Products now available with FREE shipping:

  3. My house was built in 1867 (yes 18). No soffit vents, no roof ridge vent, just an exhaust fan in the wall. A typical new england metal roof has been installed some time in the past. I have a walk in attic over a cold kitchen. I want to stop the heat loss from the kitchen up into the attic. I am planning on insulating the "walls". They slope from ceiling peak to the floor. Would I need baffles? This room is fully floored and has some insulation under the floor boards. Thanks for all your videos. They are very helpful. PS. an insulation company wanted to just blow in insulation which would mean I couldn't use the space as a room again. I didn't like that option.

  4. Hey guys love the video. Im from the UK and work in many attics which dont have any crawlboards and are packed with insulation on the floors, any ideas how to cool the attic space (fan will obviously blow around fiberglass)

  5. Resist the urge to use the attic as a closet keep it empty and clear, for better air flow and circulation. Rugs are bad heat absorbers and humidifiers, cold hard floors carry the day in hot summer days! If you have one of those bad week long heatwaves use a quick put up and take down shade or tent awning and shade any windows that take in full sun between 11AM-sundown.

  6. If you do not plan to ever put up drywall, what about using foil covered foam board to insulate with (would act as its own baffle too)?

  7. So I’m not sure what the laws are where you are but here we have to have overlapping continuous vapour barrier, so the paper (which is no longer even minimum code here) would HAVE to overlap on the rafters

  8. My apt ducts are my apt dont cool till 10pm at nite. I know 3rd floors are the worst but I never had problems except in this one. Texas summers suck

  9. This is not the right solution. You would be better off augmenting the attic floor insulation and taking that to R49. Before doing that that attic should be air sealed, and baffles installed along the soffits to extend 3” above the insulation. If necessary put a radiant barrier on the west facing attic walls. Solar fans are…. ok but may not be necessary if the attic floors is air sealed and insulated properly.

  10. Don't those fans cause a negative pressure in the attic and make conditioned air leak up into that space? Dr. Energy Saver has a product that just tightly seals the attic up with foam board that has a radiant barrier and the attic space is then near the same temp as the conditioned space.

  11. What do you do about vents in the Roof. Because they love most of the hot air NI live in Phoenix Arizona by the way.

  12. Check out our latest video on radiant barrier and how it can help keep your attic cooler!

  13. The insulation company placed insulation all around the cement is that good enough to keep the area warm. Do I need a dehumidifier installed. My house is 26×44. My crawl space is 4ft in height

  14. Michael, Hey I enjoy your videos and you do a good job getting radiant barrier right. However, did I just see you install a solar attic fan 3 feet from a ridge vent? Mixing types of attic exhaust vents is a big mistake. Air will always travel the path of least resistance and most of the air the fan is going to pull out of the attic will ENTER from the ridge vent a couple feet away . This will short circuit your soffit vents and defeat the purpose and all the baffles you installed. Potentially this may cause some moisture problems in the lower part of the attic.

  15. OK I finally installed thermometers in my attic and outside and garage. The attic goes about 20F degrees above outside temperature but cools off pretty quick at night and last night it went down to the 60’s and so did my attic. We live in Southern California and it gets hot here and triple digits. Do you think it I should put an attic fan in just for the daytime when it gets really hot outside and in the attic

  16. To make your house energy efficient and comfortable you need to make your house like a thermos. A thermos can keep a drink hot or cold for 24 hours. Why? Because is 100% air tight all the way around and insulated all the way around. Fiberglass is NOT an air tight insulation. Hot air from the roof decking can easily move through the sides of the fiberglass and paper. The most effective way to make an attic energy efficient is to spray 7 inches of open cell spray foam to the bottom of the roof decking and seal off the soffit vents and roof vents. This will make the attic space 100% air tight and insulated. This strategy is known to cut electric bills in half. Using spray foam under the roof decking and eliminating attic ventilation will not shorten roof shingle life as well. I have a letter from GAF shingle manufacturer that spray foam insulation will not void their warranty. Research open cell spray foam. I will be doing it on my own house.

  17. The previous owner stuffed insulation into the soffits of our 900 sq ft bungalow. We have no baffle at all. I am sure the trapped heat heats up our house in summer. I cant go up there and crawl around I have arthritis in my knees.

  18. This is a diy job. You can easily save thousands by buying your materials and doing it yourself on a Sunday morning.

  19. What was old/new temperatures?
    What was savings on monthly energy bill?
    If you were going to live or make a living space in the attic, would you follow the baffle method?
    Did this make the house more comfortable?

  20. Nice job fam. I just sprayed r19 pink installation on top of my existing installation. The contractor when building my house skimp on the installation. Now I'm getting 3 turbine fans installed. My attic was extremely hot. Next thing is a attic stairway installation tent.

  21. Michael, did this home have a crawlspace? If so, did you focus on it first? Also do you have prepost temperaturehumidity data from the project?

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