How to Craft a Duct Tape Giraffe Tote Bag

How to Craft a Duct Tape Giraffe Tote Bag

Hey guys, what’s up? It’s Lauren from the
YouTube channel LaurDIY, and today I’m going
to be showing you how to make literally the cutest
giraffe tote out of a canvas bag, which I pretty much guarantee you have
laying around somewhere in your house. So for this craft I’m going to be
using three types of duct tape. So I have Prairie Patchwork
here, fuchsia, and then black. And then also for tools
I’ve got my scissors, crafting knife, crafting board, and
then also a few sheets of wax paper. So I’m just going to get started
by snipping off these handles here, because we are upcycling this
handle to be so much cuter. So all I’m going to be doing is covering
the entire bag with the fuchsia duct tape, using big strips
all the way around. And it doesn’t matter
what length these are. Just try and cover as
much space as possible. I’m actually just going to swap
this one out for a finished product, and it should just look
something like this. So to get started with
the giraffe body, I’m actually just going to
set my tote aside here. And I have a precut
template for the body, but you can totally just freehand this
and do this however you would like. So I’m just going to go ahead
with my Prairie Patchwork and lay this right down,
making sure that it is long enough for
this entire guy’s body. And then I’m going to make sure
that I’m overlapping a little bit each of my strips that I lay down. So now that I have
enough tape set up here, I’m just going to throw
my template right on top. And then go ahead and use your crafting
knife and just cut that straight out. There you go, so I’m all done. So I’m going to go
ahead and peel this off. So now to add your giraffe
to the tote we just want to make sure that left
bottom corner is lined up with the left bottom corner of our tote. So go ahead and just secure that on. There we go. So we have a body. So now for the straps,
we’re actually going to be using the shape of the giraffe’s
neck to go all the way around up here and come back down. And we’re going to plop
our head right here so he’s kind of bending down to say, what’s up? So we’re just going to set this aside. And you can make your
straps as long as you like. Just has to be a double-sided piece. And then with your
second piece, we’re just going to plop that right on top,
sticky side facing the inside. And then just flatten from
the middle going outwards and that’ll get rid of any
air bubbles that we have. So we’re going to repeat that exact
same process to cut a second strap. So I have one right here. This one is a tiny bit
longer just so we have a little bit more neck
for the front of the bag. So all you’re going to do is insert
about half an inch to an inch and just stick this right here. And I’m sort of bringing
this over to the other side and using another precut strip. I’m just going to attach the
right on the inside of the bag. So now for the front of
the bag strap we have this one, which is going
to go on the inside. And then we’re going to
come around on the front. And this one’s actually
going to be on the outside, because that’s where we’re going
to attach the head of the giraffe. So I’m just going to go ahead and flip
my big over so I can work on the inside again, and just attach that
right on the inside there. So now I’m going to go
ahead and flip the bag over, and this is our giraffe buddy’s neck. We’re going to make sure that the neck
comes on the outside of the bag here. And then just using a
small piece of tape, I’m just going to attach
the very bottom of it because this is where we’re
going to be attaching the head. And now moving on to the head and the
other facial features of our giraffe friend– and I think
we need a name for him, so let me know if you have a good name
for our giraffe friend in the comments below. So I’m going to set
this aside for a second, and then pulling out one
of my sheets of wax paper, I’m just going to cover the wax
paper with my Prairie Patchwork. And then I also have a precut
template of my giraffe head. You can also freehand this. So now that I have my
head cut out, you can just go ahead and repeat
that exact same process for the eye, the horn, and the ear. So I have my horn shape
right here, so just a standard little giraffe horn shape. And then we have a
petal shape for the ear and then a little bit of a
smaller petal shape for the eye. So what we’re going to
do is actually peel back a little bit of the wax paper. So I’m just going to peel back
maybe about an inch at the top here. I’m going to stick it and
line it up with my neck right here, and then secure that. And then we just remove the
rest of the wax paper like so. And just flatten that out and
make sure there’s no air bubbles. So I’m just going to align the horn up
here at the top of his head like so. And then I’m going to plop the
ear on right behind the horn. And then his eyeball. And then I’m just going to cut out a
tiny little petal shape for his nose. And there we go, now he can breathe. So now we’re all done with
our giraffe tote here, and you are ready to hit the
town and show off your new bag. And there are a ton of
different prints you can use to make this
super fun and super cute. Like this one here was made with
the flamingo print duct tape, and it is so, so cute. I’m absolutely in love with it. So be sure to give this video a big
thumbs up if you’ve enjoyed this craft. And if you do end up trying
out your own animal tote, make sure to tweet us
a pic @theduckbrands.

99 thoughts on “How to Craft a Duct Tape Giraffe Tote Bag

  1. What a great bag and the flamingo bag is fun too.
    Must give it a go, thankyou.
    BTW George, Jeffery, Gideon but I'm sure it's a girl Gina, Jerry, Gabby. XD

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  6. I dont like watching these because they always have the things already made and I would like to see how they made it!!!

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