How To Create a Faux Oxidized Copper Finish with Country Chic Paint

How To Create a Faux Oxidized Copper Finish with Country Chic Paint

Hi there, it’s Rosanne here from Country Chic Paint I love finding new ways to recreate authentic-looking finishes with paint so today I’m going to be showing you how to create a faux oxidized copper look. Stay tuned to see the step-by-step process The supplies we need to create this faux finish are Chocolate Tart All-in-One Decor paint, two metallics; our Pocket Watch metallic cream and Belt Buckle metallic cream. We’re going to use some of our Texture Powder as well as some different paint colors; Simplicity Luscious Lime and Tropical Cocktail, as well as Bliss We’re also going to be using a plastic cup for mixing, a spray bottle of water some gloves, paintbrushes, stir sticks as well as a lint-free rag. To start we’re going to give our piece a shimmery look as a base to make it look like copper We’re going to use Country Chic Paint’s metallic cream in the colors Pocket Watch and Belt Buckle. Before applying the metallics I’m going to apply a coat of Chocolate Tart All-in-One paint first You don’t have to start with this step but it will make the Belt Buckle appear more opaque in less coats when you start by painting your project in a similar color. Since oxidized copper usually has quite a bit of texture i’m going to use some of our Texture Powder and mix it in with our Belt Buckle metallic cream This allows me to create some texture with the metallics giving the final finish a more authentic look You’ll mix the metallic cream and Texture Powder in a one-to-one ratio and simply mix it up with a stir stic. After mixing well you simply dab the mixture onto your project leaving a textured finish behind. You’ll want to let this coat of paint dry for a couple of hours before moving on to the next step. Since oxidized copper has many colors and go to randomly dab on some of the Pocket Watch metallic cream and I’ll use a slightly damp rag to blend it in here and there As you know copper slowly becomes green as it oxidizes so I mixed up a few Country Chic Paint colors together to create a similar color. You can have fun with this step and play around with the mixture until you’re happy but if you’d like to recreate exactly what I’ve done you can you mix up one-and-a-half parts of Tropical Cocktail, one part of Luscious Lime, and two parts of Simplicity. You won’t be using this color to paint on a full coat so you won’t need to mix up much. Since there’s usually a variety of colors on oxidized copper I’m going to use some of our All-in-One Paint in the color Bliss as well Now comes the fun part this step can get quite messy so make sure you protect the surface your painting on if you’re worried about getting paint under your fingernails you can put on some gloves if you’d like. I’m going to use my paintbrush to brush on some of the green paint as well as some of the Bliss paint don’t try to get full coverage here. You just want to add a bit of color. Now I’m going to take a damp, lint-free rag and bunch it up into a loose ball. I’m going to use this to gently dab the paint all over. I want it to be random so it looks more natural, so I’m going to make sure my Belt Buckle layer is peeking through a bit more in some areas than others you have time to play with this part so don’t worry about trying to make it look perfect Once I’ve spread it out and created a random texture here I’m going to use my spray bottle to get the colors running a little bit this step will make it look like your product has been aging for years out in the rain Make sure you have your sprayer set to a gentle mist and keep the nozzle about a foot away while your spraying. You don’t want a jet of water to hit your project all in one place. You can continue going back and forth between spraying and dabbing until you’re happy with the finish That’s all there is to it! If your piece is going to be used heavily or put in a high-traffic area you can use Country Chic Paint’s Tough Coat or natural wax to protect the finish, but if you want to keep the matte look of real oxidized copper we recommend you leave it as is. Here’s another example that I’ve made up in this faux oxidized copper look. If you liked this video please leave us a comment or click on the like button we also encourage you to subscribe to our YouTube channel so that you can see all of our upcoming tutorial videos. If you want to find out more about our products please go to our website or click in the description below this video. Thank you so much for watching and happy painting!

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